Bike boom in a crisis? Long delivery times, limited availability and higher prices for 2021

Dream or nightmare? The coronavirus crisis has brought an unbelievable boom to the bike industry. Despite this, massive bankruptcies, sinking valuations of a number of manufacturers, long delivery times, servicing issues and higher prices all threaten. We explain what’s going on and clarify the risks as well as opportunities faced by the industry, trade and bikers. So, here’s to getting through the next few years!

The big question now is how to handle and deal with them. There are big opportunities and risks and while in the short term, things might seem “challenging”, “frustrating” or even “fatal”, in the longer term they will offer bikers and the industry many potential gains. That includes more robust products, better logistics structures and processes, service and customer loyalty incentives, innovative business models, new and interesting brands and perhaps most significantly, more universal “standards”.

You can find the full article on long delivery times, limited availability and higher prices right on E-MOUNTAINBIKE’s website.

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