The temperatures are rising, the days are getting longer and we can finally spend more time on our bikes. Of course, the industry hasn’t stopped developing new must-have items. So, we’ve gathered 7 new products to show you where our sport is headed in terms of style and technology.

Giro Eclipse Spherical

Being uncompromisingly fast and looking uncompromisingly fast go hand in hand with Giro’s latest aero helmet. The motto “look pro, go slow” can hardly be true when you’re out and about with this stylish helmet. Every detail down to the smallest air vent is optimised for speed, reducing wind resistance several-fold compared to the competition. To stop your head from overheating during sprints with the crew, the helmet is equipped with 14 vents, offering incredibly effective cooling. In addition, the Giro Eclipse Spherical features the Multi Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS), which should provide additional brain protection in the event of a crash. Thanks to the patented Roc Loc 5 Air system the helmet can be adjusted to fit perfectly while the soft antimicrobial Ionic+ padding absorbs sweat and moisture. As such, the Eclipse Spherical is the fastest, coolest, lightest and most stylish aero helmet Giro have ever made. Now, all that’s left to do is train your legs to do justice to the helmet. #lookprogofast

Price: € 259.95

UDOG Cima Salt White

The Cima is a thoroughbred road bike shoe that’s here to take on the established cycling couture. As an underdog amongst giants, UDOG are taking shoe development to the next level, or rather the next summit, both in terms of technology and style. Case in point: the new Cima road bike shoe. Cima means “summit” or “mountain peak” in Italian and the shoe offers everything you need to make a good impression in the peloton, on a mountain pass or in front of an ice cream parlour with its balanced combination of comfort and high performance, stiffness and compliance. Thanks to its seamless knit upper, the Cima is designed to be comfortable, supportive, breathable and waterproof. With its ultra-stiff high-carbon composite outsole (stiffness index 11 – for the bike shoe nerds amongst us), it promises to deliver outstanding power transmission to the pedals. Weighing in at just 240 grams in size 42, the UDOG Cima is so light that you’ll have to double-check if you’re even wearing shoes before getting on your bike. For a clean look and optimised aerodynamics, the Cima features the patented Pocket Tongue System (PTS) to tuck away the laces. And if you’re wondering if the Cima will fit you, it’s available in the following sizes: 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46.

Price: € 250

WOO CYCLE WOO including Apple AirTag

The small WOO CYCLE gadget works like a calming pill – just with the Apple AirTag instead of actual prescription drugs – and it’s for all those who always want to know the whereabouts of their expensive and beloved bike. With the Apple AirTag, you can easily locate your bike anytime and anywhere. No matter if you stow it in the basement after going out for a ride or park it in front of the cafe during a coffee break, according to the manufacuterer you can quickly relocate the bike if you can’t find it where you left it. To do so, you first have to add the Apple AirTag to your items in Apple’s Find My app. The indestructible WOO bracket gets mounted underneath the bottle cage and thus keeps the Apple AirTag securely attached to the bike. The included safety screws also make removing the tag a lot more difficult. The inconspicuous helper is developed in Germany, produced in Denmark and comes in 6 different colours. You won’t notice it on the bike, it’s small, extra light, and WOO CYCLE claim that it doesn’t rattle either, making it the perfect Apple AirTag holder. It gives you peace of mind and you’ll never have to say: “dude, where’s my ride?”

Price: € 47.90

ZYCLiSM Cycling Socks “WHY NOT”

The ZYCLiSM socks are the perfect cycling outfit accessory for the roadies amongst us who ride with conviction. They don’t just fit perfectly and are breathable, they’re also made of recycled materials. In addition, the mesh zones on the instep and flat toe seams keep the socks sitting comfortably. So far, so good. There are many cycling socks on the market that can offer that. However, with the woven WHY NOT lettering on the back, you’ve got the answer to almost every question. Regardless of whether it’s the point of riding in the pouring rain, an overambitious home stretch sprint, a trans-alp tour, the purchase of a third wheelset that costs more than a top end smartphone or the fourth coffee break on a 50 km ride. Quite simply, WHY NOT!? We think anything goes. As long as you do it with conviction.

Price: € 18

Cannondale Synapse Carbon 1 RLE

Michael Knight, aka David Hasselhoff, probably wondered where the future was headed when he first took a seat in K.I.T.T., the smartest car of all time, ultimately teaming up to fight injustice and evil. That was 1982 and the same question is still being asked by the bicycle industry. Cannondale hope to answer this question in 2022 with the Synapse Carbon 1 RLE. The SmartSense system is intended to make all the difference between a balanced and high-quality road bike and a smart, balanced and high-quality road bike. But what does smart mean? Certainly, the Synapse cannot speak, has no grappling hook, no ejection seat, no invisible straps and no turbo boost button. However, it comes with a radar, headlight and taillight, all of which are powered by a battery mounted on the down tube. There’s a radar attached to the back of the saddle which can detect vehicles and their distances as they approach from behind. This information is displayed by means of an LED display on the handlebar, making you feel much safer and more confident on the road. If desired, the built-in sensor turns the lights on as soon as the bike starts moving. That way you’ll always be more visible, even during the day. Cannondale’s specially developed app allows riders to customise the SmartSense system to their needs, namely how and when which light should switch on and what the radar should do. For more information, we recommend reading our comprehensive first ride review. With their SmartSense system, Cannondale are pioneers in the field of smart analogue bikes with drop-bars, proving that there’s still a lot of room for innovations in the supposedly mature bicycle market, and that we’re yet to find solutions for every cycling problem. You just have to be smart enough. Who knows where the journey back to the future might go?

Price: € 8,999

Birzman Razor Clam

Disc brakes are here to stay on modern road bikes. The UCI accepts them, the professionals use them and everyone else loves them. The advantages are obvious: intuitive modulation, excellent braking performance in all conditions, better handling thanks to lighter rims, increased comfort thanks to wider tires and generally more freedom in bike design. Unfortunately, no one tells you that disc brakes can also be extremely annoying. Unless they’re properly adjusted, they can be very noisy. One of the solutions is to put in your headphones and turn up the music or, much better, solve the problem with the Birzman Razor Clam – a handy alignment tool. The small and simple gadget is made of steel and aluminium (15 g) and helps to gauge the spacing between the brake pads and rotor. To do so, simply place the Razor Clam on the rotor, slide it between the pads of the loosened brake calliper, pull the brake and tighten the bolts of the calliper – done. The result isn’t just easy on your ears, but you can also go unnoticed as you hide in the wind shadows of your competitors. We guarantee that these are the most worthwhile € 10 you will spend this season. You can thank us later.

Price: € 9.90

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Words: Martin Augner Photos: Manufacturers