MAXXIS Rambler SilkShield TR in review

The MAXXIS Rambler SilkShield TR impressed in the laboratory with great protection against snakebites and punctures. The tread pattern looks promising and seems purpose-made for compacted gravel. But can the tire convince us out in the real world?

MAXXIS Rambler SilkShield TR | 438 g | € 49.50 | Manufacturer website

After the first few metres, it’s quickly clear that the Rambler isn’t a tire for anyone who’s in a hurry or wants to commute to work quickly with their gravel bike. The rolling resistance is relatively high and particularly on asphalt, the MAXXIS demands extra watts from its rider. Investigating the results of our rolling resistance test verified this feeling. In contrast, its good damping makes a positive impression. With vibrations and small irregularities filtered and absorbed, you’ll arrive at your goal more relaxed and less shaken up. The Rambler tires tame any anticipation you might have about rough gravel and cobbles. Through corners, the MAXXIS tires generate a lot of grip and feel very secure, which will be of particular benefit to gravel newbies. Indeed, they just encourage you to ride into corners with more speed. We would have wished for a little more agility as quick direction changes aren’t the Rambler’s forte, leaving it feeling overexerted. In contrast, it consistently impressed us with its braking and is easy to correct and control if it ever breaks traction.


The MAXXIS Rambler SilkShield TR is a great all-rounder if your only considerations are grip, puncture protection and damping. Unfortunately, it’s not light-footed or agile enough to seriously compete for the test victory, though gravel beginners will appreciate the security that it provides.


  • very comfortable
  • good cornering grip
  • solid braking
  • good puncture protection


  • high rolling resistance
  • limited agility

Made in Taiwan | Tested size 40-622 | Tire width in mm¹ 39.8 | Tire height in mm¹ 36.9 | Tire height + test rim in mm² 60.9 | Weight 438 g | Price € 49.50
1 messured dimension with 2.5 bar. 2 Test rim: Stan’s NOTUBES Grail 622 x 20.3 C (Rim height 24.5 mm)

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Words & Photos: Benjamin Topf, Philipp Schwab