Back in the game! The FOCUS PARALANE is back and has some innovations in store. Thanks to ample comfort, a fresh look, and some interesting proprietary solutions, it promises to set the standard amongst modern endurance road bikes. We put it to the test in the Vosges Mountains to find out.

FOCUS PARALANE 8.9 | 8.6 kg (size M) | € 5,299 | Manufacturer’s website

We’ve seen it all before! While it sounds like a familiar criticism of the bicycle industry as a whole, we’re referring particularly to the FOCUS PARALANE in this case. Things had gone quiet around the endurance bike for a few years until it eventually disappeared from FOCUS’s portfolio entirely. Now it’s back, and here to close the gap between the new IZALCO MAX road bike and the ATLAS gravel bike. As before, the new FOCUS PARALANE is a drop bar bike designed for endurance riding. Due to the generous tire clearance of 35 mm, you could just as easily call it an all-road bike. What’s the latest iteration from FOCUS capable of on long distances, and what’s actually changed? The long and hilly roads of the Vosges Mountains offered the ideal conditions to get to the bottom of these questions.

2024 FOCUS PARALANE – What’s new and what’s different?

Looking at the previous FOCUS PARALANE, you’ll quickly realise how much they’ve changed on the new model. It looks a lot sportier, for one. Indeed, FOCUS’ development team set out to combine long-distance comfort with a racy new look on the latest model. As such, the new FOCUS PARALANE is based very closely on the new FOCUS IZALCO MAX road bike. The long-distance bike also relies on NACA aero tube shapes, which look like a mixture of D and triangle shapes. However, they’ve been slightly toned down here compared with the race bike, so they’re less pronounced and aggressive. This is said to offer significant aero benefits, and even improve stiffness by 3%. The adaptation of the tube shapes results from different priorities regarding the stiffness to weight ratio, which, in this case, is geared more towards comfort than performance.

Unchanged: the 2024 FOCUS PARALANE can still accommodate up to 35 mm tires.
The new PARALANE has adopted many design elements from the IZALCO MAX, like the integration of the seat post clamp.

The dropped seat stays are another difference from the old version. With fully integrated cable routing via the C.I.S. stem system, the 2024 PARALANE is brought up to date with the other bikes in FOCUS’ portfolio. The stem is available in six lengths ranging from 70 to 120 mm. This makes for a very tidy cockpit, and you’ll have no problem adjusting or replacing the handlebar either. That gives it a significant advantage over one-piece cockpits, even if it doesn’t look quite as clean. The use of new tube shapes has also had a big impact on the design. There are clear similarities to the FOCUS IZALCO MAX in terms of the overall look. Key amongst these are the minimal branding, as well as subtle and classy colour schemes. On the other hand, it has adopted the eyelets on the top tube from the FOCUS ATLAS. The matching bag is included and makes perfect sense for long distances. The prices of the new models range between € 2,999 and € 5,299, tipping the scales from 9.45 to 8.6 kg in size M.

Less is more! The PARALANE relies on design language rather than sign language, with its minimal branding.
We’re familiar with the C.I.S. stem system from other FOCUS models. Thanks to the tidy cable routing, it also lends the 2024 PARALANE a clean look.

New possibilities! Other features of the 2024 FOCUS PARALANE

When it comes to the intended use, nothing has changed, as the new FOCUS PARALANE is still aimed at long-distance riding and long days in the saddle. Accordingly, ample comfort is an essential feature, which it promises to deliver. Nevertheless, it’s also said to be fast and aerodynamically optimised. It’s not just limited to perfectly manicured asphalt either, but rough surfaces and smooth gravel roads too. And since long days in the saddle can also happen indoors, the 2024 FOCUS PARALANE is smart trainer approved, so you can officially use it on your indoor trainer. But that’s not to say FOCUS have lost sight of outdoor winter riding, as they developed a special set of mudguards just for the PARALANE. They attach to special thru-axles, a removable seat stay bridge, and eyelets on the fork. With the mudguards fitted, however, the tire clearance is reduced to 33 mm. Thanks to a maximum permissible weight rating of 120 kg, the FOCUS PARALANE can handle a lot. According to FOCUS, they did this to cater to bikepacking. The three bottle cage bosses on the down tube also speak in favour of this, creating space for a frame bag. FOCUS offer a separate frame protection set which should help keep the frame unscathed when using bikepacking bags, and ward off general signs of use. The round 27.2 mm seat post and BSA bottom bracket make for easy maintenance, repairs, and replacements.

Just lean into bumpy corners. FOCUS prioritised comfort and a balanced riding position with the development of the PARALANE.

Geometries and models of the 2024 FOCUS PARALANE

The geometry of the new FOCUS PARALANE has also been refined after extensive testing with bike fitters. The reach has been increased to reduce the weight on the hands, while the longer wheelbase should provide more composed handling. Thanks to the sloped top tube, they’ve been able to make the seat tube shorter, thereby creating more compliance in the seat post and thus increasing comfort. In addition, the head tube has been shortened significantly, which should result in a less upright riding position. Overall, the geometry is quite a departure from the previous model.

