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The Lab: First ride review of the Ass Savers Win Wing 2 Mudguard

Mudguards are a rare sight on road and gravel bikes. The added weight, time taken to install them, and the often bulky appearance add up to a far from sporty experience. Ass Savers aim to change this perception with the Win Wing 2 mudguard, which also promises total protection. We put it to the test to see if it lives up to their claims.

Weight: 73 g | Price: € 26 | Manufacturer’s website

Ass Savers come from a country with a lot of rain and even more fog – yes, Sweden. So it comes as no surprise that the company are renowned for their minimalist, saddle-mounted mudguards for gravel and road bikes. With the Win Wing, Ass Savers introduced a mudguard that shields only a small area above the rear wheel, preventing dirt from hitting your back and saddle. But the Swedes have now added a few small refinements to their mudguard. The frame of the mudguard, which they refer to as the wishbone, is more robust and the colour has changed from grey to black compared to its predecessor. They now include two strips of frame protection film to protect the finish of your beloved bike at the mounting points. In addition to the road version, which fits tires with a maximum width of 35 mm, there is also a gravel version that accommodates tires with a maximum width of 60 mm. As you’d expect from Ass Savers, the Win Wing 2 comes in a range of colours and styles, from plain to bright and colourful. We tested the basic gravel version, which weighs in at 73 g. For € 26 you can buy a mudguard made in Sweden and have it conveniently delivered to your door.

Yes, we also like to ride without mudguards when it’s dry, so quick and easy installation and removal is essential. The initial installation takes you less than 5 minutes and no tools are required. The first step is to position the wishbone on your seatstays, making sure there is a 5-10 mm gap between the tire and the wishbone for optimum protection. Next, apply the protective film where the straps encircle the seatstays. Finally, re-attach the wishbone to the frame using the straps and hook the mudguard into place. You can choose from three different positions to adjust the angle of the mudguard to suit your bike. Ass Savers recommends that you tilt the mudguard slightly upwards. In everyday use, with a little practice, the mudguard can be fitted or removed in less than a minute by simply tightening or loosening the straps. If you are concerned about possible theft of the mudguard, you can increase its security by fixing the left strap with a cable tie, making it more difficult to steal. Thanks to its universal fit, we were able to install and test the mudguard on all the gravel bikes in the office without any problems.

The distance between the wishbone and the tire should be between 5-10 mm.
These three holes allow you to change the angle of your mudguard.

First test of the Ass Savers Win Wing 2

On a typical autumn day in Germany, the weather outside our office is once again gloomy, and wet,muddy conditions have become a regular part of every gravel ride. Ideal testing conditions for the Win Wing 2, then. Fortunately, the mudguard attaches quickly to the bike and keeps our backs free of spray as we cover the first few kilometres on the tarmac. Even when we pick up speed, our backs and most importantly our saddles remain protected. We take a turn and continue on gravel paths through woods and along poorly maintained tarmac roads. Once again the mudguard keeps its promise. Just before returning to the office, we encounter the ultimate challenge to staying clean: a rain-soaked path across a field. It turns out that at lower speeds, the tires hold on to the dirt a little longer, passing the mudguard before flinging it forwards, so that trousers get slightly dirty around the calves and the bottom bracket of the bike collects a lot of mud. But our backs and bottoms stay dry, even when we pick up the pace. There was absolutely no rattling or slipping of the mudguard during our test rides.

In everyday use, the mudguard can be fitted or removed in just a minute.
To make it more difficult for thieves, you can secure the mudguard with a cable tie.

Conclusion on the Win Wing 2 from Ass Savers

The Win Wing 2 from Ass Savers keeps your back and saddle clean when riding on gravel, even in the toughest conditions. It stays in place and doesn’t make any annoying noises. The minimalist approach to protection is only noticeable around the bottom bracket area, meaning it doesn’t keep the bike as clean as a full mudguard. Thanks to the quick and easy installation and removal, the mudguard can be fitted only when you really need it.


  • good protection
  • quick assembly and disassembly
  • quiet


  • protects the seating area only, not the bike

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Words: Sebastian Dirscherl Photos: Antonia Feder