Feature Issue #004

GRAN FONDO Fashion-Shoot 2017 – Life is an Attitude. What’s yours?

Porsche 1919 Datetimer Eternity – Pain is temporary, glory lasts forever

Who can spray the Veuve Clicquot? Is the magnum just for victors?”

Races aren’t the only things to be won. What about the rest of life? TTrousers fixated on the glory of winning tend to miss out on what really counts. After all, the best stories are often found on the peripheries of the race routes and away from the training grind. These days we’re too quick to overlook the idea of fair play and the importance of class. As every winner needs a vanquished opponent so losing can, in itself, be an art.


Jersey Isadore Climbers Jersey Mulholland
Bib Isadore Climbers Bib Shorts
Glasses Electric Scrambler
Shoes Giro Empire SLX
Socks Isadore Climbers Socks Mulholland

The timeless design of the Porsche 1919 Datetimer Eternity was inspired by the Porsche 356, making it not only an homage to days gone by but also a contemporary classic that conveys athletic sophistication. The 40 horsepower of the 356 won’t win a sprint at the traffic lights, but those behind the wheel have higher priorities; they’re not driven by the need to prove anything. The same applies to this watch; the priority is never to win, it’s purely a feeling. Those with this feeling are content without having to prove themselves. You won’t find them on the top step of a podium, spraying the magnum alone, they’ll be doing it in distinguished company.

What inspired us to select Javi Maya as the model for the Datetimer Eternity? Wholly individual, steadfastly true to himself and somehow timeless; men like him are a rarity. Not every victory is worth the struggle. Time, in his eyes, is far more relevant, and even more so when it’s spent sagely aware that you’re enjoying yourself.