The mission of the Design & Innovation Award is to shape the bicycle world in a positive way. It also serves as a forum for creativity, visionary ideas as well as the industry’s most innovative products. More than 40 experts from 10 countries joined this year’s event to test, analyze and judge the best and most innovative products of 2016 in Kronplatz/San Vigilio – Dolomites. The Award recognises either outstanding product design and function, or innovation that sets a new standard and inspires future product generations and forward-thinking approaches.


Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 9.0 Aero


When it comes to race pedigree, the Canyon Ultimate already carries Grand Tour-winning credentials – but they haven’t rested on their laurels. The new Ultimate is an engineering masterpiece, which combines great comfort with perfect aerodynamics in a beautiful design. Comfort equals speed for longer, so the Ultimate features a revolutionary seat clamp to increase both horizontal and vertical compliance without loss of power. The 9.0 Aero model comes with a full aero cockpit, complete with Shimano Di2 for precision shifting and a Zipp 303 Fire Crest Carbon Wheelset for brutal acceleration and climbing. Racers will love the bike for it’s performance, enthusiast for its clean design and all other for the great price which will be terrifying the competition.

Price: € 6,999 | Weight: 6.65kg |

Cervelo S5 DA DI2


The racer-focused Cervelo S5 is a masterclass in design, engineered to slip through the air as fast as possible. The seat stays smooth air around the rear brake, while the signature dropped down tube follows the front wheel to minimise drag. Cervelo’s own unique handlebars further reduce air resistance, and sticking with caliper brakes reduces side wind drag. The 60 mm-deep HED Jet Plus SCT wheels slice through the air and provide a dynamic and ultra-fast ride. In short, the S5 is an awesome aero road bike with innovative design details to take you faster that you’ve ever been.

Price: 9,599€ | Weight: 7.10kg |

Norco Search Ultegra


The Norco Search represents a new way of thinking – a bike for those who want to continue onwards when the asphalt runs out. With its long and stable wheelbase, clearance for 40c tyres, and powerful disc brakes, the Norco is ready for long gravel adventures. At the same time, the lightweight carbon frame ensures it’s no slouch on the road either. 12 mm thru-axles add a dose of stiffness where it counts on rough tracks, and the handling is confident and precise. The Norco Search marks a shift in the industry, as it is a versatile adventure bike for those who seek their thrills beyond the well-ridden tarmac.

Price: € 3,599 | Weight: 8.73kg |

Stevens Arcalis Disc


The Stevens Arcalis Disc brings disc brake power to the formidable Arcalis aero bike platform. Through combining all the current trends, and with full customisation on offer, Stevens can create any build the rider dreams up. The carbon fastback seatstays produce maximum power transfer and brutal acceleration, but comfort has not been overlooked either, with an elastomer insert in the seatpost to filter out road buzz. The full Ultegra 2×11 drivetrain is reliable and precise, and the fast DT Swiss R24 are good at this price point (although not the lightest). If you are looking for an affordable aero bike with powerful braking, the Stevens Arcalis should be on your shortlist.

Price: € 2.799 | Weight: 8.39kg |

Components & Accessoires

100% Speedcraft Glasses


The new 100% Speedcraft glasses bring a radical and exciting style that will appeal to both mountain and road bikers. 100% are well known for their great goggles, and that knowledge runs deep in the DNA of their new Speedcraft Glasses. The huge single lens is available in two different lens sizes: normal and enormous. The unique styling draws cues from the classical 1990’s shape, but is rich in very modern design functions. The elevated ‘top view’ section provides a huge field of view, allowing riders to see farther down the trail when fully pinned. Supplied with two lenses and available in a wide range of colours, you can match the Speedcraft glasses to your style.

Price: € 179 / € 159 | Weight: 34g |

Boa® – IP1-S


The original Boa® Closure System had a lot of fans, but the latest IP1-S model increases functionality immensely. The lightweight closure system features a precise micro-adjustment that allows you to either tighten or loosen 1mm at a time. The system can be used on many products such as helmets, body armor, and shoes, and can be quickly undone by pulling out the dial for easy one-handed release. Constructed from stainless steel, the laces are durable and lightweight for problem-free use and are guaranteed for the life of the product they are fitted on. In use, the tactile, TPU-covered Boa dial and intuitive adjustment result in an even, close, customisable fit without any pressure points.

ENVE Carbon Road Hubs


If you’re a rider who counts every gram, who wants to fly up climbs with ease and knows that quality doesn’t come cheap, you will love the new ENVE carbon road hubs. At only 74 g front and 160 g for the rear, the hubs are ludicrously light – and as they use the Star Ratchet freehub from DT Swiss’s top-of-the-line 180 hubs, they are compatible with both SRAM/Shimano and Campagnolo drivetrains. The carbon fibre shell is formed in ENVE’s Ogden, Utah facility, and the design and attention to detail is incredible; each of the twenty front and twenty-four rear spoke holes is moulded rather than drilled, ensuring that the flanges retain maximum strength. Spinning on Ceramic Speed bearings, the ENVE Carbon hubs are the pinnacle of desirability and performance.

