The specs of the MAAP Alt_Road Cargo Bib are exquisite: 3D-moulded chamois, abrasion-resistant legs, high-quality feel and 4 pockets for € 265. In addition, the design will make an impression without causing a sensation at the ice cream parlour. We put the bibs to the test to find out whether this combination delivers as expected.

For an overview of the test fleet head to the group test: Which are the best cargo bibs of 2023 – 13 cargo bib shorts in review.

The 2023 MAAP Alt_Road Cargo Bib | € 265

Specs & quality of the MAAP Alt_Road Cargo Bib

Founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2014, MAAP have long established themselves among the top outfitters of our favourite sport. The Alt_Road Cargo Bib is superbly finished. MAAP rely on flat seams where it matters, and the outer fabric feels robust. This creates confidence in MAAP’s promise regarding the bibs’ abrasion-resistant material. For cargo capacity, MAAP put two pockets on the back and one pocket on the left leg. You’ll also find a zippered pocket on the right leg, which is unusual in our test field. The pink rubberising inside the cuffs prevents the legs from sliding up. The same pink can be found on the print on the back pocket and where the straps meet at the back. In combination with the grey-blue straps and cuffs, and the olive-green hems, we love the look of these bibs. If you crash in these bibs – which we hope you won’t! – and they get damaged, you can tell MAAP about it and they will give you a 40 % discount on a new pair.


Clean seams and a pleasing colour combination.

Cargo functionality of the MAAP Alt_Road Cargo Bib

With 4 pockets, the MAAP Alt_Road Cargo Bibs aren’t the pack mule of our group test. The two pockets on the back are quite large, measuring 13 cm by 14 cm, and are easily accessible. Due to their angled opening, however, we wouldn’t trust them enough to carry a large smartphone when riding in bumpy terrain.

The pocket on the left leg measures 18.5 cm by 12 cm and should swallow your phone without any problems. The zip pocket on the right side is the same size and is suitable for your keys or credit card. Perfect for those things you definitely don’t want to lose but don’t necessarily need to access while riding. The opening isn’t wide enough to easily stick your hand into the pocket. Like about 90 % of the world’s population, we’re right-handed, and would like to swap the two leg pockets, putting the open pocket on the right for quick access while riding and the securely closed pocket on the left. Alternatively, MAAP could offer two different models. As it is, grabbing your phone for Insta shots while riding is tricky and somewhat dangerous for right handers!
Update: meanwhile MAAP updated the arrangement of the pockets, the zip pocket is now on the left side.

Safety/Visibility of the MAAP Alt_Road Cargo Bib

Reflective print makes the shorts visible in the dark. We really like that the subtle print doesn’t look like a reflector during the day. The abrasion-resistant legs make a lot of sense, too, since it isn’t uncommon to slide out when you’re riding off-road.

The reflective print on the leg pocket grows with its tasks.

Comfort of the MAAP Alt_Road Cargo Bib

According to MAAP, the ideal operating temperature for these bibs is “hot”, which, according to the MAAP scale, is anything above 20° C. We agree because the breathable outer fabric doesn’t do much to keep you warm. The chamois is covered with a soft, antibacterial outer fabric, which feels comfortable on the skin and is intended to reduce irritation. However, the chamois isn’t connected to the outer fabric of the shorts firmly enough. If you’re sweaty and shift around on the saddle, it makes fart noises – grosssss!
The pants are cut low enough in the front for an easy and quick pee break.
The Women’s Alt_Road Cargo Bib is the women’s equivalent, featuring a specific cut and padding, though it relies on the same material and a similar pocket arrangement. Interestingly, the zip pocket is on the left on the women’s model.

The Chamois of MAAP Alt_Road Cargo Bib.

The MAAP Alt_Road Cargo Bib are a good pair of Italian made bib shorts, beautifully designed and excellently crafted, as we’ve come to expect from MAAP. We also like the fact that there’s a women’s model available. It’s unfortunate about the farting noises. The MAAP Alt_Road Cargo Bib shorts are the right choice for those who want something special and put style above utility.


  • high quality, pleasing design
  • abrasion-resistant leg fabric


  • price
  • angled back pocket openings aren’t secure enough for large smartphones

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The test field

For an overview of the test fleet head to the group test: Which are the best cargo bibs of 2023 – 13 cargo bib shorts in review.

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Words: Christoph Staudinger Photos: Peter Walker