Pinarello stand for trophies, medals and records, and are one of the most successful bike brands. They have won the Tour de France as the supplier of the INEOS Grenadier Team seven times alone. This kind of prestige comes at a price, but now Pinarello have introduced the F and X, two new models aimed at the mid-price range. We tested both of them and tell you where the biggest differences lie.

Pinarello X 3 Rival AXS | 9.1 kg in size 53 | € 6,070
Pinarello F 7 Ultegra Di2 | 7.88 kg in size 53 | € 8,850
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Cicli Pinarello were founded in 1952 in Treviso in northern Italy and have since flourished as a family business. Since then, Fausto Pinarello, who gave the brand its name, has retired from the operational business but as brand guardian looks after the relationship with Team INEOS, and the legacy of the tradition-rich brand. With athletes such as Sir Bradley Wiggins, Chris Froome and Geraint Thomas in Team INEOS, formerly SKY, Pinarello bikes have won the biggest races in cycling history. In total, the Tour de France has been won 15 times on a Pinarello bike. But how much did the bikes really contribute to the success?

The prestige of the brand does not only stem from its successes, the association with the luxury goods group LVMH also shows the strategic orientation of the brand. The fact that prestige is also synonymous with expensive is now set to change with the new Pinarello F and X models, making it easier to own one of the award-winning brand’s bikes. With the new Pinarello F aimed at the performance-oriented rider and the X for the long-distance warrior, replacing the Prince and Paris models. We attended the presentation of the new additions in Spain and have brought back our first impressions and a brief comparison.

Pinarello F 9 and X 3 2023 in detail – Who takes the throne?

In the Pinarello portfolio, as well as in terms of victories, DOGMA F is the undisputed king. But now that the Prince and Paris are a thing of the past, there must be successors. The new Pinarello F and Pinarello X models are the chosen ones. But what distinguishes them, what do they do differently?
The new Pinarello F that replaces the Prince focuses on sharper edges and more aero surfaces. It also comes with a one-piece cockpit and integrated cable routing. On the models with Shimano Di2 drive, the battery can be removed from the frame from below, which made it possible to slim down the seat post and negate the need to readjust the saddle height after charging.

The Di2 battery sits in the frame and can be removed from below, which made it possible to design the seat post so slim and aero-dynamic.
The Pinarello F focuses on sharp wind breaking edges and more aero features than the X.

The frame is offered in two different carbon layups: T900 is the weight-optimised version used on the F 9 and F 7 trim levels. The Pinarello F 5, however, uses T700 carbon layup, which is slightly heavier but cheaper. The maximum tire clearance for the Pinarello F series is 30 mm. In the F 7 Ultegra Di2 variant we tested, the bike costs € 8,850.
The new Pinarello X series is not quite as aero-heavy but instead clearly oriented towards endurance and all-road. In this series, all variants are made of the somewhat heavier T600 carbon from Toray, and the bikes dispense with the one-piece cockpit – in favour of individual ergonomics. Nevertheless, you don’t have to compromise on a clean look, as all cables are routed internally here as well. A special feature of the X series are the curved flex stays, designed to increase comfort in the saddle.The maximum tire width of the Pinarello X series is 32 mm, which provides some room to fit more comfortable all-road tires. In the configuration of Pinarello X 3 with SRAM Rival AXS that we tested, the bike costs € 6,070.

What do the Pinarello F and X series have in common?

Both newly introduced models have fully integrated cables and wires as well as a teardrop-shaped head tube and spacers discreetly clamped. To keep the weight of the two models to a minimum, they come with a fully-integrated titanium seat post clamp. Naturally, both bikes continue to rely on the typical Pinarello look with curved tubes and flowing organic shapes, including the in-house developed ONDA fork, which is designed to increase comfort.

The two new F and X models from Pinarello use the in-house developed ONDA fork.
The one-piece cockpit on the Pinarello F is discreetly clamped, and the teardrop shaped head tube is designed to efficiently dissipate the airflow.
Despite the two-piece cockpit, the Pinarello X still features a teardrop shaped head tube and the ergonomics are easy to adjust without having to replace the entire cockpit.

