Long, epic days in the saddle can be lots of fun, provided you’re riding the right bike. The new Canyon Endurace CFR Di2 2023 should be just that bike. We took it for a spin to find out what it is capable of, and whether it is good for more than just long-distance cruising.

Canyon Endurace CFR Di2 2023 I 7.50 kg in size M I € 9,499 I Manufacturer’s website

When the first Transcontinental Race kicked off in London at 8am on 3 August 2013, no one would have imagined that long-distance racing would soon become a trend. Ten years on, long-distance formats and races are popping up like mushrooms, with riders from all over the world adding their names to waiting lists to enter the most prestigious races. Strange really, because for over a century, brevet events included long-distance races too, with riders covering from 200 to well over 1,000 km. So, is this just a new trend, are modern road bikes opening up new possibilities and perspectives, or are we just going around in circles? While there’s certainly a growing appetite for the extreme, many riders are simply looking for a relaxed road bike that’s easy to ride and allows you to focus on the journey rather than the wattage. The Canyon Endurace does both things extremely well, and it has become very popular as a result – and on top of that, it looks extremely fast! However, this will be the first time that Canyon have updated the Endurace platform since the launch of the CF SLX series seven years ago.. What is the new Canyon Endurace CFR Di2 2023 capable of, and can it continue the success story of its predecessors?

Updated looks and enhanced comfort? What’s really new on the Canyon Endurace CFR Di2 2023?

Now with an extra R! Like the Canyon Aeroad and Ultimate race bikes, the new 2023 Endurace is now available with Canyon’s high-end CFR lay-up, which employs more advanced carbon technology than the standard CF equivalent, allowing engineers to achieve the same degree of stiffness at a lower weight. Canyon’s engineering team also dug deep into their box of aero tricks for the first time on their endurance platform, although it wasn’t their primary focus. The new Endurace was developed around one key consideration: the longer you ride a bike, the more watts you can save over the length of the ride. To this effect, Canyon slimmed down the fork and head tube to minimise air resistance, while at the same time integrating the cables inside the CP0018 aero cockpit, which also comes standard with the new Ultimate and Aeroad models and lets you to adjust both the width and height of the handlebars, allowing for up to 15 different combinations, without having to cut down the steerer tube or handlebars. Moreover, there’s a mounting point for an optional GPS device like a Garmin or Wahoo computer on the handlebars. A smaller but very charming aero gimmick is the dotted paint finish on the fork, seat tube and seat stays, which is strongly reminiscent of golf ball dimples, and is meant to reduce the drag coefficient. On the Endurace, however, it’s intended primarily to ensure a more dynamic look. The sporty look is rounded off by countless elegant yet simple details, which ensure an overall harmonious design language.

Longer rides call for more aero. The more hours you spend in the saddle, the more watts you’ll save – or lose. That’s why Canyon put aerodynamics high on their priority list while developing the new Endurace
The new Endurace is now also available with Canyon’s top-tier CFR frame, which employs more advanced carbon materials than the standard CF equivalent, allowing engineers to achieve the same degree of stiffness at a lower weight.
The CP0018 aero cockpit is meant to reduce drag and can be adjusted in height and width

While they were at it, Canyon also updated the tire concept. As a result, the new Endurace now rolls on wider tires, which might be trendy these days, but are still considered a little transgressive in the endurance segment. The frame fits 35 mm tires, making the new Endurace suitable for all-road riding and sending the previous Endurace into a well-deserved retirement. In addition, all variants of the new Endurace combine a slimmer 30 mm tire at the front with a wider 32 mm version at the rear. With the increased tire width also grows the inner rim width: the new Endurace CFR and Endurace CF SLX come standard with DT Swiss rims with 22 mm inner width. The only exception is the Canyon Endurace CFR WRL, which features 21 mm Campagnolo rims.

Wider tires for more applications: the new Endurace fits tires up to 35 mm wide, which make it totally suitable for all-road riding.

Another innovation is the Top Tube Sleeve, aka “top tube snake”, which comes standard with all new Endurace models. The sleeve hides away under a small cover in the top tube, and is secured inside the frame with a Velcro fastener. The sleeve provides storage for a trailside repair kit (sold separately) consisting of an 8-bit minitool, a ratchet, a tire lever, CO₂ cartridge and Dynaplug set – everything you’re likely to need, except for an inner tube. All in all, the Canyon Endurace CFR Di2 2023 tips the scales at around 7.5 kg, including the 192 g tool kit.