Size XS S M L XL
Top tube 511 mm 530 mm 549 mm 567 mm 597 mm
Seat tube 455 mm 485 mm 505 mm 535 mm 575 mm
Head tube 115 mm 134 mm 154 mm 179 mm 209 mm
Head angle 69.5° 69.5° 69.5° 69.5° 69.5°
Seat angle 70.5° 71° 72° 72° 72.5°
Chainstay 415 mm 415 mm 415 mm 415 mm 415 mm
BB Drop 75 mm 75 mm 75 mm 75 mm 75 mm
Wheelbase 989 mm 999 mm 1.004 mm 1.017 mm 1.036 mm
Reach 368 mm 376 mm 383 mm 389 mm 403 mm
Stack 535 mm 556 mm 578 mm 603 mm 633 mm

Somewhat surprisingly, the 2024 FOCUS PARALANE will initially only be available in three model variants. In direct comparison to the six IZALCO MAX and seven ATLAS models, it’s relatively slim pickings. Pricing for the entry level PARALANE 8.7 with a mix of mechanical Shimano 105 components starts at € 2,999. The FOCUS PARALANE 8.8 is available for € 4,299 and comes equipped with an electronic SRAM Rival eTap AXS drivetrain. The top-of-the-range model on test is the FOCUS PARALANE 8.9 for € 5,299, boasting a Shimano ULTEGRA DI2 R8100 groupset, Easton EC70 carbon handlebar, and a DT Swiss ER 1600 SPLINE DICUT wheelset, paired with Vittoria Rubino Pro tires. According to FOCUS, the size M builds weigh 9.45 kg, 9.3 kg, and 8.6 kg, in descending order.

The Easton EC70 carbon is a high-quality handlebar, but we might’ve preferred a bar with a flattened top for longer rides.
The Vittoria Rubino Pro are good training tyres, but their relatively hefty weight has a negative effect on the bike’s acceleration. The DT Swiss ER 1600 SPLINE DICUT wheelset can’t mitigate this either.

Riding the 2024 FOCUS PARALANE 8.9 on and off road.

The 2024 FOCUS PARALANE immediately makes you feel at home. The riding position is very balanced and perfectly suited to long distances. It’s upright, yet sufficiently aggressive. You’ll definitely be able to hold the position comfortably for a long time. Compared to other endurance bikes, it’s on the more relaxed end of the spectrum, while the handling is balanced and intuitive. You can stay off the brakes on fast descents, as the 2024 PARALANE remains stable and composed even at high speeds. That said, the endurance bike also handles well through the corners. It’s not overly reactive, but it’s fun on fast and winding descents nonetheless, and shifting your weight allows you to change lines sufficiently quickly. Regardless of the speed, it instils you with confidence and makes you feel in control.

The 2024 FOCUS PARALANE also performs well on rough roads.
Convenient! The proprietary mudguards can be bolted to the included thru-axles.

The 2024 FOCUS PARALANE doesn’t accelerate quite as quickly and efficiently as other endurance road bikes. That’s not to say you won’t be able to keep up with the group in a sprint, but it can’t quite live up to its sporty look. This is partly due to the relatively heavy 32 mm Vittoria Rubino Pro TLR tires, which perform well regarding grip and compliance. However, the 2024 FOCUS PARALANE can make up for it in terms of comfort. It lets you glide along even on the rough gravel roads of the vineyards surrounding Colmar. Both the frame and the 32 mm tires do a fantastic job of absorbing small bumps and chatter. This results in a very smooth and relaxed riding experience. The mudguard mounting system is excellent too. Attaching the mudguards is quick, easy, and clean thanks to the threads in the supplied thru-axles. Once installed, they can be removed and reattached in record time. They fit well and look good too, and for the price of € 59.99, the mudguards are an absolute no-brainer. The only downside on the 2024 FOCUS PARALANE is the handlebar. It’s not the most ergonomic, and it’s uncomfortable for long distances as the narrow, round tubing presses into your palms.

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Who is the 2024 FOCUS PARALANE for?

The 2024 FOCUS PARALANE is an ideal all-round drop bar bike. It performs well in many different scenarios, and serves a wide range of use cases. From commuting to all day epics, and all-road bikepacking adventures, it can do it all. Whether it’s asphalt, poorly maintained service roads, or even woodland paths, the German brand’s latest endurance bike will make you feel right at home. If you’re looking for a jack of all trades, the 2024 FOCUS PARALANE is the perfect choice.

Conclusion on the 2024 FOCUS PARALANE

The 2024 FOCUS PARALANE has mastered the transition to a modern endurance bike. It combines a fast look with capable long-distance performance. It makes a modern impression and strongly resembles the IZALCO MAX. However, it rides like a superbly balanced and comfortable long-distance bike. Thanks to the tire clearance of up to 35 mm, it also fares well on smooth gravel roads. Overall, the 2024 FOCUS PARALANE is an all-rounder that shies away from the extremes, thereby fully exploiting its strengths.


  • aggressive look for an endurance bike
  • plenty of compliance and a high feel-good factor
  • caters to a wide range of use cases
  • top tube bag included


  • relatively sluggish acceleration
  • round handlebar tubing is uncomfortable for long distances

Tuning tip: replace the tires with lighter models once they’re worn out

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Words: Martin Staffa Photos: FOCUS, Martin Staffa