Continental Terra Trail in review

Gravel and trail performance on a gravel bike? The Continental Terra Trail promises just that. But doesn’t that also mean it’s a slow rolling tire? Not according to Continental, promising to make inefficient knobby tires a thing of the past with the Terra Trail. Can it deliver?

Continental Terra Trail | 436 g | € 65,95 | Manufacturer’s website

At first glance, the tread of the Terra Trail doesn’t look like it’s capable of demanding off-road rides, but that’s deceptive. Although there’s no denying its relation to the fast rolling Terra Speed, the tall knobs are striking, clearly placing the focus on traction. By the way, it smells just as good as the Terra Speed and also gives you the option of genuine tan walls. Contrary to the name, the Terra Trail is more of an all-rounder than a trail tire, because it excels and performs predictably in virtually all conditions.

Continental Terra Trail – Textbook all-round performance

What does it even mean to be an all-rounder? Jack of all trades, but master of none? Not in this case because the increased grip comes at a price, and the Terra Trail pays for it with decreased efficiency: the Terra Speed and Terra Trail are separated by almost 3 W. In return, you get more grip on gravel and trails. And while there certainly are grippier tires in the test field, the Terra Trail performs well in muddy conditions thanks to its excellent self-cleaning capabilities. The aggressive shoulder knobs are noticeable, too, allowing the tire to ride around tight and difficult corners like it’s on rails. Unfortunately, the Continental Terra Trail doesn’t fare as well in terms of pinch protection, occupying last place in the laboratory together with the WTB Riddler and MAXXIS Receptor. And it’s below average at warding off punctures, too.
Not so with compliance: like the Continental Terra Speed, the Terra Trail is significantly more comfortable than its direct competitors.

Tire Characteristics

intended use

  1. asphalt/hard pack
  2. trail

rolling resistance

  1. slow
  2. quick

pinch protection

  1. low
  2. high

puncture protection

  1. low
  2. high

handling in wet conditions

  1. slippery
  2. grippy


Even though Continental promise trail performance, the Terra Trail clearly falls into the all-round category. But that doesn’t mean it’s mediocre at everything. The Terra Trail is the perfect tire for all conditions: it’s relatively efficient, offers plenty of grip, and is an excellent self-cleaner, making it a solid choice for those who only want one set of tires. The Terra Trail lags behind the competition only in terms of puncture protection.


  • perfect all-round blend of grip and efficiency
  • confidence inspiring through the corners
  • excellent self-cleaning tread


  • lack of pinch protection

Made in China | Tested size 40-622 | Tire widht in mm¹ 39,6 | Tire height in mm¹ 34,91 | Tire height + test rim in mm² 80,23 | Weight 436,1 g | Price € 65,95
1 measured dimension with 2,5 Bar, 2 Test rim: ZIPP 303s 622 x 20.3C (Rim height 45,32 mm)

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Words: czajac Photos: Jan Richter