A comfortable all-road bike that’s ready for anything? The 2022 Canyon Endurace CF 7 All-Road promises to be just that with its carbon frame and electronic drivetrain for only € 2,999. We put the Endurace CF 7 All-Road to the test to find out if it really is the one bike for (almost) everything or just one big compromise.

Canyon Endurace CF 7 All-Road 2022 | € 2,999 | 8.9 kg (size M) | Manufacturer’s website

With all the different drop bar categories, it’s pretty hard to choose just one: road, endurance, all-road, gravel race, bikepacking, gravel adventure, commuter and so on – some more and some less aero. Wouldn’t it be easiest to have just one bike for everything? One to rule them all, so to speak. A bike without too much bling, but a faithful companion that’s reliable and doesn’t cost a fortune. This option seems to make a lot of sense, especially for beginners, because a versatile basis will allow you to figure out what you’re into. On the other hand, if you simply don’t want to commit, the bike will let you cover a wide range of disciplines. The 2022 Canyon Endurace CF 7 All-Road aims to provide this kind of basis and perform as a versatile all-rounder.

The Canyon Endurace CF 7 All-Road 2022 feels at home on both gravel and asphalt.

Where does the 2022 Canyon Endurace CF 7 All-Road stand in the Canyon Endurace family?

The Endurace range is an integral and long-standing part of Canyon’s portfolio. In contrast to the Aeroad and Ultimate, it is made less for (professional) racing and more for long days in the saddle and multi-day tours. As such, the Canyon Endurace puts a premium on comfort and a relaxed geometry. Added to this is the increased tire clearance, giving you the option of fitting wider tires for added damping. The Canyon Endurace comes in many different variants. The main differences between them are the frame material (aluminium and different grades of carbon) and the groupset.

If you take a closer look at the carbon models of the Canyon Endurace family, you’ll soon notice that not all carbon is created equal. Canyon rely on three different grades, from entry-level to high-end carbon. The frame of the 2022 Canyon Endurace CF 7 All-Road 2022 is made of the most affordable grade, CF Carbon. The more expensive models rely on the CF SL and CF SLX carbon grades. Compared to the higher-quality carbon frames, the CF version doesn’t score as well in terms of the weight/stiffness ratio, but it’s a lot more affordable. Thanks to the convenient bosses on the top tube, you can attach a top tube bag without having to rely on Velcro straps. The fork is also made of CF grade carbon.

Convenient: there are two bosses on the top tube for a bag. Storage space for snacks on long rides! The downside: due to the prominent location, the screws could easily come into contact with sweat, and rust.

The Canyon Endurace range offers a choice of many different groupsets, for both the carbon and aluminium frame options. The most affordable Endurace builds come equipped with a mechanical Shimano TIAGRA groupset. In the high-end segment, Canyon opt for the range topping electronic groupsets from SRAM (RED eTap AXS) and Shimano (Dura Ace Di2). The 2022 Canyon Endurace CF 7 All-Road on test comes specced with an electronic SRAM Rival eTap AXS drivetrain, providing entry-level wireless shifting. Up front, the crankset consists of two chainrings with 35 and 48 teeth, paired with 12 sprockets ranging from 10 to 36 teeth at the rear. Overall, this provides a gear range that is easy for beginners and mountain passes. The shifting logic of the 12-speed SRAM Rival eTap AXS brifters can be customised according to your preferences in the SRAM app. The hydraulic disc brakes also come from SRAM’s Rival series. These are paired with 160 mm rotors front and rear.

Canyon supply the cockpit components in-house, opting for the aluminium V13 stem and H17 Ergobar AL handlebar.
The same applies to the Canyon SP0057 VCLS seatpost.
The SRAM Rival eTap AXS groupset offers a good entry into the world of wireless shifting.
The aluminium components are what make the Canyon Endurace CF 7 All-Road so affordable, but they also compromise its performance.
Good choice: at 35 mm wide and with a slightly knobby profile, the Schwalbe tires on the 2022 Canyon Endurace CF 7 All-Road roll nicely on both asphalt and gravel.

So, where does the Canyon Endurace CF 7 All-Road stand in Canyon’s portfolio? With its CF frame, it marks the entry into the carbon segment, whereas the electronic shifting puts it in the well-specced midfield. The remaining aluminium components and almost 1,900 g wheelset represent the biggest compromises on the Canyon Endurace CF 7 All-Road, and you’ll have to adjust your expectations accordingly. You just can’t expect the performance of a summa cum laude all-rounder at this price. The weight of the rotational mass is particularly important when riding uphill and accelerating. But what makes the Canyon Endurace CF 7 All-Road an all-road bike? After all, it is the only Endurace CF model that includes “All-Road” in its name.

