The Miche Kleos RD wheelset promises the ultimate in flow and performance thanks to its sexy looks and ceramic bearings! It also aims to get the Italian brand back on track and leave the competition behind. Have the new wheels got what it takes to do all that?

Miche Kleos RD 50 I 1,504 g (wheelset) I € 2,349 I Manufacturer’s website

A few years ago, Miche celebrated their 100th anniversary. Founded in 1919, the brand is now a household name, especially amongst insiders – Miche have a big following, but not necessarily among the mainstream. Over time, Miche have made various drivetrain components – from cassettes to bottom brackets and cranks. While the Italian brand still have some of those on offer, they’ve become significantly more specialised in wheels, catering to almost every discipline. They were acquired by Italian bike brand Wilier in 2022. The latest addition to Miche’s portfolio are the Kleos RD carbon wheels. They come in three different profile depths and are proudly “Made in Italy”. We grabbed the 50 mm deep middle variant to find out whether the 1,504 g and € 2,349 carbon wheels can help us achieve the ultimate flow-state.

The speed devil is in the details – The technical specs of the Miche Kleos RD carbon wheels

There are marginal gains to be had everywhere you look. Just the wheels alone have countless performance-determining parameters. Each individual component plays a role. The Miche Kleos RD 50 wheels on test have rims with a profile depth of 50 mm, made using carbon fibres from Toray – one of the world’s largest carbon manufacturers. A combination of medium and high-modulus carbon fibres (T1000 and T700) should provide the ideal level of stiffness and responsive handling. Medium-modulus carbon fibres are more flexible than high-modulus ones, which are extremely stiff. The branding on the Miche Kleos RD carbon wheels is kept nice and discreet. The glossy black decals are very subtle on the matte black rims, and the black on black colour combination makes for an elegant look, likely to match well with any bike.

The RD on the Miche Kleos RD carbon wheels stands for Race Division, which makes no secret of their intended use.
The CeramicSpeed bearings in the hubs are designed to ensure minimal friction and maximum efficiency.
“Made in Italy”, on the other hand, should guarantee high quality standards.

With an internal rim width of 21 mm, they’re in line with the current status quo in terms of rim width. For the perfect aero fit, they’re recommended to be paired with 28 mm tires. The hub shells are made of T6 7075 aluminium. On the inside you’ll find CeramicSpeed ball bearings, which are designed to provide minimum friction while increasing durability. There are three different freehub options to choose from: Shimano HG, Campagnolo (Classic and N3W), and SRAM XDR. The preload of the hub bearings can be adjusted, which makes the premium carbon wheels surprisingly easy to maintain. All you need are 12 and 2 mm hex keys. The front hub features Aero-Blade technology. Essentially, this is a cover for the spoke ends on the brake side (left), which is said to reduce wind resistance. According to Miche, all the wheels were optimised with the help of wind tunnel testing. They’re laced with 24 spokes, following a 2:1 pattern from the hub to the rim. That is, there are 16 spokes on the drive side and 8 spokes on the brake side. Due to this arrangement, you’ve got two spokes on the drive side for every one on the brake side, which should result in less twisting and a more direct response when sprinting. The spoke nipples are made of 7075 aluminium. In total, our carbon wheelset with a Shimano HG freehub tips the scales at 1,504 g, and the set can be yours for € 2,349.

The discreet look and understated branding makes a classy impression.

High speed, aero, and racing – What are the Miche Kleos RD carbon wheels for?

Due to the three different profile depths, the Miche Kleos RD carbon wheels are suitable for a wide range of different scenarios and applications. In general, however, they’re all clearly aimed at performance and racing. Weighing in at 1,390 g (manufacturer’s specs), the Miche Kleos RD 36 carbon wheels are made for climbing thanks to their shallower and therefore lighter 36 mm profile. The rim width and price are identical to the RD 50 version. The latter variant is primarily aimed at all-rounders who spend less in the mountains and more time on moderately hilly and flat terrain. With a profile depth of 62 mm, the RD 62 variant is clearly designed for time trials and triathlons. Here, the internal rim width is wider too, measuring 23 mm. At 1,560 g, however, this has little effect on the weight, and none on the price.

Hit the road, Jack – The Miche Kleos RD carbon wheels on the road

The finish, look, and feel of the Miche Kleos RD carbon wheels make a very exclusive and high-quality impression. Of course, this also has a big impact on the impression of the bike on which they are mounted. Due to the subtle branding, they don’t look busy or crowded, with very clean styling. Our Miche Kleos RD 50 carbon wheels were fitted with 28 mm wide Goodyear Eagle F1 tires. They’re ideal for both the intended use and the rim width. To get the wheels up to speed requires some effort. The Kleos RD’s aren’t the most lively, at least not with a 50 mm rim depth. The acceleration is ok, but we would have expected a little more agility from such an exclusive and performance-oriented wheelset. However, once you’ve got them spinning at the desired speed, the carbon wheels certainly feel efficient. Great for hills and small mountains, though a bit too sluggish for big mountain passes.

Perfect fit! The Goodyear Eagle F1 tires were a perfect match in terms of looks, name, and intended use.

The Miche Kleos RD wheels had a positive effect on the bike’s handling, offering plenty of stability and composure in every situation. This is especially noticeable on the flats, but also on the descents, and on otherwise rather nervous feeling bikes. Once up to speed, the carbon wheels perform excellently. You’ll have no problem clocking speeds of over 30 km/h, even for long stretches. From a purely subjective point of view, they offer a clearly noticeable aerodynamic advantage. With the wind working in your favour, you can really feel yourself getting propelled forward. At the same time, however, caution is advised here! The deep profile rims will steer the entire bike in the direction of the wind when encountering heavy crosswinds, resulting in errant handling. However, this is the case with all deep-profile aero wheels. The sound of the freewheel matches the smooth ride feel: you’ll have to strain your ears to even hear it, making the hub sound just as understated as the wheels look. The wheels feel quite comfortable despite their high-performance aspirations, and poorly maintained roads pose no problem at all. They roll ultra-smooth on good roads. But even if things get bumpy, you don’t get the impression that it’s too much for these carbon wheels – they seem sturdy and robust.

Our conclusion on the Miche Kleos RD carbon wheels

The Miche Kleos RD carbon wheels leave a high-quality impression, both technically and visually. With the 50 mm profile rims, they make for ideal all-rounders in hilly and flat terrain. They’re sure to put a smile on the faces of anyone in the market for a high-performance wheelset, particularly fans of the brand. The aerodynamic optimisation makes a noticeable difference, letting you quench your need for speed. They also offer a smooth ride quality with more than enough compliance for a racing wheelset.


  • premium components
  • classy and subtle finish
  • easy home maintenance


  • not exactly lightweight

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Words: Martin Staffa Photos: Martin Staffa