No… I don’t remember what I dreamt last night. But if you wish and if you have time, I can tell you about my next dream. Come and sit down next to me and help me open up the map.

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Do you remember those dot-to-dots we used to do when we were kids? The one where we had to draw lines between numbers to reveal a hidden picture?

Let’s play it again and dream. Very soon we’ll conquer the night with our tents and we’ll use the campfire to make that peaceful moment last longer. And with the last flame and the glow of the cinders we’ll retreat back inside the canvas suite we have pitched in the jardin de la liberté.

In the morning, at first light, we’ll bathe our throats in the Regalo de Dios and climb on our bikes to daydream and carry on joining the dots.

GF-002-X-Camping-in-the-jardin-de-la liberte-17
GF-002-X-Camping-in-the-jardin-de-la liberte-13 GF-002-X-Camping-in-the-jardin-de-la liberte-10
GF-002-X-Camping-in-the-jardin-de-la liberte-8
GF-002-X-Camping-in-the-jardin-de-la liberte-4 GF-002-X-Camping-in-the-jardin-de-la liberte-3

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Words: Javier Maya, Pavé Culture Cycliste Photos: Alejandro Calzón