Canyon Endurace CF 7 All-Road 2022

€ 2,999


Seatpost Canyon SP0057 VCLS
Brakes SRAM Rival eTap AXS 160/160 mm
Drivetrain SRAM Rival eTap AXS
Chainring 35/48T
Stem Canyon V13 100 mm
Handlebar Canyon H17 Ergobar AL 420 mm
Wheelset DT Swiss Endurance LN
Tires Schwalbe G-One Allround 35 mm
Cranks SRAM Rival DUB
Cassette SRAM Rival XG-1250 10-36T

Technical Data

Size 3XS 2XS XS S M L XL
Weight 8.9 kg
Wheelsize 700C

The geometry of the 2022 Canyon Endurace CF 7 All-Road

In terms of geometry, the 2022 Canyon Endurace CF 7 All-Road is clearly aimed at endurance and long-distance riding. Certainly, there are bikes with even more upright and relaxed riding positions, but with a stack-to-reach ratio of 1.51, the geometry is very balanced either way, putting it right between the extremes of a Dutch style bike and a super aggressive racing bike. If you find the 2022 Canyon Endurace CF 7 All-Road isn’t comfortable enough, you can always fit a shorter stem to fine-tune the riding position. Thanks to 8 different sizes, both short and tall riders should find a frame size that fits. In direct comparison to the Canyon Grail and Grizl, the geometry of the Endurace is even more relaxed due to the shorter top tube and the longer stack.

Size 3XS 2XS XS S M L XL 2XL
Seat tube 402 mm 432 mm 462 mm 492 mm 522 mm 552 mm 582 mm 612 mm
Top tube 491 mm 501 mm 522 mm 533 mm 543 mm 558 mm 584 mm 599 mm
Head tube 122 mm 139 mm 128 mm 145 mm 164 mm 186 mm 213 mm 232 mm
Head angle 70.5° 71.5° 71° 72° 73° 73° 73.25° 73.25°
Seat angle 73.5° 73.5° 73.5° 73.5° 73.5° 73.5° 73.5° 73.5°
Chain stay 405 mm 405 mm 415 mm 415 mm 415 mm 415 mm 415 mm 415 mm
Wheelbase 957 mm 958 mm 989 mm 991 mm 990 mm 1,006 mm 1,029 mm 1,044 mm
Reach 350 mm 354 mm 370 mm 375 mm 378 mm 387 mm 405 mm 414 mm
Stack 510 mm 529 mm 548 mm 568 mm 590 mm 611 mm 637 mm 656 mm
Stem 80 mm 80 mm 80 mm 90 mm 100 mm 110 mm 110 mm 120 mm
Bar 380 mm 400 mm 400 mm 420 mm 420 mm 440 mm 440 mm 460 mm
Crank 165 mm 165 mm 170 mm 172.5 mm 172.5 mm 175 mm 175 mm 175 mm
Wheel size 650B 650B 700C 700C 700C 700C 700C 700C
Ride from sunrise to sunset? With the 2022 Canyon Endurace CF 7 All-Road and its balanced geometry, you can!

Our first ride review of the 2022 Canyon Endurace CF 7 All-Road

The 2022 Canyon Endurace CF 7 All-Road feels great from the moment you swing your leg over the saddle and get rolling: the riding position is consistent with the intended use, the handling feels composed and you can cruise along in a relaxed manner as you rack up the miles. The feel-good factor stays high even after you’ve become acclimatised to the bike, encouraging you to just keep going with every turn of the cranks. This sensation obviously stems from the comfortable riding position.

If you put down the power, the bike accelerates willingly, though there’s no denying the weight of the wheels. They will also hold you back on long and steep climbs. Overall, the 2022 Canyon Endurace CF 7 All-Road seems quite stiff, but this endurance bike is more a tourer than a sprinter, of course. The bike rolls along efficiently even on poorly maintained roads. Small vibrations and bigger hits get absorbed by the 35 mm wide Schwalbe G-One Allround tires so that many of the irregularities go by unnoticed. Nevertheless, the bike provides sufficient feedback from the ground to keep the handling defined. Thanks to its high level of composure and remarkably stable tracking, the 2022 Canyon Endurace CF 7 All-Road is a great basis for covering long distances and tackling fast descents. With these long-range genes, it’s good at eating miles. When corners get a bit tighter, like on small flowing trails or in sharp bends, you’ll notice that the steering feels a bit cumbersome.

The all-road bike does well on the occasional sprint, but this certainly isn’t its biggest strength.

The 2022 Canyon Endurace CF 7 All-Road is a lot of fun to ride, especially on extended tours on different surfaces. That’s where this bike excels. How about veering off the roads you already know so well and exploring the woods or gravel roads? It’s the perfect bike for it! No matter where you ride the 2022 Canyon Endurace CF 7 All-Road, it’ll take whatever you throw at it. That is what sets this all-road bike apart: It gives you the impression that it can ride anywhere, though it’s just as happy staying on the road.

Cruising through nature without breaking any records – that’s what the 2022 Canyon Endurace CF 7 All-Road is all about.

Our conclusion of the 2022 Canyon Endurace CF 7 All-Road

With the 2022 Endurace CF 7 All-Road, Canyon present a road bike for all those who are new to the drop bar scene but aren’t yet sure what kind of riding they’re into. It isn’t outstanding, special or noteworthy in any specific discipline, but that is its biggest strength! Considering the fair price of just € 2,999 for a carbon frame and wireless shifting, you almost can’t go wrong with this bike. Whatever kind of riding you’re looking to do, it will be happy doing it!


  • solid package at an attractive price
  • “anything goes” mindset
  • high comfort and feel-good factor
  • bosses for a top tube bag
  • capable all-rounder


  • fairly heavy wheelset

tuning tips:
– lighter (tubeless-ready) wheelset
– skinnier tires for more speed
– handlebar with flatter tops and a more compact drop

For more information about the 2022 Canyon Endurace CF 7 All-Road, visit canyon.com.

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Words: Martin Staffa Photos: Mike Hunger