Introducing the Wahoo KICKR ROLLR trainer and SPEEDPLAY POWRLINK ZERO pedals

The KICKR ROLLR is Wahoo’s new roller trainer and together with the new SPEEDPLAY POWRLINK ZERO pedals, you’ll be able to measure and track your performance as you train. The pedals are available either with power metres on both sides or a one-sided version, the latter of which can be purchased as a bundle with the roller trainer.

The American fitness and connectivity brand with a love of dropping the vowels in their product names is launching two new items to make your training more efficient: a connected roller trainer for laps in the comfort of your living room when the weather won’t let you go outside and power metre pedals to record your performance.

Wahoo KICKR ROLLR – Roller training made easy

With two rollers for the rear wheel and a clamp for the front wheel, the KICKR ROLLR offers an easy home training experience that doesn’t require you to remove any of your wheels. You can mount your bike to the Wahoo KICKR ROLLR and do your training indoors as is. The bike’s front wheel gets clamped at the top while the rear wheel is placed on two rollers, allowing it to move freely and follow the intensity of your training. The resistance on the rear wheel gets generated magnetically by a 4.8 kg flywheel. The clamp of Wahoo’s new smart trainer is designed to accommodate 700C tires with a width of up to 53 mm and the maximum power that the trainer can handle is 1500 watts – challenge accepted ;). You can connect the ROLLR to any ANT+ compatible power metre to analyse your training. The Wahoo Kickr ROLLR promises to be much easier to use than a standard roller and is available for € 799.99. Unlike the Wahoo KICKR v5 (review here), you can easily attach and detach the bike within seconds, allowing you to switch from outdoor to indoor training significantly quicker. As expected from Wahoo, the KICKR ROLLR fits seamlessly into their digital ecosystem.

The Wahoo KICKR ROLLR is easy to adjust to different bike sizes via quick-release lever.

Wahoo Speedplay Powrlink ZERO – Power metre pedals to track your progress

Wahoo Speedplay POWRLINK ZERO allow connection to up to three bluetooth devices simultaneously.

The Wahoo Speedplay Powrlink ZERO pedals have already won the seminal Design & Innovation Award, promising to be the ideal solution to measure your performance on an indoor trainer or outdoors thanks to the integrated power metres. They rely on Wahoo’s proven double-sided click mechanism, which allows you to vary the release angle by up to 15° to fine-tune the ergonomics and pedalling comfort. The pedals are available with a power metre on the left for € 649.99 or power metres on both sides for € 999.99. If you want to measure the output of your left and right leg individually, you should go with the double-sided version. Both versions of the pedals can be connected to up to three Bluetooth devices simultaneously, giving you all the connectivity you could wish for. We already put the non-watt-measuring Wahoo pedals to the test for you in an individual review (available here).

Wahoo Kickr ROLLR and Speedplay Powrlink ZERO as a bundle

If you don’t need to measure the output of each leg individually or don’t have a power metre, you can order the roller trainer and the pedals as a bundle and save. The Kickr ROLLR trainer and the one-sided Powrlink ZERO power metre pedals are available together for €1,399.99, saving you around € 50 compared to buying them individually and significantly expanding the recording functions of your bike and roller.

With the Kickr ROLLR trainer and the Speedplay Powrlink ZERO pedals, Wahoo are expanding their product range and giving you more options to analyse your training both indoors and out. The roller trainer offers plenty of versatility for those who don’t want to train on a standard roller and for whom the bike has to be ready for in- and outdoor use within seconds. Along with the analogue models, the pedals have been expanded by a useful digital recording option, single or double-sided. It’s a worthwhile investment for anyone who wants to keep an eye on their cadence, acceleration performance and much more.

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Words: Julian Schwede Photos: Wahoo