With almost 6,000 riders taking part last year, Wiggle Amy’s Gran Fondo has captured the interest of cyclists from across Australia as well as internationally. In 2016, the event returns on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th September 2016. All information can be found in the official press release:

What attracts so many people to ride in Wiggle Amy’s Gran Fondo?

Below are five main reasons why this ride is a must do for every cyclist’s event calendar.

Wiggle Amy's Gran Fondo 2015

1. The Great Ocean Road

“The Great Ocean Road is one of Australia’s most famous road-touring routes. It takes travellers past world-class surfing breaks, through pockets of rainforest, calm seaside towns and under koala-filled tree canopies,” – Lonely Planet.

It’s easy to understand why Lonely Planet rates the Great Ocean Road as one of the top 20 experiences in Australia and how the iconic road gained its reputation around the world as one of the best driving roads. If the road is so good to drive on, image just how amazing it is to ride your bike on.

Wiggle Amy’s Gran Fondo takes riders along a 40km stretch of the Great Ocean Road between Apollo Bay and Lorne. Participants enjoy the remarkable views of the Bass Strait and ride through the iconic coastal town Wye River. There’s only one word to describe it – “breathtaking!”


2. Fully closed roads

Not only do participants get to ride the Great Ocean Road, the entire Wiggle Amy’s Gran Fondo course is closed to traffic.
Yep that’s right – no cars in sight. Expect of course the SAG wagon. By closing the roads to traffic and making each participant complete an online safety briefing, Wiggle Amy’s Gran Fondo enjoys unprecedented safety conditions.

3. New course direction

For the first time in the event’s history, both the 120km Wiggle Amy’s Gran Fondo and the 45km Amy’s Medio Fondo courses will run in the reverse direction. In 2016, the new 120km course will start and finish on the main street in Lorne. The Gran Fondo course takes riders from Lorne up Deans Marsh–Lorne Road to Benwerrin, through Deans Marsh and Forrest before descending Skenes Creek Road and finishing with the stretch of Great Ocean Road to Lorne.
In 2016, the new 45km course starts in Apollo Bay and finishes on the main street in Lorne. The Medio Fondo course participants enjoy a full 45km of fully closed Great Ocean Road with plenty of opportunities to stop for sightseeing along the way if you wish. It’s your chance to be a part of history in 2016.

Wiggle Amy's Gran Fondo 2015

4. Otway Ranges

The Otway Ranges provide event participants with the opportunity to ride through some of Australia’s best rainforest scenery.
There are sections of the course where participants ride amongst tall trees, ancient plant life and lush ferns. The tall trees then give way to beautiful views of the ocean. The Otway Ranges provide participants with a challenge. A challenged that can be quantified by a total gain of 2021m, featuring 1 x cat2 climb, 2 x cat3 climbs and 1 x cat5 climb.
At the highest point, before descending down towards the Great Ocean Road, participants will be at an altitude of 569m above sea level. So if you plan to ride the 120km course, don’t forget to pack your climbing legs.

5. Event Weekend

The Wiggle Amy’s Gran Fondo event weekend provides the perfect getaway, ideal for cycling groups, friends and family.
Even for those who are not riding in the event, there is plenty to see and do including:
The Event Village on Lorne’s beach front is buzzing all weekend with industry exhibitors, food vendors and bars surrounding the big screen. The ideal place for families to relax and for riders to wind down post-event. Amy’s Otway Tour Criterium takes over the main street of Lorne at 3:00pm on Saturday. The hotdog circuit makes for spectacular viewing as Australia’s best female cyclists battle for the victory and time bonuses. This same group of professional cyclists take on the Great Ocean Road before the main Wiggle Amy’s Gran Fondo field in Amy’s Otway Tour Classic on Sunday. Lights, cameras, costumes, Amy’s Wall has it all. Straight after the criterium on Saturday night participants launch themselves up the first gruelling section of the iconic Bay Street, towering above the Lorne Lifesaving Club. The spectacle makes for great viewing with a large crowd turning out in 2015 and 2015 to witness the theatrics. So what are you waiting for? Enter now and start training for Australia’s best cycling event.

All information can be found on the Amy’s Gran Fondo Website.

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Words & Photos: Amy's Gran Fondo