Fulcrum Quattro Carbon DB


Fulcrum have expanded their vast line of road wheels with the new Quattro Carbon DBs, offering a disk brake-specific wheelset that brings extra width and versatility. The 1640 g wheels have a 40mm rim height, tall enough to achieve aero gains without being temperamental in a side wind. The 24.2 mm rim width allows use of 25 to 50 mm tyres (should frame clearance allow) and is compatible with a wide range of thru-axle standards. The DB version has an increased spoke count (to 21) as well as Fulcrum’s disc wheel-specific asymmetric ‘2:1 Two-to-One Spoke Ratio’ spoke lacing to handle the increased braking forces. This would make an ideal wheelset for those looking to embrace the power of discs.

Price: € 1472 | Weight: 1640g |

Kali Protectives TAVA Aero Road Helmet


The TAVA is Kali’s first venture into aerodynamic helmets, bringing their extensive experience to a new market. Protection is exemplary: the Composite Fusion Squared Technology features a dual-layer construction, with Kali’s Bumper Fit 2.0 layers of soft blue gel pads sitting close to the skull to allow small impacts to be dissipated more effectively, also providing a level of rotational protection. A Boa system keeps the helmet snug and secure, and large vents channel air when up to speed. The TAVA also excels in aerodynamics, as Kali claims its design significantly reduces drag in a wide range of side winds.

Price: € 250 | Weight: 272g |

Lazer Z1 & LifeBEAM Gear


The Lazer Z1 is a high performance helmet with a secret inside. At 190 g, the Z1 is the lightest helmet that Lazer have ever made, but it pulls no punches when it comes to protection and innovation. Hidden inside the lightweight shell is the new LifeBEAM technology, which records a wearer’s heart rate without a chest strap. This data can be displayed in real time on any ANT+ or Bluetooth 4.0 fitness device. This is perfect for riders who are serious about their fitness, but don’t like the constriction of a chest strap. The LifeBEAM system can also be outfitted into previous generations of the Z1 helmets. Never forget your sensor again –just ride.

Price: 319.95€ | Weight: 274g |

Lezyne Strip Drive PRO


For maximum safety on the road, it’s vital to be seen, and the Lezyne Strip Drive PRO is certainly visible. Five extremely powerful LEDs fire out 100 lumens that demand attention from traffic. The unique aero- and round seatpost-compatible design and integrated cable-free USB charging boost usability, and the nine lighting modes ensure that there is a light level that suits you. The powerful daytime flash mode could be a potential lifesaver on the roads.

Price: € 49 | Weight: 64g |

Scott RC PRO TEC S/SL Shirt and RC ProTec Bibshorts


If you go down on the road or trail, thin lycra does nothing to help! The Scott RC ProTec Shirt and Bib Shorts aim to redress the balance, sharing the same high-performance fit and comfort of conventional lycra, but with a protective layer of Schoeller ITD ProTec fabric on the outside of both legs and shoulders. The carbon fibres in the ITD fabric work in harmony with printed ceramic dots to dramatically improve the abrasion resistance of the fabric in an accident – without adding considerable weight or limiting freedom of movement. The RC ProTec is a game-changer when it comes to minimalist protection!

Price: € 119.95 + € 129.95 | Weight: 164g + 216g |

Suplest EDGE/3 Pro


Swiss brand Suplest’s latest EDGE/3 shoes blend exclusive and distinctive styling with cutting-edge performance. The ultra-stiff carbon sole (on Pro models) ensures that power transfer is maximised, while high-tech fabrics boost breathability. Two Boa closures ensure a precise fit, but it’s the unique and innovative thin carbon shield under the laces that sets the Suplest apart, spreading the load and delivering class-leading comfort without sacrificing performance.

Price: € 349 | Weight: 570g |

Tune QC Thru Axle Quick Release


In competitive road racing, a fast wheel change is essential. Every second counts in order to keep with the pack. Until now, racers have been wary of thru-axles due to the time needed to detach the wheel – but now things are changing. The new Tune QC thru-axle brings all the benefits of a stiffer connection between wheel and bike, with the advantage of a rapid wheel change. The Tune does not have a thread, but instead uses an innovative locking system that can be released at the touch of a button. A defined audible ‘click’ is heard when the axle re-engages, and the connection is absolutely secure. For the first time, Tune brings thru-axle stiffness to time-focused riders.

Price: € 130 | Weight: 48g (rr), 37g (fr) |

Tune Re4mer


German Company Tune are known for the pursuit of perfection, so when they turned their attention to saddles the end result was startling. Weighing only 84 g, the beautiful carbon Re4mer looks like something that would be found on a Formula One car. Designed to perfection, the clever carbon design eliminates any sharp edges, and despite the bare carbon top, engineered flex ensures that the saddle is comfortable. With a beautiful carbon construction and feather weight trim, the Re4mer is targeted at both road riders and XC riders looking for extreme weight saving – but only for those who weigh less than 90 kg.

Price: € 289 | Weight: 84g |

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