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News: RONDO RATT presented – A bike which makes you fast everywhere?

Speed and versatility – the RONDO RATT should offer both and thus become the perfect mix of road bike and gravel bike. So, all those who want to be fast and sporty on asphalt as well as on gravel should get their money’s worth. Is this what the road bike of the future will look like?

RONDO RATT CF1 | € 4,499 | Manufacturer’s website

RONDO is a Polish bike manufacturer that has set itself the goal of changing the perception of drop bar bikes – among mountain bikers and road cyclists alike. To do this, the RONDO bikes want to stand out from the crowd both visually and technically. All the info on the brand new RONDO RATT can be found here in the official RONDO press release:

“Road bike or gravel bike? Why not both, without having to compromise! Until now, the decision-making process has always been one of weighing things up: if you choose a road bike, you give up the freedom and riding experience that remote gravel roads offer. In contrast, the gravel bike offers the ultimate off-road feeling, but you sacrifice the pure speed that makes classic road bikes so fascinating. The all-road bike category combines the best of both worlds: speed and versatility – no matter what the terrain.

With the RATT, the Polish specialist for innovative gravel and (off-)road bikes RONDO now presents a model that raises the standard of all-road bikes to a new level through a technical solution. A bike that does not have to hide in a duel with classic road bikes but can also keep up with the best off-roaders. Fast, versatile, responsive and a top performer with much more comfort than on classic narrow tires.

In short, the perfect partner for anyone looking for a sporty yet unrestrained riding experience on both asphalt and gravel. Not for nothing is the motto of the RATT ‘Go Anywhere Fast’ – a bike with which you can be fast anywhere, no matter the place.

“Low Trail” – a matter of offset: same speed, wider tires

To make this possible, the RONDO engineers have combined their years of expertise in road and gravel cycling in one bike. The sophisticated geometry of the RATT carbon frame in combination with the wide 650B tires keeps the overall diameter of the wheels low. The larger contact area of the wider tires better withstands the forces acting from the outside and provides exceptional traction and stability with reduced rolling resistance, without negatively affecting the speed.

A specially designed fork with extended forward travel (offset) results in less trail at the front wheel and a steeper head tube angle. This cleverly compensates for the inertia of the wider tires. The result is the perfect blend of racing high agility, a direct response and more riding comfort – optionally, narrower tires can also be used on the bike. Ideal for those who do not want to give up the classic racing bike position and razor-sharp response on steep climbs or the last few meters of a sprint. Switching to the LO position of RONDO’s proprietary variable TwinTip axle reduces offset and makes the trail longer, the head tube angle flatters and the bike becomes more forgiving on rough terrain and off-road. The change between LO and HI position is possible in a few minutes – even during a tour.

Passive damping zones

But not only the wider tires provide a smoother ride but also the special frame design of the RATT provides additional riding comfort – even when it gets bumpy. Strategic positioning of various carbon fiber structures has created passive suspension zones at the dropouts, in the lower part of the seat tube and in the rear part of the top tube, while the rest of the frame retains the necessary stiffness.

To meet all aspects of versatility that an allroad bike should have, the frame is equipped with a bracket for a front derailleur. This allows the bike to be equipped with a 2-speed group.

The RATT is available in two model variants – CF1 and CF2 – whose equipment further underpins the all-road capabilities of the new RONDO bike. The CF1 comes, among other things, with Shimano GRX RX800 group, RONDO X Hunt 650B wheels and 47 mm Vittoria Terreno Zero tires. The CF2 is again equipped with a Shimano GRX RX400 group and Rondo Lit wheels. An expansion of the new RATT family is also planned for the 2023 season.”

Our conclusion on the RONDO RATT allroad bike

With the RATT, RONDO tries to build a bike that is equally fast and comfortable on asphalt and gravel and thus define the future of all-road bikes. The unusual technical and optical design and the use of voluminous 650B tires shows that the Polish brand want to leave the beaten track. Whether the bike holds in practice what the company promise, it must yet prove in the test – and we’re curious.

More information about the RONDO RATT can be found at

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