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Hype This! Big summer ride – 8 essentials for your next summer ride

Now is our time! How often do we find ourselves sitting inside in the winter and dreaming of the smell of sunscreen, the taste of watermelon, and long rides?! A summer without long days in the saddle is a wasted summer. With these eight products, the longest days of the year are guaranteed to be epic.

JoyBräu Protein Beer

Alcohol-free beer no longer has the weird, uncool 90s image it once had. Today, almost all breweries – big or small – have a non-alcoholic pilsner, shandy, or wheat beer in their assortment. Many of these are isotonic, which means that the level of electrolytes in the beer is similar to that in your blood, allowing your body to replenish its electrolyte levels. But your body needs more than that after a strenuous workout or long day in the saddle, so that your muscles have all the nutrients they need to recuperate and grow. Above all, of course, this means proteins, which are the building blocks of our bodies and the main component of muscles. JoyBräu combine non-alcoholic beer with pea proteins, making it an ideal post-ride drink. Since the proteins are obtained from yellow peas, JoyBräu is vegan too. They have a total of three different varieties. We say cheers to that!

Price: € 45.99 / € 56.99 / 12 Pints

Gramm Tourpacking Candy Bag Food Pouch

One of the benefits of long summer rides is that you can snack all the time without a guilty conscience – as long as you don’t forget to stay hydrated. But where do you put all your salted pretzels, chocolate bars, and gummy bears? The Gramm Tourpacking Candy Bag might be the perfect solution. With a diameter of 90 mm, the candy bag can accommodate a water bottle, a can of Pringles, or even a protein beer. The small external pocket can be used for energy bars, tools, or chain lube. It attaches to the handlebar and the fork by means of Velcro and rubber straps. That way, you’ve always got your snacks right in front of your nose and you do not forget to refuel. You can open and close the main compartment with one hand, making on-the-go snacking super easy. It’s made primarily of light and robust Ultra-200 fabric, which is a high-strength polyester mix.

Price: € 79

Burgh Houndstooth Stealth Bar Tape

On long rides, the contact points between rider and bike are particularly important. Typically, these are the saddle and buttocks, feet and pedals, as well as hands and handlebar. However, it’s only the handlebar tape that has direct contact to your skin, unless you wear gloves (or you’re participating in the World Naked Bike Ride). As such, bar tape is a crucial but often overlooked component for comfort on long, hot days in the saddle. The Houndstooth Stealth Bar Tape from the Australian brand Burgh has a lot to offer. It’s super grippy, so that your sweaty hands don’t slip, and due to its 3.25 mm thickness, it absorbs vibrations and feels nice and soft to the touch. It promises to be very durable. Let’s not forget the stylish houndstooth pattern too. The included high-gloss bar ends screw in to hold them firmly in place, adding the finishing touch to the exclusive bar tape.

Price: € 44.99

PEdALED Godai Jersey

What makes an excellent jersey for long summer tours? It should be comfortable, offer enough storage space in the back pockets, help your body stay cool, and look stylish, of course. The PEdALED Godai collection was designed in collaboration with the Italian artist Alberto Scodro, known for his avant-garde and abstract installations and sculptures. Alberto has come up with four different and unique prints for the Godai jersey, all of which stand out from the crowd. The designs also do a great job of hiding your sweat patches, which you’re bound to get after a few hours in the saddle. They also come with reflective elements, excellent moisture wicking, and high breathability. Since this is a limited run, you better go grab one while stocks last.

Price: € 140

Ventour Wisp Bikepacking Tent

If your Summer tour is so long that you might need to catch a few Zs in between, the Ventour Wisp bikepacking tent offers the ideal shelter. The special thing about the design is that you can use either your bike or two hiking poles as supports. The minimalist bikepacking tent can even be set up between two trees, so there is no need for tent poles or the like, making for an ultra-light setup. According to Ventour, the inner and outer tent together weigh just 910 g, including guy lines. The minimalists amongst us can use just the 450 g inner tent without the fly sheet. The pegs are also included and weigh 8 g each. Besides being lightweight, it packs down super small too. Squeezed into a tight bundle, the tent has about the same dimensions as 1 litre water bottle. Good night!

Price: € 349

Leica Q3 full-frame camera

Long tours can arouse a lot of different emotions, leave a lot of impressions, and create a lot of memories. And often, we want to hold on to all of this for as long as possible. Although every modern smartphone has a decent camera on board, a full-frame image still has a completely different feel to it. However, full-frame cameras are typically large, heavy, and therefore unsuitable for bike tours. The Leica Q3 features an insanely powerful sensor with a whopping 60 megapixels, and gives images a unique look, all of it crammed into a chic, compact and (most importantly) robust housing. With a 28 mm fixed focal length and an aperture of 1.7, the camera offers an ideal focal length and depth of field for scenic landscape shots. With the macro mode, however, you can even capture crisp and sharp images of very close objects. It’s not without reason that Leica cameras are so coveted amongst photographers. It can also capture videos, of course.

Price: € 5,950

Specialized/Fjällräven Sleep Poncho

For many, a warm jacket is essential on every long bike ride. It can get cold in the woods, even in the summer! The collaboration between Specialized and Fjällräven takes the concept of a down jacket one step further, or simply extends its functionality. The Specialized/Fjällräven Sleep Poncho can be worn like a regular poncho. It’s got an adjustable collar to keep the warmth in, and a practical kangaroo hand warming pocket for the maximum feel-good factor. That way, you can walk around the camp and chill by the campfire while always staying warm and cosy. If it’s time to get horizontal on your sleeping pad, the cosy poncho can quickly be converted into a quilt or sleeping bag. By using recycled synthetic insulation, the Sleep Poncho dries quickly and insulates even when damp, which regular down can’t do. Bring on those chilly summer nights.

Price: € 250

Bend36 Chamois Cream

Lots of kilometres over a long period of time means lots of friction for all your contact points. In summer, your skin takes a lot of punishment due to excess moisture and an accumulation of salt crystals. If you prefer to ride the last 100 kilometres sitting down instead of standing up, we recommend using the Bend36 Chamois Cream. The idea for the cream is the brainchild of Milanese Alessandro Rombelli, best known for sailing and his range of cosmetics, and was inspired by the world-famous Stelvio Pass. The chamois cream is specially designed for long days in the saddle, during which it should help protect the skin. It’s said to prevent infections caused by bacteria and fungi, while reducing redness and repairing the skin. The chamois cream has a calming effect and prevents chafing. There are two different variants for men and women. Lubrication is key!

Price: € 18

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Words: Martin Staffa Photos: Manufacturers