Spec variants and geometry of the new 2023 Canyon Endurace

Eight times eight is the quickest way to summarise the new 2023 Canyon Endurace line-up. With the CFR carbon flagship models you’ll be able to choose from three different spec variants with top-tier groupsets from the three premium component suppliers, Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo. Both the Endurace CFR Di2 (Shimano DURA-ACE Di2) and Endurace CFR AXS (SRAM RED AXS) retail for € 9,499. The Endurace CFR WRL, which features a bling Campagnolo Super Record WRL groupset without power meter, adds an extra € 500. The € 9,999 Campagnolo model also rolls on the Italian marque’s Bora Ultra WTO wheelset, rather than the DT Swiss ERC 1100 wheels of the other two models. Of course, the Canyon Endurace is also available with a more affordable CF SLX frame, with prices starting at € 3,699 for the Canyon Endurace CF SLX 7, which comes equipped with a Shimano 105 Di2 drivetrain and standard power meter. That’s right – even the second level model comes standard with an electronic drivetrain and power meter. Canyon won’t be releasing any models with mechanical shifting either, as the new Endurace lacks the necessary cable routing options through the frame and handlebar.

A visual highlight! The small dots in the paint finish are strongly reminiscent of a golf ball, ensuring a unique, elegant look!
The iconic Canyon S15 VCLS 2.0 CF seatpost provides tons of compliance.
All 2023 Canyon Endurace CFR and CF SLX models come standard with a power meter, except for the Campagnolo Super Record WRL spec variant.

Specs of the new Canyon Endurace CF SLX models

Modell Schaltgruppe Laufräder Preis
Endurace CF SLX 8 AXS SRAM Force AXS with Quarq Spider Power Meter DT Swiss ERC 1400 with 22 mm inner width € 5,499
Endurace CF SLX 8 AERO Shimano Ultegra Di2 with 4iiii Power Meter DT Swiss ERC 1400 with 22 mm internal width € 5,199
Endurace CF SLX 8 Di2 Shimano Ultegra Di2, 4iiii Power Meter DT Swiss Endurance LN with 22 mm internal width € 4,199
Endurace CF SLX 7 AXS SRAM Rival AXS, Quarq Spindle Power Meter DT Swiss Endurance LN with 22 mm internal width € 3,999
Endurace CF SLX 7 Di2 Shimano 105 Di2 DT Swiss Endurance LN with 22 mm internal width € 3,699

And what’s new with the geometry? Not much! On the whole, the geometry of the new Canyon Endurace 2023 has only changed slightly. Our test bike in size M has a higher stack height and slightly shorter reach compared to its predecessor, resulting in a more relaxed stack/reach ratio, which has grown from 1.51 to 1.56. For comparison’s sake, Canyon’s race bike, the Ultimate, has a much sportier 1.43 stack/reach ratio. The rest of the geometry has also remained pretty much unchanged. For example, the wheelbase is just 3 mm longer, the top tube 9 mm shorter and the head tube 7 mm taller. The aim of these adjustments was to reduce pressure on the lower back, core and shoulders by creating a more relaxed riding position. The new 2023 Canyon Endurace is available in eight frame sizes, 3XS to L, offering a suitable option for riders between 154 to 204 cm tall. The smallest 3XS and 2XS sizes roll on 650b (27.5 inch) wheels.

Size 3XS 2XS XS S M L XL 2XL
Seat tube 402 mm 432 mm 462 mm 492 mm 522 mm 552 mm 582 mm 612 mm
Top tube 491 mm 501 mm 522 mm 533 mm 542 mm 558 mm 584 mm 599 mm
Head tube 123 mm 138 mm 129 mm 146 mm 165 mm 186 mm 212 mm 232 mm
Head angle 70.3° 71.5° 70.8° 71.8° 72.8° 73.0° 73.3° 73.3°
Seat angle 72.6° 72.7° 72.7° 72.8° 72.8° 72.8° 72.8° 72.9°
Chainstay 405 mm 405 mm 415 mm 415 mm 415 mm 415 mm 415 mm 415 mm
Wheelbase 959 mm 958 mm 991 mm 993 mm 993 mm 1006 mm 1029 mm 1044 mm
Reach 350 mm 354 mm 370 mm 375 mm 378 mm 487 mm 405 mm 415 mm
Stack 510 mm 529 mm 548 mm 568 mm 590 mm 611 mm 637 mm 656 mm
The dynamic geometry makes it easy to descend at high speeds. At the same time, the 2023 Canyon Endurace 2023 impresses with excellent directional stability.

