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Turning one into more and the other way round? Capsuled offer various bike bags that are designed to be multi-purpose and fulfil various functions. One of them even promises to perform 4 tasks in 1. Is this something we need, and does the concept work?

Capsuled Bike Bags | Tester Martin | Duration 3 months | Weight 73 g / 215 g / 55 g | Price € 89.99 (Bike Bag) / € 19.99 (Pocket Bag) / € 29.99 (Utility Bag) | Use road bike, gravel, mountain bike, casual | Manufacturer’s website

Bike bags aren’t particularly aero, but they can often be really stylish. It’s simply become très chic to always have a bag on your bike – in whatever form. In addition, such bikepacking bags are incredibly convenient, too, especially if they can fulfil various functions. You can get a bag for every application and every occasion. Some are large, some small, some light, some are completely waterproof. Because of that, you can quickly have crates of bikepacking bags accumulating in the basement. Wouldn’t it be convenient to have versatile and multi-purpose bags? Capsuled probably asked themselves the same thing and created various bags with multiple functions. But does it work in practice?

The Capsuled 4-in-1 Bike Bag is the star of the range. As the name suggests, it promises to fulfil 4 functions in 1. In principle, it consists of two tube-shaped bags, which are connected via a zipper. They can be used individually, or together. The small roll can serve as a saddle bag, whereas the larger roll doubles as a handlebar bag. When they’re zipped together, the Capsuled Bike Bag functions as a frame bag with two compartments. There are different loops for strapping the bags to the bike. Included in the delivery are five Velcro straps, a rubber band with a cord lock (for securing it to the head tube), and a carrying strap with snap hook. With the carrying strap, the bag can also be used like a messenger style shoulder bag. There are two mesh pockets in each roll. Measuring 400 × 110 × 110 mm, it offers a generous storage capacity of 3.8 litres.

The other half of the Capsuled 4-in-1 Bike Bag can only be used as a saddle bag to a limited extent.
One half of the Capsuled 4-in-1 Bike Bag also works well as a handlebar bag.

The Capsuled Pocket Bag is considerably more minimalistic. In principle, it’s like a large pencil case and is intended to serve as a smartphone bag. In addition to two small inner pockets, it has a capacity of 0.3 litres, which makes the bag ideal for many other uses. Unfortunately, not as a wallet because the internal pockets are open. The Capsuled Pocket Bag is quite compact, measuring 170 × 105 × 20 mm.

The Capsuled Utility Bag is a foldable bag with three compartments, a zip pocket, and a mesh pocket. The supplied strap can be attached to an externally sewn-on loop. This also caters to various use cases. Equipped with a spare tube, multi-tool, and tire levers, the Capsuled Utility Bag can be used as a puncture repair kit under the saddle or strapped to the frame. Without straps, it can also be used as an organiser inside your other bikepacking bags. We can even imagine using it as a wallet.

The bags all feature a rather functional and simple design. The olive colour runs through the entire Capsuled bag range, which doesn’t necessarily go with all bikes or outfits. The ripstop material is made from recycled fabrics and is not waterproof, though it is water-repellent. The YKK VISLON AquaGuard zippers are also water-repellent only. The bags can withstand a light shower, but not a heavy downpour. There are reflector strips on each bag, dyed in the colour of the main fabric. As a result, they’re unobtrusive and you’ll only notice them when hit by a beam of light. The inner lining of all pockets is saffron/mustard yellow, which makes it easier to find small, loose items.

Pretty wide! If you attach it to the top tube, the Capsuled 4-in-1 Bike Bag is likely to rub against your knees.

The multifunctional bag concept works amazingly well and is incredibly convenient. The tube-shaped pockets can be used individually or together. If you zip them together and use the connected unit as a frame bag under the top tube, however, the round shape is somewhat bulky, not quite sitting flush with the frame. Depending on the frame tubing and material, the bag sticks out on the sides and catches the wind. It can also get in the way when pedalling, depending on your stance width. Using it is the same as with any other frame bag, except that there are two main compartments. The longer of the two tubular pockets looks really stylish on the handlebar, where it fulfils its function perfectly. The shorter bag, on the other hand, doesn’t fit quite that well under the saddle. However, it works well enough for a few essentials such as tire levers and a spare tube. Zipped together and slung over your shoulder, the Capsuled Bike Bag is okay for short rides through the city, though it’s not the most comfortable.

The Capsuled Pocket Bag can be used to bundle small items.

The Capsuled Pocket Bag is a bit over the top for a pure smartphone bag. Sure, it will keep your phone well protected, but it makes it difficult to access the phone quickly to check messages or take a snapshot. However, the small bag is ideal for miscellaneous items, whether it’s on bikepacking trips or in everyday life. You can use it for all the small items that would otherwise fly around loosely in your backpack or frame bag. We’re thinking charging cable, headphones, lucky charm, or front door key. It also works great as a first-aid pack for adhesive bandages, gauze pads, and pain tablets.

If you don’t pack it too tight, the tool bag can also be used as a saddle bag.

For such a small bag, the Capsuled Utility Bag theoretically offers a lot of space and many possibilities. However, if you fill all the inner pockets and try to fold the small package back together, you’ll soon find the concept’s limitations. It works relatively well with a TPU tube for up to 32 mm tires, but it can’t accommodate a standard butyl tube for gravel tires, especially together with other items such as tire levers and a multitool. The bag can be fixed securely to the saddle, but only if you haven’t filled the bag too much. For added peace of mind, you can resort to using an additional strap.

Our conclusion on the Capsuled Bags

The Capsuled Bags concept of using individual bags for multiple purposes works quite well in most cases. We were impressed with the multi-functionality of the Capsuled 4-in-1 Bike Bag, in particular. The subtle, urban design also looks good on and off the bike in day-to-day situations, not just when bikepacking. However, as with most multi-function products, the concept clearly comes with some compromises – purpose-made bikepacking bags fit better and more securely.


  • cool, versatile concept
  • can be used on and off the bike in everyday life
  • coherent design


  • water-repellent, not waterproof
  • not purpose-made for bikepacking, so they can look a bit misshapen on the bike

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Words: Martin Staffa Photos: Martin Staffa