Feature Issue #004

GRAN FONDO Fashion-Shoot 2017 – Life is an Attitude. What’s yours?

G-Shock GA-100L – Shocking: Love, let go, hate.

What do people think of you?

What do people think of you? For our model Javi – surfer, cyclist, husband, motocross-rider and CEO of production agency Black & Rad – the question is irrelevant. Those who are overly concerned with what other people are thinking can be anything but independent.


Glasses Electric Scrambler
Jacket Strellson Allen Mercer orange
Shirt Strellson Basic T-Shirt Brooks white
Trousers Strellson Allen Mercer orange

The G-Shock doesn’t sugarcoat anything. There’s no ‘us’; it’s you and the rest. Those who love you and those who don’t. This is the uncompromising outlook of the G-Shock GA-100L with its quartz timekeeping, tough urethane case and striking resin band. Self-confident, polarizing: this watch brooks no compromise.

It may seem contradictory to team a sharp suit with the G-Shock, but that doesn’t apply with Strellson. The Swiss brand design apparel to make a statement, high-end cuts for men who like to carve their own path. ‘This isn’t just designed for men, but for real characters; guys who don’t see smart and casual as two contradictory terms, guys for whom elegant and relaxed is the way they exist.’ Javi couldn’t have said it better.