Ergon present Allroad collection – More comfort and ergonomics for drop-bar bikes

More comfort and better ergonomics on your road or gravel bike? Yes, please! Ergon present the new Allroad collection consisting of a seat post, saddle, bar tape and pads. You’ll have to wait a little while longer for the first ride review, but we’ve got all the details about the new range!

When the ergonomics experts at Ergon set themselves a goal, you can look forward to the result. In terms of optimising the contact points between the bike and rider, you’ll be hard pushed to find another company with a similar wealth of expertise as the Ergon team. In addition to their stringent quality standards, sustainability plays a significant role. It’s not just the prototyping that takes place in Germany, a part of their products are also made there. Besides that, Ergon have been using recyclable or recycled materials for more than 15 years and joined the GreenLab initiative in 2010. Way to go! Read on to find out which new products Ergon have recently launched and what benefits they promise.

The Ergon CF Allroad Pro Carbon seat post

If you’re thinking you’ve seen this seat post somewhere before, you’re right. The VCLS leaf springs of the CF Allroad Pro post have already proven themselves on various Canyon bikes such as the Canyon Grail CF (review here) and we’ve come to appreciate the high level of comfort that they offer. The CF Allroad Pro carbon seat post has a diameter of 27.2 mm, weighs 220 g and is available in a straight version or, alternatively, with a 25 mm setback. Price: € 249.95. The Flip Head clamp keeps the saddle at a constant angle as the seat post flexes and it can be flipped around for an increased adjustment range. Off the shelf, the seat post is designed for round saddle rails with a 9 mm diameter, but the optionally available Flip Head kit makes it compatible with oval 7 x 9 mm carbon rails. In addition to the low weight, Ergon promise zero maintenance and a sensitive response. Check out our upcoming issue to find out if the seat post delivers!

The Ergon SR Allroad Core Men saddle

Together with the CF Allroad seat post, Ergon present the brand new SR Allroad Core saddle, which is available in two versions: the more affordable Comp version gets a nylon composite shell and CroMo rails, priced at € 139.95, whereas the € 159.95 Pro version features lighter TiNox rails and a carbon-composite shell. According to Ergon, the SR Allroad Core saddle is designed to perform on the road, though it’s comfortable enough for detours along woodland paths or gravel rides. It promises to absorb bumps and vibrations effectively while reducing pressure on the sensitive groin area. The saddles are available in two sizes. The smaller S/M size is intended for riders with a sit bone measurement of 9 to 12 cm, while the M/L is for those whose sit bones are between 12 and 16 cm apart. If you don’t know how to measure your sit bones, watch the video below:

The Ergon BT Series bar tape

Let’s move on to the next contact point: the handlebar. The fact that Ergon know their way around flat bars is no secret. However, bar tape for drop-bar bikes is new territory and we’re all the more excited to see what they’ve come up with. The new bar tape is said to be the perfect choice for those who want the most direct feel possible, though with added comfort or grip. A problem for many riders is the amount of weight resting on their hands, due to the low and stretched riding position and the saddle to bar drop. The relatively narrow contact surface leads to pressure points on the nerves and, as a result, tingling and numbness in the fingers or the ball of the hand and thumb. The solution: thicker handlebar tape made of special AirCell foam, which should provide increased vibration damping and improved pressure distribution. Moreover, you can choose which side of the tape you want facing outwards, depending on your preference. One side is grippier and the other allows you to shift your hands around more easily. The tape costs between € 32.95 and € 39.95 and is available in lengths of 210 cm for road bikes and 230 cm for gravel bikes. You’ll have to wait for our upcoming issue to find out how the tape performs in practice!

The Ergon BT OrthoCell pad set

The BT OrthoCell pad set is manufactured entirely in Germany and is the second product in Ergon’s line-up that aims to improve the comfort and ergonomics of drop-bars. The 4-piece set is intended to help all those who want even more cushioning on the handlebars. According to Ergon, the set further improves pressure distribution and will be available for € 29.95. We can’t wait to try it out!

Do you want to find out how the new products in Ergon’s 2022 Allroad collection perform in practice? In that case, you won’t have to wait long! The upcoming issue of GRAN FONDO will give you a detailed look at how the seat post, saddle, handlebar tape and pads fare in the real world and whether they’re an upgrade worth spending your money on. So, stick around for the release of the latest GRAN FONDO issue! We’ll be sure to let you know when it drops.

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