MET Trenta 3k Carbon MIPS 2022 – Premium Aero Helmet now even safer

With the Trenta 3k Carbon MIPS 2022, MET presents the latest development of the top model Trenta, equipped with the MIPS-Air safety system. What can the helmet of two-time Tour de France winner Tadey Pogačar do better than the competition and did it help him to win the Tour?

MET Trenta 3k Carbon MIPS | 225 g (in size M) | 320 € | Manufacturer’s website

The MET Trenta 3k aero helmet is designed to provide not only low drag on the bike, but also good ventilation. It also has the latest and lightest MIPS system, which increases the protection level even more. We have all the info on the new Pro helmet.

Safety First

The MET Trenta 3k has been enhanced with the latest and lightest safety feature from MIPS – the MIPS AIR. In the event of a fall, it reduces the rotational energy that is transmitted to your head and is designed to effectively protect against serious head and neck injuries. The system is integrated into the helmet’s padding and allows 10-15 mm of relative movement between the outer shell and the padding in contact with the head. All in all, at 225 g in size M, the helmet is not heavier than its predecessor without MIPS, but according to the manufacturer it is significantly safer.

Everything for a cool head

The helmet developed for professional use has already kept Tour de France winners cool. It makes use of the same effect that is used in the carburetor of your old motorbike: the Venturi effect. This is achieved by specially arranged vents in conjunction with the tubular tail. That way, the warm air from the inside of the helmet is discharged to the outside easily. The helmet was also designed and tested in a wind tunnel. The benefit for you: a cooler head on hot days and without the smell of burnt petrol. Win win!

Avoid pressure points

The MET Trenta 3k was developed in such a way that only 30% of your head comes into contact with the helmet – this is intended to ensure a feeling as free as possible and also contribute to optimal ventilation. If you get too warm under your glasses on the uphill, you can simply stow them in the rubberized sunglasses port of the helmet and enjoy the breeze. The helmet is also suitable for bikers with pigtails and the MET USB LED Light can be attached to the back of the Helmet.

Sizes, colours and availability of the new MET Trenta 3k Carbon MIPS

The new MIPS helmet is available in 3 sizes S, M and L, which should cover a head circumference of 52 – 61 cm. The 360° circumferential headband, which is vertically and horizontally adjustable, allows the helmet to be fitted even more precisely. For those of you who put the style first, the helmet will be available in 5 colors (silver, grey, black, red and blue) from the end of March 2022, according to the manufacturer.

The MET Trenta 3k is a sleek option with MIPS feature for all aero enthusiasts amongst you! Weighing only 225 g and equipped with MIPS Air, the helmet meets the most current safety level with maximum comfort and minimum weight. We are looking forward to putting the helmet on our heads and testing it ourselves soon! You’ll find out more about it here shortly.

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Words: Julian Schwede Photos: MET