Pas Normal Studios Midsummer Challenge

Hot weather, long days, and strong legs. It doesn’t get any better than this! But as June comes to an end, the days are getting shorter again, so it’s time to hop on your bike and treat yourself to the ultimate Midsummer Ride with Pas Normal Studios.

The Danes with their Nordic minimalist design have become an integral part of the road bike scene. No S-Works is complete without PNS, no Cervélo without Pas Normal Studios. It seems nothing can go without those three letters. And of course, the designers themselves can’t keep their creativity at bay even in the summer, as they bring to life the ultimate Midsummer Jersey.

Just as the name suggests, this collection celebrates long days in the saddle, exploring new routes, and embracing summer landscapes. And what could be more appropriate than conquering the magical 200 km milestone? Join Pas Normal Studios on a grand tour and join one of their rides near you. All of Europe is ready to roll, whether it’s Hamburg, Prague, or Berlin. Get on your bike and meet like-minded individuals. You can find the details of the Ride Outs here.

For those whose cities aren’t included or prefer to embark on their own summer adventure, you can also participate digitally through Strava. Either way, you should check out the Strava Challenge because every 200 km summer adventure will be rewarded, whether it’s a hipster group ride or a solo adventure.

Sign up for the ultimate experience with Pas Normal Studios in the Strava Challenge and secure a €60 discount on the limited Midsummer Jersey.

And if you’re curious about what CEO Peter Lange is up to and want a glimpse into the design and production office of the Danes, we’ve got you covered. Click here to go directly to our Inside Pas Normal Studios.

Get out of bed and enjoy the long days. Starting from June 21, the days will be shorter, and the opportunities for rides more limited. Now is the time for your ultimate Midsummer Adventure with Pas Normal Studios. See you on the road!

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Words: Gran Fondo Photos: Pas Normal Studios