The Relaxdays bike trainer is available for € 79.99 on Amazon, making it by far the most affordable turbo trainer in the test, though at that price it does have to forgo any connectivity features. Find out how this traditional offline bike trainer performed in comparison to more modern smart trainers in our test here.

In our overview article “The best bike trainer 2020” you will find everything you need to know about indoor bike trainers for Zwift and Co.

Relaxdays Rollentrainer | 7.18 kg | € 79.90

Even the robust, spartan design of the Relaxdays bike trainer harks back to times gone by. In terms of compatibility, that theme continues because this trainer is only compatible quick release axles and completely lacks any connectivity features. The welds on the unit are surprisingly clean given the low price point and the overall construction is solid, simple and durable – however not much love has been put into the design and the overall impression leaves something to be desired. Despite its rated load of 120 kg, this turbo trainer weighs only 7.18 kg. That might make the already simple assembly even easier, but also means that the flywheel isn’t very heavy. The system using two opposite screws that mate with the provided quick release to mount the bike isn’t very well thought out. For one, it takes a long time to install your bike but the clamping mechanism also results in metal to metal contact. If you want to keep your bike in perfect condition that means you’ll have to use the provided quick release skewer. The remote for the trainer resistance is a little limited as the 26 mm clamp means it can’t be attached to most modern bikes.

Key specs of this traditional turbo trainer

Price € 79.90
Weight 7.18 kg
Weight limit 120 kg
Maximum power n/a
Power meter accuracy n/a
Axle compatibility 130/135 mm quick release
Available freewheels/adapters n/a
Inevitable wear
The quick release provided with the turbo gets clamped directly to secure the bike, resulting in metal on metal contact.
Slippery surface
Even with a high roller pressure, the rear wheel often slips when riding hard. In addition, the resistance mechanism often slips too.
Completely impractical
The remote of the 6-stage resistance remote has a clamp diameter that’s incompatible with basically any modern mountain or road bike. We had to attach it to our fingers…

The Relaxdays bike trainer is the ultimate Black Friday deal: don’t buy it and save 100%.

Back to the 80s
This design reminds us of the crazy 80s and exudes it’s very own quirky charm.
Better solutions available
The tire and axle clamps are the worst in the whole test. There’s no quick release, so the whole thing has to be set up from scratch every time you fit your bike.
Limited compatibility
For € 79.99 you can only use bikes with quick release axles.
Part of the package
You’ll get a functional stand as part of the package.
Nicely finished
For € 79.99, the welds are surprisingly well finished.
By far the loudest trainer on test.

The first pedal stroke makes it immediately obvious: the ride feel of the Relaxdays bike trainer is as far removed from a natural ride as could be possible. The uneven resistance is apparent after the first turn of the cranks and results in a disappointing riding experience, even at lower watt outputs. While sprinting, you’ll have to contend with both your tire slipping on the roller as well as slippage in the brake mechanism. The overly light flywheel results in abrupt braking as soon as you stop pedalling.

“Five-stars on Amazon” – don’t be fooled by the reviews.

While the clamping mechanism might be sturdy enough to keep you and your bike attached while working hard, it’s the trainer itself that feels like it will topple over with supporting legs that are too narrowly spaced for active use. Unfortunately that instability is exacerbated when sprinting. The deafening whirr of the trainer only serves to compound that feeling and will likely clear your flatmates and neighbours out of the building.


We simply can’t recommend the Relaxdays bike trainer to anyone, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or a pro. Even very experienced riders will find it hard to get in an even pedal stroke on this machine and when you start working hard, the bike trainer doesn’t feel secure at all. If your motivation for indoor training is so low that you’d only consider shelling out for the Relaxdays bike trainer, then do the best for yourself, the environment and indeed all of us. Just don’t get it at all.



  • unnatural ride feel
  • very noisy
  • turbo resistance mechanism slips
  • even pedal strokes are basically impossible
  • doesn’t feel secure

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In our overview article “The best bike trainer 2020” you will find everything you need to know about indoor bike trainers for Zwift and Co.

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Words: Photos: Benjamin Topf, Jonas Müssig