PEdALED Spring Summer 2018: Heiko-collection

The Japanese term Heiko describes a body position that expresses an extreme balance between rest and movement. The PedALED team has been searching for this state and is now expressing it through their new 2018 collection.

The Heiko-collection was inspired by a journey through Morocco’s colourful landscapes.

A trip to Morocco with its unforgiving deserts and the nearby Atlantic Ocean was the perfect location for the PEdALED team to look for their ‘Heiko’ inspiration. On their search they collected millions of impressions and designed their new collection. In this exciting journey the elements fire, ice, water, earth and sand became the colours red, white, blue, grey and orange.

The elements fire, ice, water, earth and sand inspired the colours red, white, blue, grey and orange.

But that’s not all: with their new Heiko collection the PEdALED team wants to set a new standard of comfort and fit for training kits. They combined it with a simple design and created an incredibly beautiful collection. We can’t wait any longer to share it with you!


The Heiko-Jersey is meant to be the most comfortable jersey on the market.

With the innovative Sensitive-fabric and its relaxed, very elastic fit the Heiko jersey is said to be the most comfortable jersey on the market. Three large cargo pockets and the zipped side-pocket offer enough storage room for longer rides. The PEdALED team is particularly proud of the new fit which promises a slimmer silhouette on the bike. And if you find yourself riding into the night the reflective logos will make you more visible and get you home safely.
Colours: red, white, grey, blue, orange

Heiko-Bib shorts

The Heiko-bib shorts were optimised for long rides.

Like the rest of the collection the Heiko bib shorts were designed for long rides. The new Cytech pad is made of a special, very dense foam whilst the 4-way-stretch material allows for an elastic and snug fit. The oval cut-out on the back will take the pressure off your shoulders and give you more comfort. With its thin mesh finish the Heiko bibshorts feel very comfortable even on hot days and will make you feel great on your bike.
Colours: red, white, grey, blue, orange

Heiko arm-warmers

The arm warmers will make cold rides warmer and the sun more bearable.

The Heiko arm warmers are made of the same Sensitive-fabric as the jersey. They will warm you up on cold days and protect your skin from the sunlight. Very light and easy to store the Heiko arm warmers should be an essential part of your riding kit.
Colours: red, white, grey, blue, orange.


The Heiko socks come with a light compression and relaxed fit.

With a slight compression and comfortable fit the Heiko socks are ideal for long rides. Thanks to the fast-drying Maryl Skinlife fabric and mesh structure the Heiko socks promise good climate management especially at warm temperatures. The heels and toes of the socks are reinforced and will therefore last for a long time. And it goes without saying that the socks are perfectly matched to the rest of the Heiko collection.
Colours: red, white, grey, blue, orange


The Vesper vest is a “must have” for every cyclist.

According to the PEDaLED development-team their Vesper Vest is a must-have for every cyclist: with its classic look and stylish mesh side-panels the vest is the perfect every-day/all-season garment. And it’s practical too! Thanks to the internal pocket the vest is easy to stow away and perfectly fits into the jersey pocket!
Colours: red, white, grey, blue, orange

Merino Baselayer

The sleeveless Merino baselayer will keep you warm and dry.

Whether you’re riding on a cold spring morning or on a hot summer day the sleeveless Merino baselayer will keep you warm and dry. Anyone who knows how a merino garment works appreciates its qualities: The natural fabric is antibacterial and neutralizes odours – it’s almost like magic. In combination with the ergonomic cut and the flat seams which prevent irritation this baselayer perfectly harmonises with the Heiko collection. And it’s not just the colours.
Colours: red, white, grey, blue, orange

With their Heiko-collection the people at PEdALED introduce the ideal riding-kit for long days in the saddle. With new fabrics and the adapted cut nothing is going to stop you – at least technically! We are looking forward to seeing the collection on the roads!

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Words: Tobias Bader Photos: PEdALED PR