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Presenting the EXEPT AERO – a tailor-made aerodynamic road bike

Italian custom bike manufacturer EXEPT just introduced the AERO, a brand-new frame platform. Do you have a penchant for monocoque carbon frames, customised components and low drag? Then keep reading!

After thoroughly testing the EXEPT Allroad Classic in this year’s road bike group test, here is an update to the latest version of the Italian racer: please all welcome the EXEPT AERO!

EXEPT Aero | 920 g (frame only, size M) | approx. € 12,000

The objective of this new development is to bring an aerodynamically optimised frameset to the market. The one special feature, however, isn’t the shape of the frame, which prevents the airflow from breaking and thus reduces air resistance, but the special manufacturing process followed by EXEPT. All tube dimensions and frame angles can be adapted individually to the preferences of the respective customer. Whilst custom-builds are nothing new, unlike most other custom-manufacturers, EXEPT produces all of their bikes with a monocoque frame – a structural skin manufactured using a special tool. By comparison with conventional custom-made frames, which use individual carbon tubes connected with each other at the desired length, the monocoque procedure allows for a stiffer and more harmonious frameset.

The EXEPT AERO will be available either as a frameset or as a complete bike. Complete builds will be available either as a racing or triathlon bike. In contrast to the conventional road bike, the triathlon version features a special handlebar attachment and mounting points for top tube bags. In addition, the AERO Triathlon features a more composed and smoother handling, which allows for a more comfortable aero-position on long and draining high-speed binges.

The road model features a Vision Metron 5D handlebar unit. Thanks to the cockpit and internal cable routing, all cables and brake lines are neatly tucked away and virtually invisible. The oval carbon seat post can be rotated and allows for two saddle positions. With the purchase of a complete bike, customers can choose between a Shimano Di2 or SRAM eTap AXS groupset. According to the manufacturer, the frameset can also be provided with cable retainers to accommodate mechanical groupsets. Amongst the many individualisation options shown on EXEPT’s website, customers can choose their very own paint-finish for their dream ride.

According to the manufacturer, the size M frame weighs in at about 920 g and the fork at about 370 g. You can configure your own EXEPT AERO from the end of March using the configurator on the manufacturer’s website. Whilst final prices are not yet official, an internal source already gave us a heads-up: whilst the top-spec (as shown here) with a Shimano DURA-ACE Di2 or SRAM RED eTap AXS groupset will set you back between 12,000 € and 13,000 €, the version with Shimano ULTEGRA Di2 resp. SRAM Force eTap AXS will cost between € 9,000 and € 10,000.


With the EXEPT AERO, the Italian boutique-manufacturer expands its portfolio and introduces another exciting bike. Custom freaks with a strong penchant for aerodynamics will get a sophisticated high-end racer. As soon as the first test-bikes will be available, we’ll test one for you exclusively in our GRAN FONDO endurance test.

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Words & Photos: Benjamin Topf