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Contrast: Bikepacking with the Kona Sutra in the Verdon Nature Reserve – an ode to France’s nature

In Indian literature, a Sutra is a brief aphoristic composition with a memorable verse form. Kona’s Sutra, on the other hand, is the packhorse in the American brand’s gravel portfolio, an indefatigable travel companion that never complains. In Kona’s “Contrast” video, French-man Romain Barrez takes his Sutra on a multi-day bikepacking and packrafting expedition, travelling both on land and water and demonstrating the capabilities of the Dual Sport model.

Alternating epic bikepacking scenes, breath-taking shots of gravel and road riding and soul-soothing images of Romain paddling his raft across the Lac de Castillon reservoir, “Contrast” is a very entertaining “feel-good” edit.

For this exciting trip in the south-east of France, from Nice to the Lac de Castillon réservoir via Entrevaux, Romain packed his Sutra to the brim – and even managed to squeeze in his pack raft! With a whopping 6 mounting points on the front-triangle alone plus a porteur luggage rack on the fork, the Sutra offers enough attachment points for all sorts of luggage, and even a rolled-up pack raft.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next trip to France or want to know what other sports go well with gravelling, “Contrast” is a real treat for your eyes. This two and a half minute video shows all the beautiful aspects of bikepacking wrapped up in the breath-taking landscape of this special corner of France.

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