The Roadmachine is BMC’s drop bar bike for  comfort, control, and confidence on all surfaces. In 2024, the Swiss brand are launching three new versions of the Roadmachine: the Roadmachine 01 road endurance bike, the Roadmachine 01 X all-road bike, and the Roadmachine 01 AMP e-road bike.

We took a trip to sunny Girona to test the three bikes back-to-back on a mix of surfaces. Additionally, we spoke with Stefan Christ, the head of BMC’s development department, about the changes, exciting new features, and the thoughts behind them. In this test, we’ll reveal what’s special about the new BMC Roadmachine, how it rides, and which version might be right for you.

BMC Roadmachine 01 TWO – Everyday hero with race bike styling

BMC Roadmachine 01 TWO | 7.37 kg in size 58 | € 12,999 | Manufacturers-website

The Roadmachine isn’t a race bike, and never has been. However, you wouldn’t necessarily notice that at first glance. The BMC-typical design language, completely integrated cable routing, and the one-piece carbon cockpit all scream performance. Yet, in the development of the new Roadmachine, weight and aero optimisation weren’t the top priorities; rather, it was all about comfort and control. That’s not to say that the BMC Roadmachine is heavy. At 7.37 kg in size 58, it’s a respectably lightweight all-road bike.

A crucial aspect for both comfort and handling is the tires. The new frame of the BMC Roadmachine accommodates tires of up to 40 mm in width, allowing for gravel tires to be fitted as well. However, the Roadmachine comes from the factory with more conservative 30 mm wide Vittoria Corsa N.EXT tires. Another comfort factor is the bend in the seat stays, which, combined with the cutout in the seat tube and the carbon seat post, is intended to provide ample compliance.

Where the magic happens: The rear triangle provides a lot of compliance.
The frame offers a generous 40 mm tire clearance, making the 30 mm wide Vittoria Corsa N.EXT tires seem almost narrow in comparison.

In addition to increased comfort, BMC incorporate a lot of features aimed at making everyday life easier: The rear light integrated behind the seat post in the frame has two brightness levels and can easily be pulled out for charging.

The integrated taillight has two brightness levels and can be charged via USB cable.

Underneath the bottle cage on the down tube, there is a frame compartment with a pouch to store your essentials. The bottle cage specially designed for the Roadmachine 01 also serves as the cover for the frame compartment. Behind the chainring, there is a chain catcher that protects the frame from damage in case of a chain drop. Additionally, the two eyelets on the top tube allow for the attachment of a bag.

Nice! The hidden dropouts of the axles not only look clean but also protect against dirt.
The bottle cage integrated into the frame compartment lid adapts to the shape of the frame.

The BMC Roadmachine 01 TWO in detail

The “01” in the name at BMC indicates the direction: forward! The high-end models are made from higher-quality, lighter carbon fibres. However, stiffness and compliance should remain unchanged. The 01 frames, made from high-end carbon with the same properties, are approximately 8% lighter. This weight difference is even more noticeable due to the higher-quality components in the 01 specs.

The D-shape seat post is the same as that used in the previous Roadmachine, as well as BMC’s URS and Kaius gravel bikes, and is also available in a 0mm offset version.
The new ICS Carbon Evo cockpit, with its 8-degree flare and minimal rise, provides comfortable control and contributes to the sleek look with fully internal cable routing

The ICS Carbon Evo cockpit looks clean, and the flared drops should provide great controll.
The Shimano DURA-ACE Di2 groupset with integrated 4iiii power meter delivers professional-level shifting performance.

All BMC Roadmachine Models:

BMC is introducing a total of six models of the endurance Roadmachine However, the naming suggests that there might be more to come in the future.

Modell Drivetrain Wheels Price Weight (manufacturers specification in size 54)
Roadmachine 01 TWO Shimano DURA-ACE Di2 DT Swiss ERC 1100 € 12,999 7.1 kg
Roadmachine 01 THREE SRAM Force eTap AXS CRD-321 SL € 8,499 7.8 kg
Roadmachine 01 FOUR Shimano ULTEGRA Di2 CRD-321 € 7,999 7.9 kg
Roadmachine  TWO Shimano ULTEGRA Di2 XRD-522 € 5,699 8.2 kg
Roadmachine FOUR Shimano 105 Di2 Mavic Open Disc € 4,299 8.6 kg
Roadmachine FIVE Shimano 105 Mavic Open Disc € 3,299 8.8 kg

The geometry of the BMC Roadmachine 2024:

Compared to its predecessor, BMC aimed to increase comfort and control without negatively impacting handling or efficiency. To achieve this, the stack was increased by approximately 10 mm depending on the size, and the reach was minimally reduced, resulting in a slightly more compact riding position.

Two particular challenges in the development of the new Roadmachine were increasing the tire clearance up to 40 mm, and creating the opening for the storage compartment in the down tube. Due to the larger tires, the bottom bracket was slightly lowered. To avoid excessively lengthening the chainstays to accommodate the tires, the cutout in the seat tube was enlarged. This ensures that the bike remains responsive and doesn’t feel sluggish. A positive side effect is that the narrow seat tube also plays an important role in increasing comfort.

