Sailors go cycling: Emirates Team New Zealand #Cyclors

Meet the trainer: Hubert Woroniecki

VIDEO: Much has been made about the Emirates Team New Zealand #Cyclors. This is the man behind the punishing physical training the guys have been put through quietly for the past few years.Meet #ETNZ Physical Trainer Hubert Woroniecki

Posted by Emirates Team New Zealand on Mittwoch, 14. Juni 2017

Sack off rowing your boat, it’s all about pedalling it! Emirates Team New Zealand #Cyclors physical trainer, Hubert Woroniecki talks about how hard he is on his team of sailor cyclists, asking them to push to their limits and beyond. He admits that though he’s tough on them, he doesn’t quite have the nerve to deprive them of their candy. The question is, how do you think they would stack up against Sagan in a boat?