Feature Issue #004

GRAN FONDO Fashion-Shoot 2017 – Life is an Attitude. What’s yours?

Breitling Exospace B55 – A childhood dream: Everyone needs a toy

Many people harbored the dream at one time or another of being, a pilot or a racecar driver.

Many people harbored the dream at one time or another of being a pilot or a racecar driver, only to find later that they had sacrificed these aspirations, sidestepped what was perceived as a far-out idea in favour of a safer path to a sensible career. The moment you realize you exchanged your childish excitement for financial stability is disillusioning and disheartening. Sound like b*llsh*it? Maybe we’d all have been better off clinging to our childhood dreams.


Jacket Katusha Insulated Jackett
Jersey Katusha Superlight Jersey SS
Chemise Katusha Shirt LS white
Glasses Electric Scrambler / POC Aspire

Life as a pilot or racecar driver isn’t all glamour, dizzy heights and high speeds. But there are other ways of realizing your long-harbored dreams as long as you allow the passion to survive your awkward adolescent years and then the ongoing act of being a grown-up too. Those who aren’t willing to give up their childhood dreams can find all manner of accessories and toys with which to express it. Fashion is one way of making a statement, lending a voice to that age-old passion of yours. Take yourself as seriously as you like. Nothing is off limits. Be wild.

Barcelona’s Kike is sporting a take on a childhood dream in a grown-up world that is likely to induce envy in Top Gun’s Maverick as well as Team Katusha. A modern chronograph with a titanium case and rubber strap, the Breitling Exospace B55 is the ultimate toy for a grown child. Team this thing of wonder with a Canyon Ultimate CF SLX Disc stealth bomber between the legs and a space-grey Katusha Superlight jersey or functional bomber jacket and this get-up is one for the storybooks.