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Hype This! – 9 products to make riding more fun

Everyday life can be very stressful, and cycling is an ideal way to blow off steam and balance that out. But there are some aspects of cycling that can also give you grey hairs. So, we’ve gathered 9 cool products that aim to remedy this, so you can have more fun and less stress.

Ergon Fitting Box Road Expert

More comfort + more performance = more riding fun. To achieve this, the distance, height, and angle of the contact points (saddle, handlebar and pedals) must be adapted to your bodily proportions because no one is the same. Fortunately, with Ergon’s Fitting Box Road Expert, you’ve got a tool that will help you find the right fit without needing to be an ergonomics expert. The Fitting Box covers the various ergonomic requirements for road cyclists, triathletes and cross-country riders. Included in the scope of delivery are a manual, a plumb line, a spirit level, 4 measuring templates, a quick guide, a measuring tape and marking stickers – everything you need for a personalised bike fit.

Price: € 29.95

SILCA Bird of Prey

So, you’ve just finished your ride, put up your feet, and you’re about to enjoy a well-deserved post-ride beer, but you haven’t got a bottle opener? Then this futuristic version might be the bottle opener for you. Is it a plane? Is it a bird? No! It’s the Bird of Prey bottle opener by SILCA. The design of the bottle opener is based on the B-2 bomber and a peregrine falcon mid-flight. At first glance, we thought it looked more like a fish, but you’re free to make your own interpretation. Have you ever held a 3D-printed, titanium bottle opener in your hand? If not, you should, because the SILCA Bird of Prey is supremely comfortable, and thanks to its delicate construction, it weighs just 11 g.

Price: € 45.00

Yagcho Immune & Energy Complex

Of course, you can’t ride a bike without a healthy body and a fit mind, at least it won’t be much fun. Yagcho are out to keep you mentally and physically sound with a powered immune and energy drink. It can be dissolved in water or added to your smoothie or muesli, and Yagcho rely on 100% natural ingredients, such as astragalus root or panax ginseng. For € 29.90, you get a nice glass container filled with 150 g of healthy goodness. This will take care of you for about a month if you follow the recommended daily dose of just 5 g.

Price: € 29.90

fizik Vento Argo R1 Adaptive

3D-printed components don’t just look fantastic, they can also save weight due to the three-dimensional structure and, like this saddle, they can be a blessing for your backside. The 3D-printed design transcends the limitations of traditionally manufactured saddles, allowing for excellent ventilation and the creation of multiple zones within the saddle for an optimal mix of performance and comfort. Fizik claim to have achieved a 60% reduction in pressure points thanks to the improved weight distribution. For € 299 you can call this technological marvel your own.

Price: € 299
Info: ​​


When riding to a cafe or pub, you’re often faced with the problem of where to put all your stuff, like your wallet or jacket. A pannier bag or a backpack would be the obvious solution. However, your back will get all sweaty with a backpack, regardless of the weather, and leaving your pannier bag unattended on the bike may not be the best idea. This is where the AEVOR BAR BAG comes in. The AEVOR BAR BAG can be attached to the handlebar via Velcro straps, but it can also be converted into a hip pack or cross-body bag. With a capacity of 4 litres and additional elastic bands on the outside of the bag, the BAR BAG has enough storage capacity to accommodate all your ride essentials. Thanks to the bag’s inner compartments, everything remains nicely sorted, and you might even find space for a beer or two ;). Good to know: the outer material of the bag is made of 100% recycled PET bottles and is waterproof up to a hydrostatic head of 13,000 mm. The zipper is probably the weakest link. The AEVOR BAR BAG is available in 4 cool designs, ranging in price from € 59.90 to € 64.90.

Price: € 59.90 € – € 64.90
Info: ​​


You’ll encounter some of the most beautiful moments while out exploring or on an adventure, like an overnighter in the wilderness. Why not take photos to keep them fresh in your mind? Even better to do it with an instant camera like in days gone by. The INSTAX mini LiPlay is one such instant camera, but it has a host of clever features that bring it into the modern age. Tipping the scales at about 255 g and measuring 82.5 x 122.9 x 36.7 mm, the INSTAX mini is a lot more compact than the polaroid cameras of the 70s. Furthermore, the camera takes digital photos. The advantage of this is that you don’t have to print every image, saving you valuable photo paper. You can choose your favourite picture in your own time and even print several copies. The INSTAX can also be connected to your smartphone and thereby controlled remotely. If you like it more playful, how about trying out different frames? The INSTAX mini can do this too. It can even capture sounds along with images via a QR code that gets printed on the photo. As soon as you scan the code, you’ll get taken to the audio file and hear the sound.

Price: € 169.00
Info: ​​

POC Omne Ultra

The Omne range is a new addition to POC’s helmet portfolio. The Omne Ultra is a part of this range and comes with versatile fastening options such as straps and Velcro on the helmet shell, allowing you to attach a rain cover, an ID patch, or even the FUJIFILM INSTAX mini LiPlay. That said, we would advise against sharp or particularly hard objects for safety reasons. That way, the helmet can become an integral part of your adventures and rides. The boys and girls at POC have also integrated an Eye Garage into the front of the helmet to stow your eyewear, and they rely on the familiar MIPS system for added protection. The Omne Ultra is available in 4 different colours: Argentite Silver Matt, Epidote Green Matt, Himalayan Salt Matt and Uranium Black Matt. Giving special attention to the details, the chin straps are colour matched with the helmet shell.

Price: € 200
Info: ​​

Sturdy Titanium Bar End Plug

The titanium bar end plugs from Sturdy will probably make for a great conversation starter, because they’re definitely an eye-catcher! They’re available in 6 different colours (including oil slick). However, in order for them to sit flush with your handlebar ends, your handlebar must have an inside diameter of at least 19 mm, which should be the case with most drop bars. The design is based on the 3D support structure that can be found inside many 3D-printed titanium components, so you’ve also got a bit of fun-fact to impress your friends with. For £ 75, you can call this jewel your own, shaving weight not just from your bar ends but also from your wallet – every gram counts ;).

Price: £ 75
Info: ​​

ADAM & EVE Apple Watch Case

Don’t stress about your Apple Watch! With its numerous functions, the Apple Watch is an excellent gravel or road bike companion, but, unfortunately, it isn’t exactly cheap. You don’t want to break it. This is where the ADAM & EVE Watch Case comes in. It protects your Apple Watch from all kinds of damage, which is an interesting prospect, especially considering the high resale value of Apple products. The case comes in many different designs and colours, too, including a carbon, steel, and leather version as well as a variant with a silicone strap. That way you can add another level of customisation to your Apple Watch. The ADAM & EVE Apple Watch Case is available in different versions, ranging in price from € 149 to € 279. Fitting is very simple: stick the rubber protector on your Apple Watch, place the watch in the case, and tighten the screw with the screwdriver provided. If necessary, you’ll find video instructions on the ADAM & EVE website.

Price: € 149 – € 279
Info: ​​

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Words: Philip Grünewald Photos: Hersteller