Overview of the different Pinarello F & X 2023 models

Since the Pinarello DOGMA has an entry-level price of almost € 15,000, Pinarello is now launching the F, a high-performance bike in the mid-price range starting at just over € 5,000. Even though the F is very close to the DOGMA F in name, the F 9 should not be confused with the medal-winning bike. The new Pinarello F 9 costs € 11,900 and is supposed to come closest to the famous team bike of the most successful cyclists.

A special feature that the X series has all to itself are the curved flex stays. Paired with the maximum tire width of 32 mm they are intended to increase comfort in the saddle.
The titanium seat clamp is hidden under a rubber cover. This is identical on both models and is supposed to save 36 g in weight compared to the previous clamp.

Pinarello F 9, 7 and 5 2023

Besides the main difference in the frame, regarding the carbon types – T900 for the two top equipment variants and T700 for the entry-level price variant – the components used also differ, of course. The F 9 and F 7 models are each available with SRAM or Shimano groupset. On the F 9, it doesn’t matter in terms of price whether you prefer to change gears or brake with Shimano DURA-ACE Di2 or SRAM RED AXS, in both cases it will cost you € 11,900. On the F 7, you can opt for the Shimano Ultegra Di2 for € 8,850 or the SRAM Force AXS groupset for € 100 less. The cheapest F 5 model is available with the Shimano 105 Di2 groupset and MOST Ultrafast 40 wheelset for € 6,800 or with the same groupset and Fulcrum Racing 800DB wheelset for € 6,150. The only F model with a mechanical Shimano ULTEGRA groupset also has the lowest price mark at € 5,150.

Pinarello F 7 Ultegra Di2 2023

€ 8,850


Seatpost D-Shape
Brakes Shimano Ultegra R8101 160/140 mm
Drivetrain Shimano Ultegra Di2 2x12
Chainring 50/34
Stem 110 mm
Handlebar 440 mm
Wheelset MOST Ultrafast 40 12 x 100/12 x 142 mm
Tires Continental GP 5001 700 x 32C
Cranks Shimano FC-R8100 172.5 mm
Cassette Shimano CS-R8100 11–30T

Technical Data

Size 43 46.5 50 51.5 53 54.5 56 57.5 59.5

Specific Features

Italian flair at its fines

Pinarello X3 and X1 2023

The X 3 is optionally available with an electric groupset from SRAM or Shimano: the € 6,070 bike comes with SRAM Rival AXS, and the € 5,660 variant with Shimano 105 Di2. The Pinarello X 1 with mechanical Shimano 105, and aluminium wheels is the lowest priced bike of the new lineup, retailing at € 3,680. The decision whether to go for a Shimano or SRAM groupset is therefore entirely up to you, taking into account the price, of course.

Pinarello X3 Rival AXS 2023

€ 6,070


Seatpost D-Shape
Brakes Shimano Ultegra R8102 160/160 mm
Drivetrain SRAM Rival AXS 2x12
Chainring 46/33
Stem 110 mm
Handlebar 440 mm
Wheelset FULCRUM Racing 800 DB 12 x 100/12 x 142 mm
Tires Continental GP 5002 700 x 32C
Cranks SRAM Rival AXS 172.5 mm
Cassette SRAM CS-XG-1250-D1 11–36T

Technical Data

Size 43 46 50 51.5 53 54.5 56 58 60

Specific Features

Italian flair at its fines

The geometry of the new Pinarello X & F 2023 lineup – Only custom frames fit better

Pinarello claim that a bike can only deliver optimum performance if it fits perfectly. Therefore, the new F and X models are offered in 9 different sizes: the Pinarello F from frame size 42.5 to 58 and the Pinarello X from 43 to 60. Using small increments, the Italians want to offer the right geometry for everyone. Very tall riders, however, reach their limit with 58 as the maximum height. As usual, the stem length, handlebar width and crank length also grow with the frame sizes. In addition, the chainstay length of the new F model increases in 2 mm steps from 406 mm to 408 from frame size 50 and to 410 mm from frame height 54.5, which promises that everyone, no matter how tall, has the same riding experience.

