A pair of shoes for all adventure occasions? The Terra Ergolace GTX PEdALED x Fizik shoes are designed with bikepacking and outdoor adventures in mind. They should perform on the bike, but, above all, they should also look the part and be waterproof thanks to GORE-TEX. Does this really make them bikepacking shoes?

PEdALED Fizik Terra Ergolace GTX I Weight: 842 g (/pair, size 45) I Preis: € 210.00 I Manufacturer’s website

If you’re truly passionate, you push AND ride, at least on exploration tours and adventure rides. In those scenarios, getting off the bike and pushing isn’t uncommon, and even considered part of the adventure. Sometimes you must get off the bike because the path on the navigation system isn’t a path in real life, or simply because the climb is too steep to ride with all your luggage. Or, of course, to grab a cup of coffee or a gelato at an ice-cream parlour. Setting up camp for the night, lighting the campfire, and pouring the boiling water over your instant meal also requires you to be quick on your feet. Wouldn’t life be so much easier and convenient if you had a pair of shoes for all these and more situations, on and off the bike, without having to carry a second pair? Best buddy boots? That’s precisely what the Terra Ergolace GTX PEdALED x Fizik bikepacking shoes promise to be. The collaboration between the two brands PEdALED and Fizik is intended to ensure both functionality and style. Thanks to waterproof GORE-TEX membranes on the outside, and grippy Vibram rubber soles on the bottom, they also promise to be the perfect shoes for all sorts of adventures. Can the Terra Ergolace GTX PEdALED x Fizik shoes make bikepacking life easier, or are they a bad fit?

Wet outside, dry inside – The features of the PEdALED Fizik Ergolace GTX shoes

The PEdALED Fizik Ergolace GTX shoes are based on the Fizik Terra Ergolace GTX model, which is constructed in a very similar way. Abrasion-resistant materials should serve as protective toe caps. The rest of the surface consists of a three-layer, waterproof, and breathable GORE-TEX membrane. The thick climbing rope style shoelaces run along the outside of the tongue. There are finger loops at the back to make them easier to slip into. An X2 outsole with an aggressive, directional tread and non-slip Vibram rubber compound is designed to offer a secure and comfortable footing when walking off-road. Like when you’re pushing or carrying your bike. With a stiffness index of 3 on a scale of 1 to 10, the bikepacking shoes tend to be on the softer side of the spectrum.

The loops help! The finger loops are very helpful when putting the shoes on and taking them off.
Pedal on the easy side: With a stiffness index of 3 on a scale of 1 to 10, these Fizik bike shoes are on the softer side of the spectrum. The shoes are compatible with SPD pedal systems.
Aggressive knobs ensure plenty of grip when walking off-road.

Hike a bike and/or bikepacking? What are the Terra Ergolace GTX PEdALED x Fizik shoes for?

It’s immediately evident that the Terra Ergolace GTX PEdALED x Fizik shoes aren’t made for racing, although the weight of 842 g per pair in size 45 (without cleats) certainly is respectable. In direct comparison, thoroughbred road bike shoes with carbon soles are only about 330 g lighter. And for € 210.00, the Terra Ergolace GTX PEdALED x Fizik shoes don’t break the bank either. In terms of looks, the bikepacking shoes are somewhere between hiking and trekking shoes, but cool looking. The intended use is clearly aimed at going off-road with hike-a-bike sections. In principle, they’re the ideal shoes for relaxed bikepacking tours that aren’t big on performance, but big on adventure. They cut an equally fine figure on coffee rides, where you spend just as much time on the bike as in the café. It doesn’t matter whether you’re riding a mountain, gravel or even all-road bike. Considering their casual look, the Terra Ergolace GTX PEdALED x Fizik shoes could also serve commuters. Due to their water-repellent uppers, the shoes aren’t primarily made for the summer. They’re ideal for spring and autumn, in a temperature range between 10 and 25 degrees.

The Terra Ergolace GTX PEdALED x Fizik bikepacking shoes in review

Like many bike components, shoes are a matter of taste and fit. What pleases some doesn’t necessarily suit others, and vice versa. In our opinion, these bikepacking shoes make a good impression. They’ve got a smart and very high-quality look, almost reminiscent of trail running shoes, though a bit chunkier. Nobody would notice that you’re wearing cycling shoes if you had to wear these day to day. However, the large GORE-TEX logo on the insides of the shoes is very prominent. Slipping into them is easy and quick. However, tying the laces is a bit slower compared to the Boa system, so they’re not the type of bikepacking shoes that you can slip on, tighten, and go. The fit is relatively snug. It’s absolutely fine for narrower feet. However, things can get a bit tight when you’ve got wide feet, especially if you wear the shoes for a long time. The toe box in particular has a very limited amount of room. The sizing corresponds to about that of standard sneakers, but those with wide feet should go up by at least half a size. The Terra Ergolace GTX PEdALED x Fizik shoes feel relatively light on your feet, which is mainly due to the light uppers. You can clearly feel the thick sole, especially when walking. The longer you wear them, the more comfortable they become to walk in. On a scale of 0 (super soft) to 10 (rock solid), the soles feel like a 6 when walking, even though the indicated stiffness index is 3. Nevertheless, they feel good to walk in, especially off-road and in slippery conditions. The shoes provide a lot of comfort and grip in these conditions.

The round shoelaces look nice…
… but they must be secured with the elastic tab provided since they have a knack of coming loose.

The shoes feel absolutely solid on the pedals. They don’t give the impression of super efficient shoes for a sprint to the finish. For that, the uppers are too soft, and the soles have noticeably more give than on high-performance road cycling shoes. The PEdALED Fizik shoes feel more comfortable just cruising and rolling along at a leisurely pace. That said, the soles are sufficiently stiff to put plenty of power down on the pedals, though the uppers feel more like in sneakers and therefore loose. The Terra Ergolace GTX PEdALED x Fizik shoes are only partially suitable for really bad weather despite the GORE-TEX membrane. Due to the low cut at the ankles, water can easily get into the shoes from above. This is the case even if you wear rain pants because they usually don’t go over the sides of the shoes. You would need additional gaiters or waterproof socks. The second minus point goes to the great looking yet impractical laces. Due to their round shape, they allow knots to come undone relatively quickly, and they can’t be secured 100 percent. As such, you absolutely must tuck them into the elastic tab on the tongue. On the other hand, they’re very pliant and easily conform to the shape of your feet.

Like water off a duck’s back! The GORE-TEX membrane makes a noticeable difference, keeping the shoes waterproof from the outside.
However, water easily gets into the shoes from above and from the side, even if you’re wearing pants.

Our conclusion on the Terra Ergolace GTX PEdALED x Fizik bikepacking shoes

The Terra Ergolace GTX PEdALED x Fizik are high-quality and practical bikepacking shoes with a special look. Despite GORE-TEX, they are only partially suitable for wet weather applications since they’re cut too low. They’re ideal as all-rounders for commuting or on bikepacking tours. For use cases like these, the fit could be even more relaxed. Nevertheless, they’re stylish cycling shoes that cut a fine figure both on and off the bike.


  • stylish shoes that aren’t immediately recognisable as bicycle shoes
  • excellent workmanship and a high-quality finish
  • good for walking in terms of grip and stability
  • feel light on your feet


  • slightly cramped toe box doesn’t fit the concept
  • only suitable for wet conditions to a limited extent without gaiters
  • round laces look nice but come undone easily

For more information, visit fizik.com

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Words & Photos: Martin Staffa