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Eurobike 2017: the most exciting news from Oakley, Garmin, Poc, Bianchi & more

Giro Vanquish MIPS Helmet

The new Giro Vanquish two layer protection system – a harder outer shell with a softer crumple layer underneath

The strapline “Shape the Wind” makes the new helmet offering from Giro sound almost godly. But rather than biblical superpowers it’s referring to the aero venting system design that has gone through a multitude of wind tunnel testing to qualify it’s aerodynamic credentials. Giro have also looked at the helmet casing, with a double layer protection system, consisting of a hard outer shell with a softer second layer which they say acts as an impact crumple zone.

The detachable visor design from Giro is so simple we can’t wait to do some real world testing on it.

Like Oakley they have also taken into consideration your eyewear storage challenges. The visor is secured in place with magnets making detaching it simple. And if you no longer want the visor during a ride, you can take it off, turn it upside down and store it on the front of the helmet. The magnets securing it safely in place – simple! Like Oakley, they have also inserted rubber grippers around the front side vents to hold glasses in place when not in use. Price for the Giro Vanquis is € 279 and will be available this autumn.

Giro Xnetic Knit Shoes

A design taken from the running shoe industry, think Nike Flyknit, not your grandma’s most recent knitted jumper offering. Giro are once again innovating and re-inventing what the cycling shoe can be. Bred to be lightweight and breathable during hot summer months the Giro designers have created knit versions for the Empire E70 & W E70 for the road, the Empire VR70 for off-road and the Republic R for the urban two wheelers.

Although knitted wear doesn’t scream easy-clean and durability, Giro try to reassure that they are water repellent and ride grime can be removed easily. Let’s hope so, and that after a brutal summer soaking you don’t return home with baggy, waterlogged footwear that’s doubled in size like one of your granny’s sweaters! Prices for all shoes: Empire E70 & E70 W € 229, Empire VR70 € 250, Republic R Knit € 160. Availability will be from this autumn.

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