With 6 pockets, loops on the back and straps, wide but non-rubberised cuffs and a memory foam chamois, the Canyon Cargo Bibshort does a lot of things differently from its competitors. The € 160 price point is around midfield, but where do the shorts position themselves in the test?

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The 2023 Canyon Cargo Bibshort | € 160

Specs & quality of the Canyon Cargo Bibshort

The Rolling Stones have already gone on world tours and filled stadiums with it. “No colours anymore, I want them to turn black”, the British band sing in “Paint It Black” and they would certainly go for the Canyon Cargo Bibshort, which is exclusively available in that non-colour. Uncomplicated and straightforward, but technically advanced, the bibs promise to be in line with the bikes of the German direct to consumer brand. And like they do with their bikes, Canyon have taken a unique approach to the cargo bibs in some respects. Made in Spain from standard materials (which means they’re not recycled in this case) they can be yours for just under € 160. You can only try them on before buying if you drive to Koblenz or Hamburg – yes, the RAD RACE SHOP is a Canyon partner. Fortunately, if you order online, you don’t pay shipping!
The bibs are sewn together with flat seams almost throughout. They’re reasonably flat, robust and look very neat. The all-black design looks good and is easy to combine with whatever kit you already own. The Canyon Cargo Bibshort are the only pair of shorts on test that don’t have rubberised cuffs, relying on wide and firm elastic bands instead, which also work well.

The only bibs in the test field with loops: Canyon Cargo Bibshort.

Cargo functionality of the Canyon Cargo Bibshort

The two 10 x 6 cm pockets attached to the straps are unusual, but no less useful. Canyon advertise them as extra compartments for snacks. We found they work well for things like keys, seeing as they are rather small, well secured, and don’t get in the way while riding. Aside from Canyon, ROSE are the only other brand that have a small key pocket on the strap (though only on one side) – are we seeing a pattern?
In addition to the two pockets on the straps, there are two more pockets on the back and one on the side of each leg. All pockets are closed off with a sturdy elastic band, which gives you peace of mind! The pockets on the legs measure 18.5 by 11 cm, and the two pockets on the back are also generously sized at 15 by 12 cm. Our smartphones were always secure in both the leg pockets and on the back, even when things got rough.
The Canyon Cargo Bibshort cuts a sporty figure with the pockets empty, because the black-on-black makes the pockets very difficult to spot.

Spacious back pockets.

Safety/visibility of the Canyon Cargo Bibshort

Unfortunately, you won’t find any reflectors on the Cargo Bibshort, which is a real downside, especially in comparison to the beautifully integrated reflectors on some of the competition from the likes of Isadore or ROSE. However, the comfortable cut of the shorts and the robust material instil you with confidence in the saddle, nonetheless.

Comfort of the Canyon Cargo Bibshort

The back of the Cargo Bibshort is cut high. But since it is made of the same mesh as the pockets, it’s breathable and keeps what Canyon promise with the PUSH system: quickly wicking the moisture away and thus preventing you from overheating or freezing. This works well in warm weather, but we’d recommend other bibs for winter conditions.
The Etxeondo chamois is made of viscoelastic memory foam. It sits comfortably between you and the saddle and retains its shape on long rides.

The chamois of Canyon Cargo Bibshort

The Canyon Cargo Bibshort appeals to riders who want one pair of bibs to do it all, which the Canyon Cargo Bibshort can. The discreet design is an eye-catcher even with the pockets empty, allowing you to fly under the radar when you’re not in cargo mode, and it’s capable of accommodating everything that a jersey or top tube bag can. It’s too bad about the missing reflectors.


  • high functionality and versatility at a fair price
  • women’s model available
  • 6 pockets, from large to small


  • no reflectors

For more info visit canyon.com.

The test field

For an overview of the test fleet head to the group test: Which are the best cargo bibs of 2023 – 13 cargo bib shorts in review.

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Words: Christoph Staudinger Photos: Peter Walker