Size 47 51 54 56 58 61
Seat tube 414 mm 461 mm 488 mm 508 mm 529 mm 550 mm
Head tube 112 mm 138 mm 154 mm 181 mm 207 mm 233 mm
Head angle 71.4° 71.4° 72.2° 72.2° 72.2° 72.2°
Seat angle 74.2° 74.2° 74.2° 74.2° 74.2° 74.2°
Chainstays 415 mm 415 mm 415 mm 415 mm 415 mm 415 mm
BB Drop 75 mm 75 mm 75 mm 75 mm 75 mm 75 mm
Wheelbase 982 mm 1000 mm 997 mm 1010 mm 1023 mm 1036 mm
Reach 370 mm 379 mm 383 mm 388 mm 393 mm 398 mm
Stack 525 mm 550 mm 570 mm 595 mm 620 mm 645 mm

First ride of theBMC Roadmachine 01 TWO – Can comfort also be fast?

It may look fast, but how does the BMC Roadmachine perform on the road? Have the adjustments to the geometry achieved the desired effect?

The central riding position feels comfortable and balanced, and this remains the case even after a few hours in the saddle. The increased stack provides a relaxed ride, allowing the rider to evenly distribute weight between the saddle and hands. This makes it comfortable even for beginners to endure longer rides. The compliance in the frame and seat post is subtle – there’s no noticeable bouncing or significant suspension like in other all-road bikes, which benefits power transfer. However, the BMC Roadmachine skillfully filters out vibrations and uneven surfaces, thanks in part to the 30 mm wide Vittoria Corsa N.EXT tires and the ICS Carbon Evo cockpit. The latter shines with exceptionally good ergonomics, whether on the hoods, in the drops or sat up on the tops. The cockpit is flattened in the right places to relieve pressure on the hands and offers excellent control in the drops due to the 8-degree flare. It’s a shame that this cockpit is only used on the top model.

The handling of the new BMC Roadmachine aims to appeal to a wide range of riders. It’s intuitive, forgiving, and stable enough to not overwhelm beginners, while also being precise and responsive enough to put a smile on the faces of experienced riders. It achieves this exceptionally well; in corners, the bike behaves predictably and can be steered very precisely. At high speeds, the handling impresses with stability and ample control, boosting confidence on descents and providing a fun, engaging ride.

If your riding buddy decides to sprint for the town sign, you won’t be left behind on the Roadmachine. The stiff bottom bracket area and short chainstays ensure good power transfer and lively acceleration. It’s no slouch on the climbs either, with its relatively low weight. The central seating position and good ergonomics on the top of the bars also allow for comfortable pedalling on long climbs. However, if the surface becomes too rough on fast descents, the compliance reaches its limits. Impacts are transferred directly to the rider, leading to fatigue in the hands and shoulders over time. Therefore, if you mainly ride on rough asphalt and light gravel, you should consider the BMC Roadmachine X.

BMC Roadmachine 01 X – From all-road to gravel

BMC Roadmachine 01 X | 8.63 kg in size 58 | € 7,999 | Manufacturers-website

The Roadmachine 01 X is the gravel-oriented version of the BMC Roadmachine. The special feature here: the frame is exactly the same, except for the paint job. Handling and riding position remain unchanged, only the components are optimised for use on gravel and rough back roads. In 2024, BMC is introducing three different Roadmachine X models, all equipped with 1x drivetrains, 34 mm wide WTB Byway gravel tires, and a suspension stem.

Model Drivetrain Wheels Price Weight (manufacturers specification in size 54)
Roadmachine 01 X SRAM Force XPLR eTap AXS 1×12 CRD-321 € 7,999 8.4 kg
Roadmachine X SRAM Rival XPLR eTap AXS 1×12 XRD-522 € 4,999 8.8 kg
Roadmachine X THREE SRAM Apex XPLR eTap AXS 1×12 XRD-522 € 4,499 8.9 kg

The MTT Suspension Stem was developed in collaboration with Redshift and provides up to 20 mm of travel using interchangeable elastomers. The different stiffness levels of the elastomers allow the stem to be adjusted to the rider’s weight or desired level of support. We were able to test its performance on asphalt, hardpack, gravel, and rocky singletrack around Girona to see how it performs in practice.

The suspended stem can be adjusted using different elastomers.
The semi-integrated cable routing ensures a clean look.

The BMC Roadmachine 01 X put to the test – all-road comfort?

Once the route veers away from smooth asphalt and onto gravel, the BMC Roadmachine 01 X truly comes into its own. The frame manages to provide sufficient compliance at the rear even on gravel surfaces. To achieve a bit more comfort at the front as well, BMC install a suspension stem. It’s important to adjust this according to your preferences using the provided elastomers, as if it’s set too soft, the movement in the stem can affect the handling in a way that takes some getting used to. However, light vibrations and small impacts, typical of packed gravel roads, are effectively absorbed and not transferred to the hands. On fast descents over very rough terrain, though, the undamped suspension tends to bounce a bit.

