Just when we thought that the world couldn’t get any crazier, along comes an Aussie to prove us wrong. With the launch of their Kickstarter campaign and two years of intense development, OORR [Out Of the Rat Race] look set to shake up the cycling apparel market.

Australia-based OORR are making their name right now by infusing classic cycling apparel with fresh new ideas. The forward-thinking brand have just launched their Kickstarter project to support their soon-to-be-launched road riding kit, proving that the principles of sustainability can apply just as well to cycling.

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The concept is quick to explain (but harder to get your head around): founder Tim Christian has developed a method using coffee grounds and recycled plastic bottles (5 bottles per jersey) to create high performance apparel for riding. It’s now a patented manufacturing method, seeing the team develop both men and women’s bib shorts, jerseys and more. The coffee used in the process has multiple benefits including giving the fabric a larger surface area to improve UV protection (by up to 26%), wick away sweat and dry quickly. Plus, there’s the added bonus of its innate ability to eliminate odors.

Rumour has it that the idea stems from airplanes, although not as part of some high-tech pilot garb as you might have thought. Crewmembers allegedly use coffee in airplane toilets in order to neutralize bad odors (perhaps a good idea for the next party you host?).

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The OORR kit can be supported via the Kickstarter page, and the young brand are aiming to raise 35,000 Australian dollars in order to go into production. Right now they’ve already exceeded their target and are on around $ 37,000, which is testament to what have been pretty glowing reviews around the globe. Donations of a certain generosity will met with their own coffee-infused jersey come next summer, with June 2017 on the cards. Much more than just sartorially and sustainably at the top of their game, the OORR appears to be the embodiment of true café racer.

Head here to help kick-start it: OORR. Coffee Enhanced Cycling and Athletic Apparel


Words: Jonas Kaesler Photos: OORR