A good compromise? The Tacx Satori Smart bike trainer marks the price of entry to the world of Zwift and its competitors. How does this traditional bike trainer perform in the virtual world of Zwift and who is it best suited to? Find out here.

In our overview article “The best bike trainer 2020” you will find everything you need to know about indoor bike trainers for Zwift and Co.

Tacx Satori Smart | 7.78 kg | € 249

Even the design of the Tacx Satori Smart bike trainer has its own personal charm and reminds us of times gone by. The contents of the box are also oriented towards older design with only a quick release axle adapter included. Additional options are available for modern mountain or road bikes. Considering the price, the finishing quality of this trainer is relatively budget. Assembly is child’s play: mount your trainer tire on your bike, adjust two screws on the trainer, swap your quick release, fasten the rear wheel of your bike and jump on. Thanks to a clever quick release system on the axle and wheel clamps, once everything is set up, removing and mounting the bike is effortless and your bike can quickly be ready for road and trail use. Here, as the only other turbo trainer in our test, the Tacx Satori Smart is clearly superior to the Relaxdays. The remote, compatible with pretty much any bar, allows you to select from 10 different resistance levels that are nicely spaced and happily emulate steeper gradients as well. The bike trainer comes with a free trial for Tacx’s own software, which, just like Zwift lets you cycle around a virtual world and follow your training plans.

The key specs of this (smart) turbo trainer

Price € 249
Weight 7.78 kg
Weight limit 125 kg
Maximum power (40 km/h) 950 W
Power meter accuracy ±10 %
Axle compatibility 130/135 mm quick release, thru-axle adapter available separately
Available freewheels/adapters n/a

The Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity of the Satori Smart bike trainer allow it to be connected to online platforms like Zwift and Sufferfest via your smartphone or tablet. That provides you with power, speed and cadence data and you can ride around on virtual roads. However, the functionality is limited and the trainer can’t be controlled by the software you are riding with. That means that trainer software like Zwift is unable to control the resistance of the trainer, leaving you to do it manually instead. Connecting to your computer is also only possible via a separately available ANT+ antenna.

Fake News
Neither the Bluetooth nor ANT+ worked properly on our model. And if it does work, the functionality is pretty limited.
Wobbly sprints
While pedalling in the saddle the Satori Smart is stable but when sprinting it quickly starts squirming from side to side.
Cleverly clamped
Quick releases allow you to mount the rear wheel quickly. That means you can have your bike road ready within seconds.
Old-school but functional
The remote for the resistance works without any issues and has a nicely stepped range.
No need to annoy the neighbours
The Tacx Satori Smart might not be able to compete with the quieter direct drive trainers in the test but will still manage to keep you on good terms with your neighbours.
Adapters available
The adapters might not come as standard but are available to allow you to mount modern mountain and road bikes with thru axles.

Unfortunately the Satori Smart is anything but smart

After the first few turns of the pedal it’s quickly obvious that the Tacx Satori Smart is a class above the Relaxdays turbo trainer. You can pedal evenly and you’ll have to work hard to get the rear wheel to slip. However, the direct drive smart trainers in this test all offer a more natural ride feel than the Tacx Satori. The solid clamp for the rear axle feels secure giving you confidence. However, with an active riding style and particularly when out of the saddle, the Satori Smart has some weakness both in terms of stability and noise. It may be decidedly quieter than the Relaxdays turbo trainer and can be happily used in your rented apartment but it just can’t keep up with direct drive bike trainers or the KICKR BIKE.


If you want to have a go at indoor training (with Zwift), you’ll find the Tacx Satori Smart an affordable option to do so. However, the limited functionality does ultimately reduce the fun you can have. Instead this trainer will let you “Netflix and train” or provides a route to get back on the bike after an injury. However, if you’re looking for more features, then you should really be taking a closer look at the smart direct drive trainers featured in this test.


  • low noise for a turbo trainer
  • easy and quick setup


  • build quality
  • not truly smart
  • dated concept

More information at: tacx.com

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In our overview article “The best bike trainer 2020” you will find everything you need to know about indoor bike trainers for Zwift and Co.

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Words: Photos: Benjamin Topf, Jonas Müssig