Feature Issue #004

GRAN FONDO Fashion-Shoot 2017 – Life is an Attitude. What’s yours?

Tag Heuer Connected – In a competitive society, how hard should we compete?

Champions League, Formula 1, the Tour de France – once huge sums of money get involved, sport takes a turn for the worse.

Champions League, Formula 1, the Tour de France: once huge sums of money get involved, sport takes a turn for the worse. From dubious lawsuits to illegal tuning and PED use, the boundaries are crossed and the grey areas are exploited. Some might raise the question what the state of elite sport has has in common with us weekend warriors and mortals?

Success comes at a cost. Those who are infuriated by doping surely appreciate that this level of sport is a projection of a cut-throat society. We exist in a state where inhuman performances are not only expected – they are the norm. Pros aren’t expected to simply excel at their sport; they also face ceaseless pressure from sponsors, fans and the media. For bankers, managers or students, there are similar strains; trying to meet the expectations of investors and shareholders, dealing with the pressure from your head of department, negotiating with poisonous colleagues, shouldering the demands of your parents and, of course, your own hunger for success. Performing goes far beyond the task itself; there’s always a psychological load to be borne.

In The Untouchables, Sean Connery’s jaded cop Jim Malone asks his idealistic colleague the question we are all facing. “What are you prepared to do?” A pre-exam Ritalin, living with sleep deprivation, cocaine after a long night; many are those who cut corners. Society expects the impossible, crumbling under the pressure of its own demands – with those who try to escape being seen as hippies or cowards. But what is the value of any of it if you don’t have any values yourself?

How does this relate to the Tag Heuer Connected? As a smartwatch, this chronograph represents today’s connected world, where everything and everyone is linked. Every performance can be measured meticulously and broadcast globally – and boy, do people want that – but the brown leather strap, classic design and Swiss Made label remain synonymous with the brand’s roots and traditional values. And these are values well worth holding onto amidst today’s globalized world. #Dontcrackunderpressure is the motto and your call to hold onto your values; stay true to yourself.