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Orbea get serious in a new part of the Pachamama video series, Seriously Gravel

Orbea’s Pachamama video series is the gravel equivalent of their Trail Tales series on mountain biking. Bike enthusiasts from the scene tell their stories, transporting you to the perfect, trouble-free world of gravel for around 10 minutes. In part 4, Sascha talks about the Holy Gravel Club.

Sascha hails from Berlin and gets introduced with the beat of drums. He’s full of antics and embodies what we used to call the class clown. You could just say he’s a very optimistic life-affirming guy. In his casual way, he tells us how he got to where he is… Playing handball as a child, gaining weight and then going spinning at the gym to get back in shape. At some point, his buddy Mark convinces him to go on a bike ride together. Soon after, Sascha buys a gravel bike and is immediately enthralled with the freedom that it offers. So impressed with his new hobby and finding himself with a lot of time on his hands when COVID hit, he founded The Holy Gravel Club on Strava. But “holy” doesn’t suit the boys and girls involved, so they drop that and it becomes just @the_gravel_club. It doesn’t take long for over 30 people to join in on the rides, making up a diverse and colourful group. However, it’s more loosely based on community than a strict club. But that’s exactly what Sascha likes about it. It’s simply about going on a group ride when you feel like it, without obligations, membership fees or the pressure to perform. Just switch off your thoughts and ride. Let’s go!

With his funny and open manner, Sascha makes you want to get out of your head and go on a ride with friends. Or why not start your own little unholy gravel club. You’ll now find “chapters” of the Gravel Club in many major German cities, uniting gravel enthusiasts of all kinds.

For more information and the latest Pachamama videos, visit or their YouTube channel.

@pachamama_cycling and @gravel_collective will also be giving away the new Orbea Terra H30 aluminium gravel bike via Instagram, entries open until April 12.

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Words: Julian Schwede Photos: Orbea

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