In THE LAB, we present hot new products that we’ve tried out and put through the wringer. Some we test over a period of months, while others are submitted to short but intensive review. This time we check out the Luberetta chain lube dispenser from Ryder Innovation. On the chain, get set, go!

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Wax is the new oil for lubricating bicycle chains. While very trendy, oil-based chain lubes are still the most common. No matter what you prefer, however, you will have to lubricate your chain sooner or later. Those who don’t want to go to bicycle hell and waste resources will only use a single drop per link. But that’s easier said than done. Fortunately, Ryder Innovation Luberetta is a lube dispenser designed to make applying the lubricant quick and efficient. It promises to avoid wasting lubrication, and it’s said to clean the chain while you’re at it. Can it deliver? We found out.

Bitter pill or chain lube dispenser?

From a distance, the Ryder Innovation Luberetta looks like a suppository for elephants. But it’s a case that contains the actual chain lube applicator. The design couldn’t be simpler. After unscrewing the black cap, you get to the guide with the silicone applicator. The silicone applicator is replaceable, and you get a set of three with the Luberetta, each designed to last for at least 100 lubrications. The guide can also be unscrewed, which gives you access to the 15 ml container. Once you’ve filled this up, you can screw the guide back on and begin lubricating your chain. If the cap is securely tightened, the Luberetta won’t leak any oil, as long as it doesn’t get squeezed too hard.

Elephant antibiotics? No, it’s the Ryder Innovation Luberetta lube dispenser

The Ryder Innovation Luberetta chain lube dispenser in review

After many hundreds of kilometres without chain lube – all in the name of science! – we set about making the drivetrain spin smoothly once more. Thanks to the large opening, filling the container with lube is easy. Fill it up, screw the guide back on, and lube away. The guide is compatible with all common 6- to 12-speed chains, though the cleaning fins are more or less effective depending on the thickness of the chain. A 1/8-inch single speed chain is too thick for the guide to fit over. It takes a little practice figuring how much pressure you need to apply to the Ryder Innovation Luberetta chain lube dispenser to apply neither too little nor too much lube. Once you’ve figured that out, simply spin the cranks at a leisurely pace while squeezing the dispenser. As always, practice makes perfect. If the chain is greasy, the tool will only wipe the coarse dirt off the surface. As such, the cleaning function is limited. It tends to work a lot better with waxed chains. If you squeeze the dispenser just right and spin the cranks at the correct speed, the perfect amount of lube gets applied to the chain where it belongs: on the rollers. And it’s super-fast, too.

Turn and squeeze: With a little practice, you’ll be able to apply your lubricant of choice quickly and precisely.

Is the Ryder Innovation Luberetta lube dispenser helpful or superfluous?

Although the Ryder Innovation Luberetta chain lube dispenser does what it says on the box, the question still remains whether it’s something you really need. For home use only, not necessarily. Sure, it can help you save a few seconds, nerves, and drops, but we wouldn’t call it a game changer. However, the Ryder Innovation Luberetta lube dispenser is very practical on the go. On long and wet rides as well as multi-day adventures, it makes carrying and applying your lube a whole lot easier.

The Ryder Innovation Luberetta chain lube dispenser is handy on the go.

Conclusion on the Ryder Innovation Luberetta chain lube dispenser

Thanks to the Luberetta chain lube dispenser from Ryder Innovation, you can now apply your lubricant of choice quickly and easily. If your chain is greasy from using oil-based lube, it will only clean it to a limited extent – this function works best with waxed chains. It’s a practical little helper during a race or multi-day adventure, but it isn’t something you need for your home workshop. Overall, it’s nice to have and makes an excellent gift for your riding buddies.


  • lightweight, compact, and easy to carry
  • easy dosing thanks to silicone applicator


  • only removes coarse dirt

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Words: Martin Staffa Photos: Martin Staffa