Feature Issue #004

GRAN FONDO Fashion-Shoot 2017 – Life is an Attitude. What’s yours?

Time isn’t just what defines trends and fashion; it also sets the pace in our own lives. In fact, it’s so fundamental that it’s the central element of this fashion shoot, in which the world’s most desirable wristwatches took centre stage. Their prominence in the pages of this magazine is no coincidence either – for many cyclists, the simple wristwatch has a profound importance.

Watches withstand the passing of time

These days, fashion is having something of an identity crisis due to the increasing push for companies to produce high-volume collections season after season, resulting in a mass of products that have ended up becoming a sea of similarity. New generations, divergent target groups, and radical innovations are blurring boundaries and making any attempts at labelling futile. Where once one was ‘just’ a cyclist, today one could be a doctor, an RCC member, a high-flying professional, and a parent with a partiality for the finer things in life – like fine watches, classic cars, good architecture, and tasty coffee. They like riding their mountain bike from time to time, and they pour their high-class blend of Arabica beans into their mill grinder each morning.

Luxurious, classic, sporty, intelligent, or just plain legendary?

How is one supposed to express his or her discerning personality without succumbing to passing, regurgitated trends? Following fashion as dictated by mainstream cycling apparel brands is – regretfully – unlikely to raise your sartorial game, as they’re all too often led blindly down the path to performance, overlooking true, timeless style in favour of blatant technology. As aesthetics take a backseat, we see fashion in a state of mourning.

For this fashion shoot, we were not willing to compromise and blithely accept the paltry offerings on the mainstream market. Our carefully curated outfits are designed to polarize, capture the spirit of today’s riders, re-interpret traditions and, in some cases, set a precedent for the future. As such, what item would be more suited to take centre stage than a fine wristwatch?

Watches purvey identity, possess their own unique character, and are at their finest as one-off pieces. Some models scream luxury, while others have an understated classic charm, give a nod to sporting performance, or channel a legendary aesthetic. Then there are tTrousers that preserve time, change over time, or herald a new time in society.

Time is a statement. And so is fashion.

These are the character traits that we’ve brought to the shoot, combining them with desirable road riding apparel that’s both urban and performance-focused. With achingly high standards for their aesthetics and their performance, these collections rely on exclusive materials and innovative features to withstand the passing of time. Be it on a starting line, at a café, or a business meeting, this riding apparel serves its purpose well – and makes a statement in the process.

A fashion shoot without models

Our models aren’t your typical fare. They’re passionate riders from across the globe: from New York, Stockholm, London, Barcelona, Madrid, and, of course, our hometown of Stuttgart. Models are out. Real people are in.

Time changes the world

Cycling was a sport of hierarchies for a long time; individuality and imagination fell victim to the pursuit of the team and its performance. But times are changing, and new formats of racing (such as the Hammer Series and the Gravel Fondo) are emerging alongside a new consciousness. People have been injected with the courage to show their true nature once more, leaving behind the once-constricting rules of cycling. The time is ripe for change, and the history books of cycling are once again ready for heroes, bravery, and self-expression! On the following pages we’ve curated the ultimate attitudes to life and cycling. Life is how you view it. Take heed.

All watches and outfits: Porsche Design 1919 Datetimer EternityG-Shock GA-100LOmega SpeedmasterTag Heuer Connected | Apple WatchBreitling Exospace B55Luminox CarbonPorsche Design ChronotimerVintage VDB