The Lab: Ergon Allroad collection on test

Ergon stand for products with high comfort and great ergonomics and can draw on years of experience in the segment of flat bar bikes. With the new Allroad collection, the ergonomics experts now also want to mix up the market of drop bar bikes and in addition to the familiar seatpost also present a saddle, handlebar tape and handlebar pads. We’ve found out for you how the individual components perform in practice.

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The Ergon CF Allroad Pro carbon seatpost on test

Most of you should already be familiar with the two-piece carbon seatpost because we already know the VCLS leaf spring of the CF Allroad Pro post from various Canyon bikes, as the industry giant from Koblenz has participated in the development of the post. With its 220 g weight and a length of just under 350 mm, the seatpost is one of the lightest posts with comfort elements on the market, it’s also a product that has been thought out down to the smallest detail. The two elements can be moved against each other and thus allow the adjustment of the saddle angle; they are fixed by screw at the very end of the post. Thanks to the markings on the side of the seat post, it is also no problem to find your position. For those who find the offset of 25 mm too much, you can simply rotate the asymmetrical Flip Head to adjust the offset and reduce it down to 12 mm.


The Flip Head is a floating design, so that the saddle tilt does not change even when the seat post is compressed. But it can still provide 25 or 12 mm offset depending on the direction it is mounted.

In practice, the post is convincing right from the start and significantly increases the ride comfort in the rear. Rough passages that previously forced you into a standing position over the saddle largely lose their aggression, and load peaks are effectively defused, even though the comfortable seatpost cannot, of course, work miracles and transform an all-road bike a into full-suspension mountain bike. The maintenance-free leaf spring also has sufficient self-damping and does not tend to rock annoyingly in any situation. Ingenious: due to the articulated Flip Head, the saddle clamp or saddle never change their inclination, even when compressed. The only criticism that our testers have for the seatpost is the lack of adjustment to the respective rider weight. For heavy riders, the post flexes significantly more than for light riders. However, for our test riders, who weigh between 70 and 80 kg, the comfort and flex were in a very pleasant range

Adjustability? Look elsewhere
A shortcoming of the CF Allroad Pro carbon seatpost is the lack of adjustability to the respective rider weight.

The Ergon SR Allroad Core Comp Men saddle on test

With the new SR Allroad Core saddle, Ergon promises a sporty performance on the road, but also wants to provide enough comfort for detours over dirt roads or rides over gravel roads. The Comp version we tested with nylon composite seat shell and CroMo frame weighs 249 g, about 10 g more than the Pro version with lighter TiNox saddle frame and carbon composite seat shell, but is also € 20 cheaper at € 139.95. Before buying, you can find out here which of the two available sizes is right for you by determining the distance of your sit bones. With such a personal component as the saddle, this is definitely the best way to try and scientifically work out an unknown using numbers and significantly increase the probability of picking a suitable model.

When you take it in your hand, the Ergon saddle already convinces with a chic design and a high-quality finish for many years of riding fun. Even if opinions differ on the subject of saddles, and it will never be possible to choose the best model unlike in the cas of other components, our test riders were positively surprised with the SR Allroad Core Men saddle. It combines good damping with a sporty, firm ride and generates a lot of comfort in the process. The raised rear of the saddle prevents slipping backwards and the recess in the middle of the saddle effectively relieves the sensitive perineal area. Whether going on road, all-road or gravel rides: if you have problems with your current saddle, the Ergon SR Allroad is certainly worth a test ride!

The next generation says thank you

The recess of the Ergon SR Allroad Core saddle effectively provides relief to the sensitive perineal area.

The Ergon BT Allroad handlebar tape and BT OrthoCell pad set on test

In addition to the saddle and pedals, the handlebar is the third contact point between rider and bike. In addition to an ergonomic handlebar, the proper handlebar tape is also of great importance for comfort, grip and hours of riding fun. With the two products for drop bars, the BT Series handlebar tape and the BT OrthoCell pad set, Ergon wants to improve exactly at that point to banish tingling and numbness from hands and fingers forever. Ergon rely on a material structure consisting of AirCell Foam to effectively dampen vibrations and distribute the pressure as best as possible. The tape is available in three versions, Road, Allroad and Gravel, and differs in length and thickness.

The right job choice
Fortunately, our editors work at the keyboard instead of in a bicycle repair shop, the texts are definitely more appealing than the handlebar tape we wrapped.

Many of us maintain bikes ourselves and do not shy away from rebuilding various components. However, there is one task that only two or three out of 100 drop bar fans enjoy to tackle: wrapping a new handlebar tape. Ergon want to make it as easy as possible for us and show here in the video in a step-by-step guide how it is done correctly. In addition, the tape has a wrapping aid to always have exactly ⅓ of the tape overlap in even steps, so little can go wrong here even for inexperienced wrappers. But if you’re a rider who’s after more comfort, you can also go for half overlap according to the manufacturer. In the case of our handlebar, however, the band would be too short to reach the centre of the handlebar. The highlight of the BT Series handlebar tape: depending on the direction in which it is wound, the tape either increases grip or is a little smoother and allows more freedom of movement. . We have opted for the variant with more grip and were amazed how much grip a handlebar tape can offer in practice. At this point, it must be mentioned that we usually ride without gloves on the road. If you like quick changes of position and maximum freedom of movement, you should wrap the band in the other direction. In terms of comfort, the Allroad band we tested shines in combination with the OrthoCell pads with really great vibration damping and simply erases the smallest bumps in the ground. Even on gravel tracks, the comfort was so high that we were completely satisfied with the Allroad tape and would not have wished for the Gravel version.

Comfort boost
The four BT OrthoCell pads hidden under the handlebar tape further increase the already good comfort of the handlebar tape itself without making it too thick
More is not possible
The BT Allroad handlebar tape creates massive grip and offers top comfort.

Our conclusion on the Ergon Allroad collection

Ergon are rightly one of the leading bike ergonomics specialists and prove this also with the new Allroad collection. Whether it’s the seatpost, saddle, handlebar tape or handlebar pads: all products shine with a great finish, an toned down design and deliver, except for a few minor details, what they promise: namely, increase the comfort level on the bike and provide longer and more ergonomic riding pleasure.


  • raises comfort to a new level
  • excellent ergonomics
  • great processing
  • simple design
  • easy assembly


  • seatpost not adjustable to rider weight
  • handlebar tape should be longer

You can find more about at

Tester: Phil
Test duration: 4 weeks
Price: € 139.95 (saddle), € 249.95 (seatpost), € 37.95 (handlebar tapes), € 29.95 (pads)
Weight: 246 g (saddle), 228 g (seat post), 78 g (handlebar tapes), 20 g (pads)
Intended use: Road, allroad and gravel

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Words & Photos: Phillipp Schwab