Canyon Endurace, Specialized Roubaix, GIANT Defy and FOCUS Paralane, these four renowned names in the all-road segment have one thing in common – they all relaunched in 2023. We put them to the test to find out what’s new and which bike suits you best. It’s time for a shootout of the most popular all-road bikes!

Another all-road group test? Weren’t you just in Spain? That’s right! It hasn’t been long since our 2023 all-road group test. Nine out of ten all-road bikes are still up to date, and the conclusions about the latest technology are still valid. However, Specialized, Giant, Focus and Canyon have released four exceptionally exciting all-road bikes since our 2023 group test. So we decided to do a follow-up with a comparison test of these bikes. We escaped the German winter for the beautiful coastal roads of the Côte d’Azur and got to grips with the four new all-road models. On steep climbs we pushed the bikes to the limit and were rewarded with fast descents in the coastal wind, followed by Aperol Spritz in the French evening sun. Savoir-vivre – the art of enjoying life.

The best all-road bikes 2023 – Our big group test at a glance

It’s been barely six months since our last all-road group test, and apart from the Specialized Roubaix, nothing has changed in the test field! For more information on all-road bikes, the key technical features and the reviews of the other all-road bikes, check out the big 2023 all-road group test.

A brief overview of the bikes in our last group test:

Model Drivetrain Weight Price
Argon 18 Krypton Sram Force aTap AXS 8.56 kg € 6,175
Merida Scultura Endurance 9000 Shimano Ultegra Di2 R8100 7.90 kg € 6,399
Parapera Atmos^2 Campagnolo Corus 7.32 kg € 5,390
Pinarello x Shimano 105 Di2 R7100 9.04 kg € 5,660
Rondo Ratt CF Shimano GRX RX810 8.98 kg € 4,699
Rose Reveal Plus Shimano Ultegra Di2 R8100 11.24 kg € 6,499
Scott Solace eRide 10 Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 R9200 12.36 kg € 11,999
Specialized Roubaix Comp SRAM Rival eTap AXS 8,74 kg € 5,600
Trek Domane SLR 7 AXS Gen 4 SRAM Force eTap AXS 8.54 kg € 10,999
Wilier Granturismo SLR Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 R9200 7.56 kg € 10,300

Our new shootout builds on the 2023 all-road group test and complements it with four exciting all-road bikes from Specialized, Canyon, GIANT and FOCUS. We set the same demands and paid attention to the same technical details. Even the coastal roads, with gusty winds from the Mediterranean, were just as beautiful and treacherous! Only this time we had baguettes instead of bocadillos ;).

Canyon, Specialized, GIANT, FOCUS – An overview of the new all-road bikes for 2024

The all-road segment remains exciting! The trend towards comfortable road bikes with wide enough tires for exploring off-road continues, leading to an increasing number of new, compelling bikes with the all-road stamp. However, the category is very broad and manufacturers’ interpretations can vary widely. So keep your eyes open when buying an all-road bike! Find out which bike is right for you here:

Canyon Endurace CF SLX 8 AXS Aero

The Canyon Endurace has become a true endurance classic. Since 2016, Canyon have been combining racing and long-distance comfort with this bike. Thanks to the new tire clearance, the Endurace has now arrived in the all-road segment. The modern look is both sporty and functional in typical Canyon fashion. Another Canyon signature is the iconic VCLS seatpost for extra comfort. The Endurace’s tires, however, are a little too narrow for extended excursions on gravel tracks and forest roads. And with only 35 mm of clearance, there’s little room for adjustment.

The Canyon Endurance CF SLX 8 AXS Aero is the perfect choice for those who want to push their limits on the road without sacrificing comfort. With enough compliance for poor tarmac, precise handling, aerodynamic features and lively acceleration, it’s well suited to long distance races, quick after-work laps or day rides with the occasional sprint. At € 5,499, it is the second most affordable bike in the shootout. Discover how much bike you get for your money in our full review!

