WTB introduce Raddler gravel tire – the WTB Riddler 2.0?

With the WTB Raddler, Wilderness Trail Bike present the successor to their award-winning gravel tire called Riddler. Read on for a summary of the most important facts.

WTB Raddler 700 x 44C | 514 g | € 52.25 | manufacturer’s website

One thing is certain: the WTB Raddler has big shoes to fill. As the successor to the WTB Riddler, which won our gravel tire group test, our expectations of the new tire couldn’t be higher. So far we have not had the opportunity to test WTB’s new tire, but we’ve summarised all the critical facts for you here:

The characteristics of the WTB Raddler

The Raddler has a more aggressive profile than the Riddler and will be available in 700x40C and 700x44C at the time of launch. The new tread profile is generally characterised by more pronounced and aggressive knobs with bigger spacing in between them. According to WTB, the taller side knobs are supposed to further increase cornering traction on loose ground. Compared to the Riddler, the surface area of the centre and side knobs has also been increased, which should make the tire more hard-wearing. With a name that speaks for itself, according to WTB the Raddler combines the efficiency of a low-profile middle tread with the “let it rip!” traction of aggressive shoulder knobs. The Raddler may look like a semi-slick, but its design is intended to offer riders the confidence to go to the limit and beyond on gravel and other loose surfaces.

Pricing and Availability

The 700x40C and 700x44C Raddler is available either with black sidewalls or in a tan-wall version. All of the Raddler models cost € 52.25 as part of WTB’s uniform pricing model, in which, according to the manufacturer, all drop-bar tires have the same recommended retail price regardless of width and diameter. With the exception of the tan wall version of the 700x40C Raddler, all models are currently in stock and ready for shipping both in the USA and Europe. The 700x40C tan wall Raddler will be available worldwide by the end of February.

Name WTB Raddler 40 WTB Raddler 40 WTB Raddler 44 WTB Raddler 44
Size 700C 700C 700C 700C
Width 40 mm 40 mm 44 mm 44 mm
Level TCS Light / Fast Rolling TCS Light / Fast Rolling (Tan-Wall) TCS Light / Fast Rolling TCS Light / Fast Rolling (Tan-Wall)
Weight (according to manufacturer) 505 g 512 g (pre-production) 526 g 514 g
Casing Single-ply 60 tpi Single-ply 60 tpi Single-ply 60 tpi Single-ply 60 tpi
Bead TCS tubeless aramid TCS tubeless aramid TCS tubeless aramid TCS tubeless aramid
Price € 52.25 / $ 59.95 € 52.25 / $ 59.95 € 52.25 / $ 59.95 € 52.25 / $ 59.95

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What is TCS?

According to WTB, their proprietary tubeless system, TCS (Tubeless Compatible System), revolutionised the rim and tire industry when it was launched in 2009 by combining the ETRTO, ISO and UST standards with the low rotating mass of a tubeless setup. Proven for over ten years now, TCS has established itself on the market as a robust and reliable tubeless system.

Our thoughts

We’re excited to test the WTB Raddler for ourselves and see it really performs. The question remains whether WTB deliberately chose not to offer a 650b version at launch or whether this model will only be available for 700C wheels. It definitely seems to be an exciting option for all gravel riders with 700C wheels taking on mixed and loose surfaces.

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Words: Photos: WTB