The ROSE REVEAL PLUS Ultegra Di2 tries to make all-road riding more fun with a hidden electric motor. It’s based on the ROSE REVEAL endurance bike, with a few modifications. Does the simple addition of a hub motor result in a good electric road bike?

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Rose Reveal Plus | 11.24 kg in size M | € 6,499 | Manufacturer’s website

Use what’s been tried and tested, and build on it. That is the thinking of many brands when it comes to making ebikes. In theory, it seems like a relatively simple concept to implement: take an older, popular model from the line-up and add a hub motor. Voilà – you’ve got a new ebike, though it does take a lot more adaptation and fine tuning in practice. ROSE have pursued this simple tactic with the REVEAL PLUS. It’s based on their endurance road bike, the ROSE REVEAL. They’ve added a MAHLE X20 hub motor and integrated a 250 Wh battery into the frame. The result is a conspicuously inconspicuous e-road bike, almost indistinguishable from its analogue sibling. Is that all it takes to make a good e-road bike, or have the German brand cut too many corners?

More than just inconspicuous? – What’s hidden in the ROSE REVEAL PLUS Ultegra Di2?

At first glance, the ROSE REVEAL PLUS Ultegra Di2 boasts a modern and somewhat subtle look. The German company have made things a lot easier for themselves with the frame than SCOTT did with the Solace eRIDE, simply transferring the design of the REVEAL. The only obvious differences are the thicker down tube (due to the integrated battery), an extension on the second bottle cage, the display on the top tube, and the plug for the motor at the dropout. Therefore, the frame features the same straight lines, sharp edges, and generally coherent design. The shimmering finish is stylish and spruces up the otherwise somewhat unremarkable look. Unfortunately, the white ROSE branding is a little too much, making the design look somewhat overloaded. You won’t find any eyelets on the frame, keeping things looking clean, though it limits the bike’s versatility since you can’t attach accessories like mudguards or racks. The in-house stem and handlebar unit boasts tidy workmanship and ensures a smooth transition between frame and cockpit. Also bearing the ROSE branding is the ROSE RC Fifty Disc wheelset. The 19 mm internal rim width is a bit outdated, and certainly not suitable for all-road use. That said, the gearing of the Shimano ULTEGRA Di2 drivetrain certainly is, with a 50/34 crankset and an 11–34 t cassette.

Tall, clean, ergo
Rose’s in-house cockpit doesn’t seem to think the spacers are enough. It also features cleanly integrated cable routing and feels pleasantly ergonomic.
Aiming high
The tower of spacers is quite tall. This results in a very upright riding position, suitable for touring.

The small MAHLE X20 rear hub motor is capable of feeding up to 55 Nm of torque into the drivetrain. The motor forgoes the bulky wired connection of most hub drive systems, instead using a connector built into the dropout, making it very quick and easy to install. If the internal 250 Wh battery – 110 Wh smaller than on the SCOTT Solace eRIDE – isn’t enough, you can top that up by another 172 Wh with the MAHLE Range X20 range extender. The display and the control unit are located on the top tube, though the “push for fun” inscription next to it seems a bit lame. The three support levels are displayed using colour codes and, unfortunately, you have to cycle through them all one by one. If you want more data, you can connect the ROSE REVEAL PLUS to the My SmartBike app from MAHLE on your smartphone. At first glance, it’s only the display that gives the bike away as an ebike. With a total weight of 11.24 kg in size M, and priced at € 6,499, this is truly impressive.

PLUS for fun
DThe lame slogan on the top tube of the ROSE REVEAL PLUS is a bit unnecessary. The big plus would have sufficed.
Easy to reach
Recharging is simple thanks to the easily accessible charging port. Only inserting the plug requires a degree of dexterity.
Conspicuously inconspicuous
The MAHLE X20 motor is barely visible, easily hiding the fact that you’re riding an ebike. You’ll just have to think of a good excuse for the noise coming from the hub.

