Our goal is to open your mind. Make you discover new places, new challenges and, of course, bring you products that will make you stand out from the crowd and turn heads on the tarmac. The further we go, the wiser and more experienced we become.

Man on the moon: History told us that a small step can have the biggest impact.
Man on the moon: History told us that a small step can have the biggest impact.

We respect and appreciate the history and heritage of cycling, but strive to find a modern interpretation. Sometimes this leads to a revolution, or sometimes just in a badly-needed evolution.


We are all individuals driven by passion and excitement for the sport. We love the idols, but believe that every two-wheeled enthusiast is a hero. It’s not always about the pros, or trying to imitate what they are doing and riding. It’s riders like you and me that we care about.

Why? Because self-awareness will make you a better, stronger and happier rider. We don’t aim to preach to the masses or stick to the common rules; we follow our own strada, route and camino. And want you to find yours as well.


We love to share the ride with our friends. We love to stop for an espresso, but nothing beats a delicious cortado in Spain or a macchiato in Italy. Whether there’s dust, mud, sun or rain – as long as we have grins on our faces, the wind blowing through our hair and some pain in the legs, it’s all good. A fine craft beer after an exhausting ride is always the best reward (ok, and the odd KOM as well).

Join our ride, it will be exciting. We promise.
Robin & the GRAN FONDO team