Wait, what? Mountain bike flat pedals in a gravel pedal group test? What’s going on here? Without a doubt, the Hope F20 pedals are the outsiders of this group test. However, there are certain cases where flat pedals make sense on a gravel bike. We put them to the test to find out what these are.

Hope F20 | 408 g | € 175.00 | Flat pedal | Manufacturer’s website

Hope are known for their beautifully machined and colourfully anodised components. The British brand took the crown in the flat pedal group test of our sister magazine ENDURO with their € 195 F20 pedals, making them the obvious flat pedal choice for this group test.

The king of flat pedals: Hope F20

The pedals have 10 pins per side, which provide the necessary grip. They get screwed in from the back, so they’re always easy to replace, even if they’re dirty or damaged. But be careful! If you ever slip off them, the sharp-edged pins can – and most likely will – gouge your shins to the bone. The pedals feature a super stylish CNC look and are available in six different anodised colours, as you’d expect from Hope. Like all the brand’s components, they’re made in the UK and leave a classy, high-quality impression.

The pins provide a lot of grip on the pedals. However, if you slip off, they will massacre your shins.

When thinking about the tasks of pedals, power transmission and efficiency are the usual buzzwords. But in our opinion, the most important task of a good pair of pedals is to make you feel confident. And that’s exactly what the Hope F20 do. Beginners or riders who have little or no previous experience with clipless pedals are likely to feel much more comfortable on flat pedals because you can always put your feet down.

The machined finish of the Hope F20 pedals looks fantastic.

Another advantage of the Hope F20 pedals is that they don’t require special shoes. With clipless pedals you will always need the appropriate shoes with cleats, whereas flat pedals work with pretty much any of the shoes you already have, though you should be aware that the pins will eat up the soles of your shoes. Either way, they’re especially practical for off-road adventures in explorer mode, allowing you to wear sturdy hiking boots for the inevitable hike-a-bike sections. The excellently sealed bearings of the pedals are another great feature in terrain like this, letting them spin smoothly even in the most adverse conditions.

Brand Model Weight Price System Float Release angle Q-factor Stack height
Hope F20 408 g € 175.00 Flat pedal 15.5 mm

Our conclusion on the hope F20

The Hope F20 flat pedals are the outsiders of this test, but they make a lot of sense in certain situations. Besides their high-quality workmanship and great looks, they instil beginners with confidence, as you can always put your feet down. They also provide an advantage on bike adventures, not limiting you in terms of footwear. However, all this comes at the cost of less efficient power transfer and the tendency to strike the ground when cornering due to their width.


  • you can always put your foot down
  • high-quality workmanship
  • can be used with any shoes that are comfortable to walk in
  • limited power transfer due to design


  • much more likely to strike the ground while cornering due to their width
  • high risk of injury when slipping off the pedals

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Words: Simon Kohler Photos: Simon Hänle