Rose Reveal Plus

€ 6,499


Seatpost Rose
Brakes Shimano Ultegra Di2 R8100 180 / 160 mm
Drivetrain Shimano Ultegra Di2 R8100 2x12
Stem Rose Endurance One-Piece Carbon-Cockpit 100 mm
Handlebar Rose Endurance One-Piece Carbon-Cockpit 460 mm
Wheelset Rose RC Fifty Disc
Tires Continental GP 5000 700x32c

Technical Data

Size XS S M L XL
Weight 11,24 kg

Specific Features

Well hidden hub motor
Cool finish with a flip-flop effect
Clean cable integration at the cockpit
Cleverly designed seat post clamp

The ROSE REVEAL PLUS Ultegra Di2 on the test track

Swinging your leg over the ROSE REVEAL PLUS Ultegra Di2, it’s immediately evident that you’re dealing with an endurance road bike. The riding position is very upright, lending it a touring rather than road bike feeling. The cockpit is quite tall, which is due to the many spacers, long head tube, and rise on the handlebar. However, the e-endurance bike is a lot of fun on the road, nonetheless. As soon as you leave the asphalt, you’ll quickly notice the bike’s lack of compliance! It’s able to mitigate small bumps on poor road surfaces quite well, but bigger impacts are no fun, and the narrow 19 mm rims don’t do much to contribute to the all-road performance. The handlebar feels very ergonomic, at least, while the steering feels very well balanced – neither cumbersome nor nervous. The motor’s centre of gravity hardly impacts the handling. Unfortunately, after racking up many test kilometres, the internally routed cables began to rattle.

While it’s hardly visible, you can hear the MAHLE X20 motor relatively clearly, especially in the two highest support modes. The support offered in the highest mode – pink – is clearly noticeable too. It provides a hearty boost as you step on the pedals, though it has a slightly digital on-off feeling. The assistance feels significantly more organic in the two lower support modes. The same applies to riding without the motor’s assistance and speeds above 25 km/h. The longer you ride the ROSE REVEAL PLUS, the less you notice the electric support. We had the most fun in the most dynamic middle mode, which is indicated in yellow on the display. In this mode, the support feels responsive yet smooth.

The ROSE REVEAL PLUS doesn’t feel like a true all-road bike, though it offers excellent value for money and a relaxed riding position.

Helmet MET Vinci Mips | Glasses 1 Glendale | Jacket Patagonia Classic Retro-X | Shoes Adidas Velosamba

Who is the ROSE REVEAL PLUS Ultegra Di2 for?

The ROSE REVEAL PLUS Ultegra Di2 is clearly aimed at the road, performing well on both smooth and rough asphalt. The limited compliance makes it unsuitable for gravel road detours and woodland gallivanting – that’s to say you’ll definitely feel it when you head off road. The inconspicuous motor, which is hardly noticeable even when switched off, makes the ROSE REVEAL PLUS Ultegra Di2 ideal for less seasoned roadies who want to level the playing field on big rides with long climbs.

Tuning tips: foam sleeves to keep the brake hoses quiet |thicker bar tape for more comfort

Riding Characteristics



  1. cumbersome
  2. playful


  1. nervous
  2. confident


  1. demanding
  2. balanced

Fun factor

  1. boring
  2. lively


  1. firm
  2. comfortable

Value for money

  1. terrible
  2. very good

Technical Data

Reveal Plus

Size: XS S M L XL
Weight: 11,24 kg
Price: € 6,499

Indended Use

Smooth tarmac 1
Allroad/Gravel 2
Everyday/Commuting 3

Conclusion on the ROSE REVEAL PLUS Ultegra Di2

Unlike the MAHLE X20 motor, the ROSE REVEAL PLUS Ultegra Di2 cannot hide its road bike genes. As such, it only passes as an all-road bike to a limited extent. The lack of eyelets and mounting points limit the bike’s versatility just as much as the lack of compliance. However, you get a lightweight e-road bike with a comfortable riding position and good spec at a very fair price. Ultimately, the approach of adding a hub motor to the ROSE REVEAL to make an all-road ebike doesn’t quite pan out.


  • undercover ebike
  • excellent integration
  • good value for money


  • internally routed cables eventually started rattlingn
  • limited compliance, resulting in limited versatility

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Words: Martin Staffa Photos: Jan Richter