Long, relaxed days in the saddle – Canyon Endurace CFR Di2 2023 first ride review.

It’s common knowledge that the mind plays a crucial role in long-distance challenges. With its distinctive, aggressive design, the new Canyon Endurace CFR Di2 2023 motivates you to push hard, helping you generate a great deal of confidence while playing the mind game. With its clean, elegant, and dynamic design language, Canyon’s long-distance specialist encourages you to spend a few more hours in the saddle. The pedalling position plays a part too, offering an optimal compromise between comfort and dynamics. While there are definitely plenty of endurance bikes with a more upright pedalling position, they can often feel rather unbalanced and twitchy, handling more like a Dutch bike. But that’s not the case with the new Endurace, which always ensures that you feel in control with its well-balanced geometry and composed handling, even after many hours in the saddle, when your head has long left the game – a true god-send for endurance riders! However, the bike’s laid-back character comes at the expense of its sprinting qualities and agility, meaning that the Canyon Endurace CFR Di2 2023 isn’t exactly a rocket when accelerating. In fast corners you’ll have to weight the front wheel slightly to keep it tracking, but the Canyon’s always predictable and intuitive to ride. While it might not be as sharp as a race bike, it’s still no slouch – the Endurace supports a sporty riding style and doesn’t shy away from a cheeky town sign sprint after a 100k tour with your crew.

The new Canyon 2023 Endurace CFR Di2 offers an outstanding level of compliance, which is partly responsible for the high feel-good factor on long rides, with the seatpost, frame and wheelset working together to ensure a harmonious ride – and the ergonomic one-piece cockpit also plays its part in this. In a nutshell, the new Endurace takes the edge off nasty tarmac roads and even some hardpack gravel roads. Unfortunately, you can’t install aero bars, which might limit the appeal for some ultra-endurance riders who depend on the extra hand position. The generous 35 mm max. tire clearance makes the Endurace a capable all-road bike for all situations. While the tool snake is easy to access and extremely practical, it’s pretty hard to get used to the cheap-looking plastic flap on a high-end frame. If you pack the pouch carefully, it won’t rattle on the trail. And even if it does, the rattling noise will quickly by drowned by the loud freewheel of the DT Swiss 180 hub.

What hides under the top tube?
A complete tool set in the shape of a neoprene snake!

Who should take a closer look at the new Canyon Endurace?

If you like to embark on epic rides and want to do it in a relaxed pedalling position, the new 2023 Canyon Endurace might be just what you’re looking for. Whether you sign up for a brevet, an Alpine crossing or the Transcontinental race, it’s the ideal companion to munch through insane amounts of kilometres. However, Canyon’s endurance rig is just as much fun in fast paced post-work laps with your mates, and doesn’t shy away from the occasional off-road stint, where the wide tires and road bike concept are a match made in heaven. The new Canyon Endurace is also an interesting choice for road bike newbies, with its relatively relaxed geometry. However, if you’re serious about racing or want a very light climber, you might be better looking elsewhere.

Our conclusions about the new 2023 Canyon Endurace CFR Di2

The new Canyon Endurace CFR Di2 2023 is far more than just a comfortable cruiser for long days on the road, proving to be an extremely successful reinterpretation of Canyon’s evergreen. The impressive compliance and composed handling make it a fearless mile muncher that also enables plenty of riding fun. The elegant, modern design language also makes it a great piece of modern art in your living room. The standard tool snake in the top tube is extremely practical, bringing along a real innovation with the latest iteration of the Endurace. Far, further, Canyon Endurace!


  • Outstanding compliance on bumpy terrain
  • Sleek, cohesive design
  • Balanced pedalling position meets composed handling
  • Practical storage compartment for tools in the top tube is easily accessible through the service flap


  • Tools in the neoprene pouch have to be ordered separately
  • No spec variants (or compatibility) with cable-operated drivetrains

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Words: Martin Staffa Photos: Jan Richter