Pinarello X models

Size 43 46 49 51.5 53 54.5 56 58 60
Seat tube 425 mm 450 mm 470 mm 495 mm 510 mm 525 mm 540 mm 560 mm 590 mm
Top tube 492 mm 509 mm 525 mm 536 mm 545 mm 555 mm 565 mm 577 mm 590 mm
Head tube 125 mm 130 mm 142 mm 151 mm 161 mm 173 mm 187 mm 211 mm 232 mm
Head angle 70° 70.5° 71° 71.5° 72° 72.25° 72.5° 72.5° 72.5°
Seat angle 75.25° 74.5° 74.0° 73.75° 73.5° 73.25° 73° 72.75° 72.5°
Chainstay 415 mm 415 mm 415 mm 415 mm 415 mm 415 mm 415 mm 415 mm 415 mm
BB Drop 67 mm 72 mm 72 mm 72 mm 72 mm 72 mm 72 mm 67 mm 67 mm
Reach 341.9 mm 352.1 mm 361.9 mm 368.5 mm 372.5 mm 376.7 mm 380.2 mm 384.1 mm 388.1 mm
Stack 527.5 mm 539.2 mm 552.4 mm 564.4 mm 575.8 mm 588.2 mm 602.4 mm 620.3 mm 640.4 mm

Pinarello F models

Size 43 46.5 50 51.5 53 54.5 56 57.5 59.5
Seat tube 425 mm 450 mm 465 mm 485 mm 500 mm 515 mm 525 mm 560 mm 580 mm
Top tube 500 mm 515 mm 525 mm 535 mm 545 mm 555 mm 565 mm 578 mm 600 mm
Head tube 97 mm 104 mm 109 mm 114 mm 123 mm 138 mm 149.5 mm 178 mm 220 mm
Head angle 69.5° 70.5° 71.4° 72° 72.5° 72.8° 73.2° 73.7° 73.4°
Seat angle 74.4° 74.4° 74.0° 73.7° 73.7° 73.4° 73° 73° 72.4°
Chainstay 406 mm 406 mm 408 mm 408 mm 408 mm 410 mm 410 mm 410 mm 410 mm
BB Drop 67 mm 72 mm 72 mm 72 mm 72 mm 72 mm 72 mm 72 mm 67 mm
Reach 351.3 mm 365.2 mm 372.1 mm 378.1 mm 385.6 mm 388.3 mm 390.8 mm 395.4 mm 400.3 mm
Stack 502.5 mm 517.7 mm 525.5 mm 532.3 mm 542.6 mm 557.9 mm 570.3 mm 599.3 mm 633.5 mm

The first ride review of the new Pinarello F 7 and X 3 2023

The Pinarello F series is supposed to offer true all-round performance, delivering on climbs as well as on the flat, and of course at high speed. But does it actually deliver? The first time sitting on the bike, it quickly becomes clear that it’s going to be sporty. The Pinarello F 7 positions the rider in an aggressive, deeply bent riding position, designed for those who want real speed – which goes well with a stiff frame and fast handling. Rider input is passed directly to the wheels, both when cornering and on the gas. But be careful, in slow corners the bike becomes a little unstable and has a slight tendency to tip over. You can feel that the racing DNA and experience of the DOGMA have gone into the development of the F. Advanced riders especially will feel at home with the responsive and lively platform.

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On the other hand, if you’re looking for a long-distance bike, the X is probably more up your alley. The more upright and moderate seating position is immediately apparent, you can feel the compliance of the flex stays, which effectively filter out unpleasant vibrations on rough roads. The X’s straight-line stability is much smoother than the F’s, and it provides a feeling of safety. In return, a little more input is needed for fast and spontaneous trajectory changes in order to take the desired direction. During powerful climbs, you feel the slight flex in the seat stays, especially when riding out of the saddle, while in return the low rims want to accelerate quickly. After all, comfort is always in conflict with sheer performance. With a price of € 6,070, the lower susceptibility to crosswinds, coupled with the more comfortable riding characteristics, the X model is noticeably more suitable for the general public than the F.

Our conclusion on the new Pinarello F & X 2023 lineup

Pinarello are showing successful diversification in their new portfolio. The two new bikes should appeal to the price-conscious Pinarello fan both in the performance and endurance sectors. The F caters for those who would perhaps secretly like to whizz around on a DOGMA but don’t have the spare change, and the X satisfies the desire for a more mainstream, long-distance bike. A detailed test of the Pinarello X 3 will follow shortly.

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Words & Photos: Julian Schwede