Swedish minimalism meets practicality: no, we’re not talking about Ikea, but rather the POC Rove Cargo VPDS Bib Shorts on test! Going for € 180 and exclusively available in Uranium Black, they promise to cater to all your cargo needs on the longest rides. Read on to find out whether they can deliver!

For an overview of the test fleet head to the group test: Which are the best cargo bibs of 2023 – 13 cargo bib shorts in review.

POC Rove Cargo VPDS Bib Shorts 2023 | € 180

Specs & quality of the POC Rove Cargo VPDS Bib Shorts

The pocket concept of the Rove Cargo VPDS Bib Shorts isn’t the most innovative, but don’t get us wrong: you don’t need any time to familiarise with the shorts, quickly finding your way around. At first glance, the four pockets (one on each leg and two on the back) provide enough storage space. The shorts feel very comfortable, the fabric is soft and stretchy, and we like the flat seams on the legs.

The VPDS chamois is very soft on the inside, but surprisingly hard on the outside. Subjectively, the chamois looks quite thick. While this feels like it might be annoying when walking, once you’re in the saddle this impression disappears.. We found the chamois to be very pleasant, especially on longer rides where it didn’t sit through and remained comfortable – probably thanks to its different layers.

Cargo functionality of the POC Rove Cargo VPDS Bib Shorts

Clever: the mesh opening of the leg pockets is folded inwards. This prevents small items from slipping out of the pockets as you pedal. The size of the leg pockets is generous at 18 cm by 13 cm, they are easily accessible, and close seamlessly around the folded mesh. As with other bibs on test, the logo is printed on the inside of the leg pocket, so it disappears when the pockets are full. The two 11.5 cm by 9.5 cm pockets on the back, on the other hand, offer less storage space than an ordinary jersey. As a size comparison: an iPhone 13 mini is 13 cm long. In addition, the back pockets are so high on the back that we advise against accessing them while riding. We used them for small essentials like tissues or an emergency energy bar. The back pockets are high enough not to interfere with the pockets of your jersey if you decide to wear a classic jersey instead of a shirt.
Since the shorts are completely black, they’re hardly recognizable as cargo bibs, unless you’ve got the pockets filled to the limit. This is especially advantageous if you want to cover many different use cases with minimal gear and still look good doing so (who doesn’t want that?!).

Nice: the mech pockets are folded over at the top to keep your things from falling out.

Da die Hose komplett in Schwarz gehalten ist, fällt sie kaum als Cargo-Bib auf, sofern ihr die Taschen nicht bis zum Äußersten befüllt habt. Das ist vor allem vorteilhaft, wenn ihr mit wenig Equipment im Schrank viele verschiedene Einsatzbereiche abdecken und dabei immer eine gute Figur machen wollt (wer will das nicht?!).

Safety/visibility of the POC Rove Cargo VPDS Bib Shorts

There is one reflector positioned centrally on the back of the bibs. However, the reflector is placed so high up that it gets covered by an ordinary top.
The model shown on the POC website now has the reflector on the back of the left leg. We’re assuming that this will be the case for the production model, which is much better!

A rare sighting of the reflector on the POC Rove Cargo VPDS Bib Shorts.

Comfort of the POC Rove Cargo VPDS Bib Shorts

The VPDS chamois is thicker than many of its competitors in the test field. The outer fabric of the chamois is soft and comfortable and the different layers of padding are welcome on longer rides. This is where the incorporated silicone comes into play. The bibs are made for warmer climates since they’re not lined or water-repellent.

The chamois of the POC Rove Cargo VPDS Bib Shorts.

The POC Rove Cargo VPDS Bib Shorts do almost everything right, but they don’t stand out in any aspect either. It’s too bad for POC that we don’t include comfort in our final evaluation since it’s just too subjective. The bibs are unobtrusive and beautifully designed, featuring a few nice touches, like the folded mesh pockets. Unfortunately, the back pockets are placed too high up. As such, the POC Rove Cargo VPDS Bib Shorts are the right choice for all those who want a pair of all-purpose bibs, not a pack mule.


  • VPDS chamois – it worked well for us
  • flat seams throughout


  • back pockets are difficult to reach while riding

For more info visit poc.com.

The test field

For an overview of the test fleet head to the group test: Which are the best cargo bibs of 2023 – 13 cargo bib shorts in review.

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Words: Christoph Staudinger Photos: Peter Walker