Issue #013 Review

POC Omne Air SPIN in review

Designed for commuters, pub-goers or weekend adventurers, the POC OMNE SPIN can work for anyone and if in doubt, it’s the one helmet to do it all. We’ve worn this helmet at every opportunity for the past 6 months to find out how it fares.

The distinct design of the Swedish POC’s range of products is consistently unmistakable, combining the highest safety standards and sophisticated functionality. It’s no different with the POC OMNE AIR SPIN. The helmet, costing € 160, is available in seven colours and three sizes. In terms of safety, the helmet features every technology that POC currently offer. That includes SPIN, their in-house response to MIPS, which you’ll recognise by the blue silicone padding inside. These are claimed to reduce the rotational forces transmitted to your head in an impact and in turn reduce the chance of brain injury. In addition, the 360° adjustment system ensures an optimal fit. The straps aren’t attached to the bottom of the helmet as with most models on the market but run directly on the inside of the helmet along the wearer’s head. This allows you to wear glasses over the straps and it makes you feel noticeably better protected. Compared to racier helmets, the OMNE looks like a larger, bulkier brother. However, this also has advantages: the reinforced back of the helmet should offer the rider increased protection. The rear of the helmet features the distinct protrusion typical for a POC, which addresses numerous studies and research findings which indicate that most people fall on the back of their heads when they crash.

Staying put
The glasses are held as securely as the OMNE Air sits on your head
Sporty yet unobtrusive
A combination that few manufacturers have been able to master
Secure all around
The 360° adjustment system will fit almost any head shape
No matter how embarrassing…
… the OMNE AIR makes even the most ridiculous poses look good

When you first put it on, you’ll immediately notice just how comfortable this helmet is. Adjusting the fit is quick and easy thanks to the 360° adjustment system. The rear part of the harness comes far down towards the base of your skull, which we found especially pleasant. We’ve come to expect details such as the eye garage, but we’re still happy to see them here. The design of the POC OMNE AIR is a tribute to the protective headgear of the 60s. Fortunately, the OMNE is much safer, though not as well ventilated. Unfortunately, compared to the POC OCTAL or VENTRAL, the ventilation of the OMNE isn’t as good. This is a problem for racing but commuters who ride in the colder months will welcome the added warmth. Weighing in at 311 g in size M (54-59 cm), the OMNE is not the lightest but remains light enough to be unobtrusive in day-to-day use. After countless rides to work, endless test days in the saddle and numerous weekend excursions, we couldn’t identify any serious weaknesses. The only fault we could find was that while the large spacing between the attachment points of the straps in the helmet makes it very comfortable to wear unfortunately, this also increases the likelihood of them twisting, meaning you have to straighten them out more often than usual.

The inconspicuous yet sporty design in combination with the all-weather-friendly ventilation and POC’s safety features make the OMNE AIR SPIN an excellent all-rounder among helmets. We say hats off and helmet on!


  • very comfortable
  • feeling of safety
  • stylish design for every occasion


  • straps twist easily

Tester: Valentin
Duration: 6 months

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Words & Photos: Valentin Rühl