FOCUS Paralane 8.9

Since its launch in 2017, the PARALANE has been FOCUS’ interpretation of an all-road bike, with a sporty, timeless look and matching mudguards. Without any additional comfort features or suspension elements, the FOCUS PARALANE 8.9 stands alone in the test field and exudes a purist appeal. Its sporty look is mitigated by the (optional) mudguards and the somewhat stretched riding position by the rather leisurely acceleration. What looks like a long-distance racer in disguise turns out to be a comfortable Randonneur with a modern look.

The FOCUS PARALANE 8.9 excels on the road with its impressive long-distance efficiency and robust construction. However, it lacks the compliance and tire width for extended off-road excursions. Ideal for tarmac rides or a quick commute to the office, at € 5,299 it is the most affordable bike in the shootout. Dive into our review to find out if this affordability comes with compromises.

GIANT Defy Advanced SL

The fifth generation of the GIANT Defy has set its sights on the winner’s podium with lightweight construction and functional purism. Weighing in at just 7.20 kg in size M, the lightest bike in the shootout makes it clear at first glance that it wants to be on the race track. Striking special-effect paintwork and sleek carbon components give it a race-ready vibe. The low weight contributes to lively acceleration and exceptional uphill performance.

However, the Defy Advanced SL is not suitable for beginners due to its demanding handling. Tight corners and quick direction changes take some getting used to. There is no compromise on compliance thanks to the unobtrusive carbon flex in the frame, seatpost and cockpit. And combined with the 32 mm wide tires, the Defy is even at home on forest trails. We put the GIANT to the test to find out what lies behind its striking exterior.

Specialized S-Works Roubaix SL8

Known as the “Cobble Killer” since 2004, the Specialized Roubaix, named after the infamous Paris-Roubaix road race, has been renowned for having suspension elements on a road bike. With the SL8, Specialized introduce the third generation of their proprietary Future Shock suspension system. It combines adjustable damping and different spring rates with interchangeable preload spacers for the most customisable setup possible. However, the Roubaix does not offer a true race feel because the riding position is too relaxed due to the high front end, which contributes to comfort and control but makes it difficult to achieve a truly sporty riding position.

Weighing just 7.36 kg and with 40 mm tire clearance, the Roubaix can even compete with gravel bikes! Its agility is evident in its acceleration, where the Roubaix is lively and climbs with ease. So what’s the catch? Take a look at the price tag… At € 14,000, the S-Works Roubaix SL8 is significantly more expensive than the other bikes. But does this translate into a significantly better performance?

The four all-road bikes in direct comparison:

Model Drivetrain Tire width Weight Price
Canyon Endurace CF SLX Aero Sram Force AXS 30/32c 8.1 kg (size M) € 5,499
Specialized S-Works Roubaix SL8 SRAM Red eTap AXS 32c 7.36 kg (size 56) € 14,000
GIANT Defy Advanced SL0 SRAM Red eTap AXS 32c 7.20 kg (size M) € 11,999
FOCUS Paralane 8.9 Shimano ULTEGRA Di2 32c 8.60 kg (size L € 5,299

The all-road essence: Comfort, versatility and riding pleasure!

What makes a good all-road bike? Well, that depends on your personal riding style and intended use! Do you want to ride your road bike exclusively on smooth tarmac, or do you prefer the freedom to go wherever your heart desires?

Whether you are a racer looking for a road bike with extra comfort for long cobblestone stages, an adventurer unwilling to stop on gravel roads, or a leisurely cruiser seeking a comfortable road bike for relaxing country rides, there is a wide range of all-road bikes to suit a variety of riders and purposes. So before you buy, think about how you want to ride, where you want to go and what aspects are most important to you. Only then can you be sure to find a bike that suits your preferences and maximises your riding pleasure.

And so, nothing has changed. The all-road category remains diverse. Canyon, FOCUS, GIANT and Specialized are introducing exciting bikes to the segment, pushing the boundaries of comfort, weight and price. The differences between all-road bikes are becoming more pronounced. This underlines the importance of doing your research before you buy, so you can fully enjoy your time on the bike. After all, that’s what it’s all about – enjoyment. Yes, that’s easier said than done when you’re dealing with frost, drizzle and lonely sessions on the indoor trainer… To combat the winter blues, we invite you to dream: La vie en bleu.

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Words & Photos: Jan Richter