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The Lab: Isadore Echelon 2.0 Jersey and Echelon 2.0 Bib Shorts in review

Fast and performance enhancing – that’s what the Isadore Echelon collection promises. To do so, the fit and materials have been reworked to provide optimal aerodynamics at high speeds. We put the Isadore Echelon Jersey 2.0 and Echelon Bib Shorts 2.0 to the test to find out more.

Isadore Echelon Jersey 2.0, Echelon Bib Shorts 2.0 | jersey 153 g/bib shorts 179 g | jersey € 180/bib shorts € 220 | Manufacturer’s website

By now, most drop bar enthusiasts will have heard of Isadore, the clothing brand that have cemented their place in the cycling industry. However, only the most hardcore fans are aware of the fact that the Slovakian company was founded by Peter and Martin Velits – two former professional cyclists. Relying on decades of experience with various jerseys and bib shorts, they joined forces to launch their own clothing brand Isadore with the aim of creating cycling kit that they’d like to ride in themselves and that motivates riders to get on their bike. And as former professionals, it’s hardly surprising that they’ve designed a range specifically for fast riders, the Isadore Echelon collection. But how do the Echelon 2.0 Jersey and the Echelon 2.0 Bib Short fare?

Subtle branding
There’s a large Isadore logo on the jersey and the shorts. However, since it’s black on black, the branding is very discreet and classy-looking.

Isadore Echelon 2.0 Jersey and Echelon 2.0 Bib Shorts in detail

According to Isadore, the Echelon collection is their flagship range when it comes to absolute aero performance, making it suitable for anyone who is serious about cycling and high-intensity training. It’s for those who want to save weight, chase minimal gains and go as fast as possible. But both the jersey and the shorts have some special features. The first thing that struck us is the completely black design and minimal branding. As such, the Echelon collection will look great when combined with any bike. The Echelon 2.0 Bib Shorts feature a tight compression fit that’s designed to reduce fatigue. According to the manufacturer, the integrated chamois has also been optimised for long days on the bike. Matching the shorts, the Echelon 2.0 Jersey features a tight race cut and a semi-automatic YKK zipper. Both the jersey and shorts rely on various Italian, wind tunnel tested fabrics made from polyamide and elastane. They feature HEIQ Fresh and HEIQ Smart Temp technology to keep you fresh and aid with temperature regulation, as the names suggest. Moreover, both items of the Echelon collection have a UV protection factor of over 50 as well as reflective elements, protecting you from the sun and promising good visibility. The jersey and shorts are also available in a women’s specific cut and all items are manufactured in the EU.

Mix it!
A combination of different materials provides the optimal support for different body parts and ensures a figure-hugging fit. This solution works well, but it also results in a lot of seams.

The Isadore Echelon collection in review

When you put the Isadore Echelon collection on for the first time, you’ll immediately realise what it’s all about: high performance cycling kit for those unforgiving rides where every second counts. It’s less suited to relaxed weekend rides to your local ice cream parlour. Both Echelon 2.0 Jersey and Echelon 2.0 Bib Shorts have a very tight fit. The compression effect of these shorts means you have to really squeeze into them. However, that’s not to say they’re uncomfortable. Quite the opposite! Once you’ve got everything sitting where it should, the Echelon collection feels like a second skin. Of course, this is assuming that you like very close-fitting outfits.

Stays put
Non-slip coatings inside the hems make sure that everything stays where it should and doesn’t ride up. There’s no slippage here!

However, in order to achieve such a good fit and optimally support different regions with different fabrics, the jersey and shorts consist of many individual parts that are sewn together, which could lead to durability issues. Fortunately, we encountered no problems of this sort during the two months that we tested the kit. The zipper of the Echelon 2.0 Jersey is smooth and can be opened or closed with one hand. Thanks to a small zipper garage at the top, it doesn’t cause any irritation on your neck either. The leg and arm cuffs have a non-slip coating on the inside and stay exactly where they should. The chamois inside the Echelon 2.0 Bib Shorts feels rather hard, but it offers a lot of comfort on long rides.

Storage room
There are three pockets on the back of the Echelon 2.0 Jersey. They offer plenty of storage space for an aero jersey and don’t shift around on your back when they’re full. However, there’s no zippered compartment for credit cards and the like.
Good visibility
Reflectors on the waistband of the jersey and shorts give you added visibility in the dark.

Our conclusion on the Isadore Echelon collection

The Isadore Echelon 2.0 Jersey and the Echelon 2.0 Bib Shorts are super tight-fitting and high-performance items. They don’t just make you look good on the bike but also instil you with the confidence that they won’t hold you back when it comes to converting every watt of input into propulsion and gliding through the wind. If you prefer a more relaxed and looser fit that’s less aimed at performance, you will find plenty of alternative options at Isadore.


  • tight fit gives the wind no chance
  • minimal branding looks classy
  • UV 50+ sun protection factor
  • pushes you to ride harder


  • too many seams
  • no zippered pocket for a credit card or the like

For more information about the Isadore Echelon collection, visit

Tester Tobi
Duration 2 months
Price jersey € 180/bib shorts € 220
Weight jersey 153 g/bib shorts 179 g
Intended use road riding

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Words: Tobias Hörsch Photos: Benjamin Topf