“Do you want to be fast?” is Orbea’s strapline for their previous Orca OMR model. As they launch their latest all-round race bike today, the Orbea Orca Aero, should their strapline now be: Do you want to be faster? We’ve taken a first look at this new bike and explore whether the traditional Basque bike company have taken integration, individualization and aerodynamics to the next level.

Orbea have taken a full range of measures to improve the performance for a race bike that is aimed for climbing, sprinting and of course, descending in as tight aero tuck position your body and nerve allows. In total there are three main characteristics that Orbea has focussed on during the bike’s development.

1. Orbea Orca Aero: aerodynamic features

New Freeflow Fork: The UCI has relaxed rules that restrict deeper profiles. The new Freeflow fork of Orca Aero takes advantage of the latest regulations.

Tube Shapes: the abbreviated tail allows for a shallower tube and smooths airflow over the bottle cages. The double radius improves airflow at higher yaw angles. Flattened sides reduces frontal area of the tube and offers better drag numbers at lower speeds.

Orca Aero Seatpost: Orca Aero has an oval seatpost designed to quiet airflow turbulence between the rider’s pedaling legs. There are two clamps with different setback lengths, offering a huge range of adjustment and internal battery compatible.

Orbea Orca OMR vs. Orca Aero

2. Orbea Orca Aero: Stiffness

One goal during the development of the new Orbea Orca was to create a stiff yet comfortable bike. The large downtube and chainstays create a stiff spine.

3. Orbea Orca Aero: integration

Aero Cockpit on…
…the Orca Aero

ICR Plus: According to Orbea the internal cable routing is carefully routed along the best path with no rub or rattle and is compatible for both traditional and electronic shifting systems.

Multi Mount System: Thanks to multiple bottle mounts and triple bosses on the down tube the rider can choose from several options for configuring water bottles ranging from maximum capacity to ultimate aerodynamics.

MyO: Orbea Orca Aero

Orbea’s proprietary custom bike program called MyO will also have the new Orbea Orca Aero on offer. MyO allows you to create a custom bike by choosing the model, favorite colors, components, and give it a name. Simple, right?

Orbea Orca Aero: Models, prices

Drivetrain SRAM Red eTap
Wheels DT PRC 1400 Spline 65
Brakes SRAM Red eTap
Tires Hutchinson Fusion 5 All SeasonTLR 700×25
Price 7,899 €

Drivetrain Shimano Dura-Ace 9150 Di2
Wheels FULCRUM Racing Quattro Carbon
Brakes Shimano Dura-Ace R9110
Tires Vittoria Open Corsa Competition G+ 700x25c
Price 7,499 €

Drivetrain Shimano Dura-Ace 9100
Wheels DT PR 1600 Spline 32
Brakes Shimano Dura-Ace R9110
Tires Hutchinson Fusion 5 All SeasonTLR 700×25
Price 4,799 €

Drivetrain Shimano Ultegra R8050 Di2
Wheels Vision Team 35 Clincher
Brakes Shimano Ultegra R8010
Tires Vittoria Rubino Foldable 700×25 60TPI G+
Price 3,999 €

Drivetrain Shimano Ultegra R8000
Wheels Vision Team 35 Comp Clincher
Brakes Shimano Ultegra R8010
Tires Vittoria Rubino Foldable 700×25 60TPI G+
Price 3,299 €


The new Orbea Orca Aero looks very promising and we can’t wait to test the bike ourselves. At the end of July we’ll make a trip to the Basque country to Orbea’s HQ close to Bilbao and put the bike to the test. Stay tuned!

More info: orbea.com

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Words: Robin Schmitt Photos: Orbea PR Photos: Orbea / Antton Miettinen