The moderately steep head angle of 72.2°, typical for a road bike, might feel a bit aggressive for gravel riding and resembles more of a cyclocross bike. Steering inputs are translated precisely and directly, which may require some practice and adaptation on loose surfaces, but once mastered, it provides a fun, agile ride. For those who intend to ride the BMC Roadmachine 01 X predominantly off paved roads, considering an upgrade to the supplied 34 mm wide WTB Byway semi-slick tires and fully utilizing the 40 mm tire clearance is advisable. In all-road conditions encompassing poor asphalt, gravel, and hardpack surfaces, the BMC Roadmachine 01 X truly shines with its precise handling, high enjoyment factor, and ample comfort. However, during extended periods on asphalt, the bike’s all-road background becomes apparent – its efficiency leans more towards a road bike than a slightly cumbersome gravel bike.

BMC Roadmachine 01 AMP TWO – All-road action with an electric tailwind

BMC Roadmachine 01 AMP TWO | 12.97 kg in size 58 | € 7,999 | Manufacturers-website

For those who desire a comfortable do-it-all road bike that can fly up the mountains with a bit of electric assistance, BMC has also updated their e-road bikes, the Roadmachine AMP and Roadmachine AMP X. There are four models available in total, all equipped with the TQ-HPR50 light ebike system. With a maximum of 50 Nm of torque and 300 W of power available, this system provides plenty of support to climb mountains on the road, and the 370 Wh battery capacity can be increased with a range extender for longer rides.

In the ebike models, the rear light is powered by the main battery.
The Roadmachine 01 AMP TWO is equipped with 32 mm wide Pirelli Cinturato tires.
Model Drivetrain Wheels Price Weight (manufacturers specification in size 54)
Roadmachine 01 AMP ONE Shimano ULTEGRA Di2 CRD-400 SL  € 8,999 12.5 kg
Roadmachine 01 AMP TWO Shimano GRX Di2 CRD-400 € 7,999 12.8 kg
Roadmachine 01 AMP THREE Shimano 105 Di2 XRD-522 € 7,999 13.1 kg
Roadmachine 01 AMP X SRAM Force eTap AXS CRD-400 € 8,999 TBA
The 370 Wh battery hides in the down tube.
The small form factor of the TQ-HPR50 is barely noticeable.

The BMC Roadmachine 01 AMP TWO on test – The mountain specialist

SSo this is what it feels like to fly up a climb like a pro, with nearly 7 watts per kilo. To experience that, you’ll either have to fight for the polka dot jersey, or enlist some electric assistance. When it comes to climbing or descending, you’ll have the upper hand, or at least be able to easily keep up with fitter companions. Since the e-road bike shares its geometry with its analog namesake, most statements about handling, cornering behaviour, and comfort can be applied here too. The handling is well-balanced, and the AMP TWO steers very precisely.

The only truly significant difference, besides the extra power, is the weight. The top model of the electrically assisted Roadmachine weighs over 5 kg more than its analog counterpart, and you can feel this difference very clearly once the motor stops assisting. In the EU, this happens at 25 km/h, a speed that’s quite easy to reach on a road bike, especially when riding in a group. Unfortunately, this means that with the e-road bike, you’re too fast uphill and too slow to keep up everywhere else when riding with an analog group. However, for those who can accept this compromise, the BMC Roadmachine 01 AMP TWO offers a very versatile e-road experience that provides a lot of fun on various surfaces, particularly in the mountains, thanks to its 40 mm tire clearance, high comfort, and intuitive handling.

Which Roadmachine is right for you?

The endurance bike BMC Roadmachine 01 TWO is a true all-rounder on the road. Those who value comfort without compromising on precise handling and lively acceleration will be happy here. The intuitive and precise handling, along with a high level of control, provide beginners and experts alike with a fun, confidence-inspiring ride. The BMC Roadmachine 01 X TWO is an all-road bike that also performs on gravel tracks. Those who ride a lot of asphalt and gravel on their rides will either get a very fast, efficient gravel bike or a comfortable and off-road-capable all-road bike. The BMC Roadmachine 01 AMP TWO provides natural support, especially on hilly terrain. For those seeking a comfortable e-road bike to conquer passes with a strong tailwind and descend with precise handling, the AMP TWO is the right choice. With 40 mm tire clearance, all models of the Roadmachine offer plenty of room for wider tires, which also allows the endurance versions to potentially become very capable all-road bikes, and also permits the use of fenders.

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Our conclusion on the BMC Roadmachine 2024

BMC introduces a versatile bike with the new Roadmachine, which can be adapted to a variety of purposes with a few different components. The frame provides a comfortable foundation with balanced handling, clean aesthetics, and BMC’s sporty design language. Overall, it’s a well-thought-out concept that opens up many possibilities. In our testing, the BMC Roadmachine 01 TWO impressed us the most, because the frame geometry and handling are best suited for endurance and all-road use.

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Words: Jan Richter Photos: Jan Richter, BMC